chainsaw werewolves

Horror Sentence Starters II

“Didn’t we just kill him last Halloween?”

“I’ve decided! Horror movies are so much better when you’re not living one!”

“Okay, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve kinda been dead for the last five years.”

“Oh, great! First, ghost, then werewolves, and now a masked man with a chainsaw! What’s next? Ghost werewolves wearing a mask and holding a chainsaw?!”

“Remember that guy I told you about, the one who said he’d make a voodoo doll to hurt me? I think -ow!- I think he wasn’t kidding.”

“I swear that pumpkin just bit me!”

“’It’s just a cute puppy,’ you said. ‘Not a werewolf.’ Well looks like I was in the right this time!”

“He’s still running?! Without his head?! I’m telling you, there’s something supernatural about him!”

“I keep telling you, abandoned hospitals are not good places to go. But here we are, and look, an angry ghost is trying to kill us.”

“The dream was so real, though. And that man standing outside the window looks a lot- oh my god that’s the murderer from my nightmare! He even has the axe!”

“Funny how long it took from you to realize your friend is not in control of his/her/their body.”

“You’re not acting like yourself, ___. Did it possess you?”

“I can’t control my body! You need to leave!”

“Leave, and I’ll rip this meat suit into pieces.”

“It bit me! That werewolf bit me! What do I do now?!”

“I’ve read Dracula, and I have to tell you, you’re so disappointing. I was expecting so much more of you.”