chainsaw arm


this is a Carrier. it probably has a real name, but anyone who knew what it was is long since gone

it’s an Ancient robot of some sort that tends to the forest with its [ CHAINSAW ARM ], planting new trees and cutting down old ones, carting the logs off to complexes that are long since abandoned

Carriers and Skeletons are the only real robotic presence in the Watching Wood and the flora and fauna try to leave them alone. you know, cause of the chainsaw arm

when threatened, they attack by aggressively cutting down trees

I’ve been giving the zombie apocalypse a lot of thought recently.

what’s been worrying me is basically, I don’t live in america… 

Why is this a problem?  Guns! 

So now here i am thinking what the hell am I gonna do?  No guns, well at least not easily accessible… I don’t think i could break into the police station, i’m just not that kinda gal.  So where do you go in Australia when the zombie apocalypse breaks out? 

Bunnings!  ok so for non aussies out there bunnings is a massive garden and tools centre.  Heres what i’ve come up with, head to bunnings, it’s huge, it has everything you need to make bombs build fences and trim hedges.  You know those chainsaws on huge extenda-arms… those things would kick butt!  what about a nail gun, or maybe just a bucket load of apoxy and glue those bitches to the closest surface.  Garden centres are where it’s at!  and if its the weekend the world goes to shit you’d even have at least a months supply of sausages!

Get that fucking tin can of a building sealed up, and make a fucking deadly castle.  spikes on the outside razor wire everywhere and chainsaws on poles!

need to get somewhere, jump on a rid on mower! 

I’ve been able to sleep much better since i’ve come up with this plan.

anonymous asked:

Spell Knight Kanaya who wields a person sized chainsaw sword with one arm and has gear enchanted by both her Witch girlfriends Rose and Jade. Rose is a technically a Black Mage but she like the title of "Thorned Witch" plus it lets her make jokes about being "thorny" and Jade has an eclectic bunch of magic stuff she knows because she can't settle on one thing. She calls herself a Mutt Witch, because she loves dogs.

i dont know what prompted you to send me this but good……..jaderosekan fantasy aus are the #good shit

jsut three gals traveling the land

being gay

fighting monsters


Five Times And One

Pairing: Saitama/Genos

Word count: 4,918 words

Summary: The five time Genos fell in love with Saitama and the one time Saitama tripped, fell, and rolled down a cliff then crashed for Genos.

Read on AO3!

1. Sleep

6:00 AM sharp. That’s when Genos always wakes up. Not once has he ever missed a day. Every morning is the same thing. He’ll wake up as his sensei, Saitama, stays asleep until the average time of 8:30.230 seconds. He’ll make a breakfast for the duo and then he’d go and shower and wash his joints. By the time he got out, Saitama would still be asleep. Drool always rolling down to the side of cheek and onto the pillow. Genos softly gazed at the way his sensei; the way his chest raised and descended. Even on those times where he got distracted and accidentally burned his food, his sensei stayed asleep. No matter what happened, even if there was some kind of killer monster with chainsaws for arms slicing down their door, (That actually happened one time. It was difficult to explain to his sensei the incinerated entrance. No one interrupts Saitama-sensei’s sleep.) Saitama would still be asleep. Genos laid out the table and placed the dishes and silently waited for his sensei to arise. It usually didn’t take long. His sensors scanned Saitama’s vitals and would place an approximate countdown to his arise. But Genos still couldn’t help but let his eyes wander to his teacher’s muscles. His teacher was very… fit…

A high pitch sound, like one a kettle would make, filled the silence in the room causing his teacher to wake up with a jolt.

“Oi, Genos! What’s wrong?!” Saitama exclaimed as sat up straight, staring at his disciple with wide eyes. Genos snapped out his trance and looked around and saw that their entire room was filled with steam.

“I’m sorry, sensei!” Genos profusely apologized as he lowered his head down in shame. Saitama tilted his head to the side in confusion. Saitama sighed and slowly threw off the futon and began to open a window to release the steam. Genos glanced down their plates and sighed as a cool breeze came through the window. Saitama sat down on the other side of the table and smiled back at Genos. “I hope you like morning udon…” Genos beamed at his teacher. He smiled back at the cyborg and took a slurp of the noodles. He stopped slurping and gazed at the cyborg in confusion. “Is something wrong, sensei?”

“Are you going to eat too, Genos?” Saitama asked. The cyborg was stunned for a second before shaking his head and began to eat the noodles. He slightly wished for his sensei to sleep again. He woke up at 7:25.384 am. About an hour earlier than average and it was his fault. He should’ve let Saitama-sensei sleep. He looked so peaceful.
“Hello, Genos!” Saitama greeted the cyborg. He was laying on the floor with several plastic bags and manga surrounding the hero as the TV played a random late-night crime show. The hero stood up and stretched his arms and legs before setting up their table. He picked up two plastic bags and handed one to the cyborg. Genos blinked at the hero in confusion as the bald man sat down. Saitama waved his hand to motion him to sit down also. Genos sat down and opened the plastic bag. Two small boxes, a small box of fries, and a medium soda was inside. Genos looked back at his teacher, his eyes widening.

“There was a small fast food joint that still open near here. Unfortunately, the usual udon place we go to closed early today. Hopefully this is good enough.” Saitama stated as he stared back at the cyborg. Who had already finished the two burgers and fries. Genos slurped loudly the last bit of the drink.

“You were saying, sensei?” Genos asked before setting down the cup. Saitama stared back in disbelief before shaking his head. He’s seen giant mutant titans and a crab monster; why was he stunned at Genos’ appetite?

“Did you even eat anything, Genos?” Saitama asked with concerned as he slightly leaned closer to Genos.

“Not today sensei. I was called for many threats and I also had an S-class meeting about the future of The Hero Association.” Genos listed. A small silence filled the room to the point you could hear the slow whirring of Genos’ machines. “Sensei…”

“Yes, Genos?”

“I’m tired.” Genos stated as he slightly wobbled, trying to keep some sort of artificial conscious. Saitama looked up from his own burger.

“That’s good ‘cause that means you’ve been working hard.” Saitama stated, attempting to lighten up the mood a bit. Genos weakly smiled as he walked up and placed their futon and pillow on the floor. He plopped down onto the floor causing the floor to slightly shake. “Genos!”

“Sorry, sensei…” He mumbled back. Saitama sighed and smiled back. He lifted up the futon and laid back down next to Genos.

“Don’t be Genos. You deserve some rest.” Saitama responded before ruffling the cyborg’s hair and wrapping himself with the futon. Genos felt a strange warmth light up in his core with the simple action. He snuggled a bit deeper into his pillow, refreshing himself with the scent of his sensei.

2. Hair

“Sensei!” Genos yelled as he slammed the door open, which then followed by the clashing of pots and pans. “Sensei, are you okay?” Genos asked staring at the man on the floor surrounded by kitchen supplies. Saitama rubbed his head as he slowly stood up.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You just startled me.” Saitama reassured the cyborg before bending down to pick up the pots and pans. Genos quickly bent down also to help.

“I’m really sorry Saitama-sensei.” Genos apologized. Saitama just shrugged it off before placing all the utensils back in their places.

“You don’t need to be sorry, Genos. Say, since you’re back home early, wanna go grocery shopping? I know some deals near us that we can take advantage of.” Saitama asked before Genos quickly brightened and smiled as he nodded his head.


“Sensei! They have a sale on salmon! 70% off!” Genos exclaimed to his teacher. Saitama quickly looked back in surprise and nodded his head.

“Get a few!” Saitama yelled as Genos grabbed a few packets of salmon and threw them into their basket. Genos looked up and saw that Saitama was nowhere to be found. Slightly worrying, he walked to the vegetable isle where he was. He paced up and down the isle, but to no avail. He scavenged the rest of the isles, but still. He wasn’t there. So Genos did the one thing he knew would work. Shout out his name throughout the store.

Sensei! Saitama-sensei! Where are you?!” Genos cried out. Now, Genos wasn’t an unknown figure to the public, but it still drew people’s attention as it’s not often you see a cyborg calling out in a grocery store with a basket of salmon in hand. A security guard quickly popped from behind and tapped him on his shoulder.

“Sir, please do not yell inside the store.” He monotonously ordered. Genos shoulders raised before nodding again in respect to authority.

“Sensei… Sensei..” Genos softly whispered with his hands cupped around his mouth before walking back down the isle. The guard simply shook his head and walked away.

“Genos, I’m over here…” Saitama said, standing near the fruit stand. Not too far from where the salmon was.


“Saitama-sensei, I heard online that salmon can help hair growth.” Genos commented as he pushed a cart down the isle after the basket proved to be too small for all the sales. Saitama immediately snapped his head at Genos.

“Do you want to fight me Genos?!” Saitama threatened. Genos stood up slightly straighter and smiled.

“Yes, please, sensei!” Genos exclaimed with an expression like an energetic puppy. Saitama looked away in slight annoyance as a smile slowly danced on across his face. After a solid minute or two of silence, Genos perked up and smiled.

“Sensei. What was your hair like before you went bald?” Genos questioned. Saitama looked back at him with confusion.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Maybe your previous hair or its style was what hindered you and your strength!” Genos exclaimed. Saitama sighed, shaking his head. He looked back at the cyborg and saw some type of innocence in his expression. Plus, Saitama knew that the cyborg would never let this topic go till he got some kind of answer. In truth, Genos simply wanted to know more about Saitama. For once, this had nothing to do about becoming stronger.

“Alright, I think I might have an old ID in my bag that had what I used to look like.” Saitama reluctantly agreed to answering his question. Genos’ eyes lit up and smiled widely, his shoulders widening slightly. “Oh. Here it is.” The hero handed him an old expired ID that he never really bothered to throw out. Genos immediately gasped. Another surge of warmth ran through his core at the sight of the old photo. Short and slightly messy black hair. He loved it. If he could blush, he’d be completely red in the face. But a sudden force rapidly pushed him to the side.

“Genos, pay attention. You nearly knocked over a lady. It’s only an ID.” Saitama slightly scolded as he began to push their cart towards checkout.

“Sensei.” Genos mumbled, still staring at the ID with wonder.

“Yes, Genos?” He replied as he began to place the items on the conveyor belt.

“Can I keep this?”

3. Fighting

Several heroes were called to deal with an onslaught of monsters that began to rampage several cities. While fortunately the grand majority of were only tiger threat level monsters; the fact that they were coming in large groups and in waves quickly began weakened the groups of heroes that were called in. Genos was dealing with a trash monster, another monster had came up from behind the cyborg and had delivered a hard blow to the head sending Genos flying into an abandoned apartment building.

Which wouldn’t so bad as he’s received harder blows before from stronger monsters. But the building was already on the verge of collapsing beforehand and Genos crashing into it didn’t make it any more sturdier. The cyborg glanced up at the building. A large chunk of it the building began to rapidly fall down towards the cyborg. He attempted to run, until he realized that his legs were stuck underneath some rubble. Without thinking, Genos pushed himself forward with his arms using all of his strength to escape. He successfully flung himself away from the building. Only… several problems now… One, he didn’t have any legs any more. Two, he was stranded. Three, he was stranded in the middle… of the battlefield. He cursed his own luck.

He still had arms, so he began to drag himself to the side and out of harms way. That was until another monster stepped in front of him and smirked widely.

“Look, it’s the demon cyborg.” The monster taunted while calling out to the rest of the group. They quickly began to surround Genos before one threw a hard kick at him, making Genos fly backwards into the same building. He laid there, sitting against the wall, face cracked. His lifted his arms as he began to charge a blast of energy. But before he could even finish charging, two monsters quickly restrained him and began to pull at his arms.

Genos shut his eyes, attempting to avoid seeing the pitiful display. But he couldn’t avoid the sound of metal being torn from his body. He slowly opened an eye and saw a monster’s foot elevated above his face. Genos tensed up, waiting for the final blow. But it never came. Several loud bangs could be heard. Genos opened his eyes and saw blood painting the buildings around him. The smell of smoke, dust and rubble filled the area. What happened?… He turned his head and saw a blur of yellow running around. His head felt light and fuzzy. The world slowly faded to black.

“Genos!” A voice yelled before he closed his eyes.



“Genos, are you okay?!”

“Genos, please! Answer me!”

A familiar voice rang through his ears. He opened his eyes and saw that he was face to face with Saitama. Red gloves cupped his cheeks. Saitama’s thumb ran through the cracks forming on the left side of Genos’ face. Genos opened his mouth but no words came out. Saitama smiled as he hugged the limbless cyborg. Genos’ eyes began to tear up at his sensei’s embrace. Saitama stood up, still holding onto the cyborg with one hand while carrying a black garbage bag in the other. Oil slowly slipped down from his cheeks.

“Try not to get the suit too dirty.” Saitama remarked. Genos sighed in response. “I found most of your limbs and such. Let me tell you, it was hard digging your legs out of the rubble, but I got them!” Saitama cheered. Saitama’s smile faded away before becoming serious again.

“Sensei…” Genos mumbled while the oil blurring his vision.

“Yes Genos?” Saitama questioned walking towards to where he remembered Genos told him Dr. Kuseno was.

“I’m sorry…” He responded.

“For what?” Saitama asked.

“For being useless. For constantly being destroyed. For you having to always carry me like this.” Genos mumbled. His voice kept quivering as he continued to list his insecurities.

“Don’t be sorry for something as normal as this. When it comes to being stronger, failing is part of it. Without failing and making mistakes, you’ll never learn or grow. Don’t be sorry for your learning process.” Saitama stated. For once, he wasn’t pulling something out of his ass.

Genos began to hiccup. “T-Thank (hic) you, Sensei.” Saitama softly smiled back and continued to walk. Genos snuggled into the crook of his neck before going into sleep mode.

4. Food

The fresh smell of meat filled the apartment. Genos pushed the key through the lock with some excitement flowing through him. He turned it and opened the door. Genos turned to the kitchen and noticed Saitama standing there grilling some meat. Genos took a look at the meat. With a quick scan, he realized… it was fairly… expensive for Saitama’s favoring.

“Sensei! Why did you get expensive meat?” Genos shouted as he locked the door. Saitama tripped a bit, startled by the sudden loud noise. He turned to the cyborg and grinned before waving.

“Oi, Genos! Are you hungry?” Saitama asked. Genos smiled and nodded. “Good, 'cause I know you’ve been working really hard and I wanted to make you something special. I saw that last time you really liked the meat I got. So I decided to go out and buy some again.”

“But sensei, that’s expensive…” Genos stated. Saitama shrugged.

“Yeah, it was, believe me. I was cringing paying for it. But what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give you some kind of reward?” Saitama explained before continuing to cook.

“How much was it?” Genos asked as he placed a hand into his pocket, searching for his wallet.

“I’m not telling you. I know what you’re trying to do.” Saitama smirked. Genos pouted as he scanned the area for something that would tell him something. First the table. Nothing. Then the counter. Also nothing. He took another look at the trash can. Wait. There’s a receipt when Saitama bought the meat. He walked to the trash can and pulled the crumpled receipt out of the trash.

“Genos?! What are you doing?” Saitama yelled as he noticed the cyborg looking through the trash. Genos’ eyes widen as he shoved the paper into his pocket. Saitama smirked before running towards the cyborg and cornering him. “Genos… Give me the receipt!” Saitama yelled. Geno refused before attempting to find a way to escape from Saitama. But before he can actually think of some way to escape, a massive force hit the entirety of Genos, falling to the floor. He looked up and saw his sensei on top of him…. Woah… Saitama smirked before reaching up and tried to reach Genos’ hands.

“Sensei! I want to pay for you!” Genos screamed, still trying to keep the receipt away from his sensei. Saitama laughed before placing a hand on Genos’ waist. “Sensei?…” Genos paused as a smirk crawled onto Saitama’s face. “Sensei, no!” Genos knew what that cheeky grin meant. Why did he ask Dr. Kuseno for more human like sensitivity. With the increase of sensitivity, it included- “Ahahahaha! S-Saitama sensei!” Genos roared in laughter. Oil soon began to fall and roll down his cheeks. Saitama’s cheeky smile grew wider as he continued to tickle the cyborg.

Suddenly, Saitama stopped. Genos breathed heavily trying to regain his breath. He slowly got up from the floor and realized that something was missing from his hands.

“Thanks for the receipt.” Saitama taunted before ripping up the paper. A smell of something being burnt soon filled the air, replacing the previous aroma. “Oh god! The food!” Genos laughed at the bald man as he rapidly tried to salvage the dinner.

5. Festivals

The day started out simple. They were both folding shirts and all and Genos had been taking notes of how rapidly Saitama had been folding shirts. (His sensei was truly amazing. His speed and efficiency with daily tasks was mind blowing and it’s impossible to not see how great he is. Truly mind blowing.) That was until he received a call that a monster was terrorizing a nearby summer festival. Saitama’s eyes widen with his mouth agape.

“Wha-what?!” Saitama yelled as he quickly grabbed his bag that had his money in it before grabbing Genos’ arm and running out the door.

By the time the duo got there, the monster still hadn’t made much commotion. As usual, his sensei had beaten it in one punch. Several seconds afterwards, Saitama turned to the cyborg and softly smiled. Genos had lived with Saitama for a long time. But this was one of the few times he saw his sensei flash a genuine smile. His core warmed up slightly at the sight of the man in the yukata. Even afterward when Saitama explained how the reason why he brought Genos to the festival was for him to unwind, Genos was still convinced that somehow this had something to do with his strength. But before the cyborg could even continue his speculation, Saitama had pulled him towards the Bon Odori.

Wow, he was that lost into his questioning that he forgot he agreed to go there.

Despite the fact Genos tried to get home as quickly as possible to continue to study how Saitama-sensei folded his shirts, the two had stayed there for several hours. (Not that he minded; more time with his Sensei the better, right?) The duo had tried out some games that were near by. (We’ll ignore how Saitama broke a whack-a-mole-esque game and won an enormous teddy bear for Genos. Or how Genos won a bet against a local school bully and his posse in a game where they had to shoot down moving ducks with a paintball gun. Let’s just say the game is closed due to… fire. But he was able to pay for Saitama a large meal at different food stand.)

It was definitely a date at this point. Genos and Saitama were on a date. If the enormous teddy in Genos’ arms didn’t scream that, then he didn’t know what it was. At least that’s what Genos kept repeating in his head as both of them sat in the grass waiting for the fireworks to start.

“So Genos…” Saitama paused before turning to the blonde cyborg. Genos immediately responded by turning his head to the bald man. “How was the festival today? Did you have fun?” Saitama asked. Genos took the popsicle out of his mouth and rapidly shook his head.

“Of course, sensei! It was amazing!” Genos exclaimed like a small child as he tried to keep from rambling and keep it 20 words or less. Saitama smiled at the cyborg before leaning back to lay on the grass.

“After this we’re going to have to go home. It’s getting pretty late.” Saitama noted. Genos looked down at the ground.

“Really? I was having a lot of fun…” Genos mumbled as he bit his lip, trying to hold back any oil from escaping his eyes. A small giggle escaped Saitama’s lips.

“Weren’t you the one who wanted to go home as soon as possible?” Saitama retorted, getting up to flick his student’s forehead. “Don’t worry. There will be more festivals for us to go.” He reassured, laying back down on the grass. Genos smiled as he threw away the popsicle stick and clutched the teddy bear his sensei won for him. The cyborg stared back at Saitama with a longing stare as his teacher slowly slipped in and out of conscious. Genos slowly laid back onto the grass beside him.

He looked at where his hand laid. It was only a few inches away from Saitama’s. He could easily entwine their hands. But that would most likely jeopardize their relationship. Genos sighed as a long whistle caught everyone’s attention. Beautiful multicolored fireworks exploded and decorated the sky. Genos turned his head to his sensei.

“They’re beautiful, Genos.” Saitama remarked before smiling widely again. Genos turned away quickly and began to snuggle into the plush bear.

“They are sensei… They truly are…”

1. Falling

“Genos?! Oi, Genos! Where are you?!” Saitama yelled; an echo being his only response. The bald man ran through the deserted plain in search for his disciple. About five hours ago, the Hero Association called in Genos for a monster that was getting near city-Z and since he was the closest S-class hero that could take on this Dragon level threat, he had to be sent off. Saitama wasn’t too worried. More often than not, some threat levels had been exaggerated recently. But after two and a half hours of Genos being missing, a small fear crept up his spine. He sighed and began to put on his hero outfit and ran out the door.

After scouring the plains for about an hour and no sight or even evidence that a blond cyborg was even in existence, Saitama was more than worried. He began to sprint around the plains, the forest and other surrounding places once more. A sharp pain pierced though his chest as the worst began to go through his mind. He shook his head and began to wonder what place he missed. That is until the ringing of his phone broke his thoughts, the phone that Genos bought for him the other day. He pulled out the phone and answered before seeing the number.

“Hello?” Saitama asked. He didn’t have many people’s numbers on his phone. So who was calling his phone? His question was quickly answered as a loud blast and scream pierced through the speaker.

“Sensei!” Genos yelled through the phone, his voice crackling due to the bad reception. Saitama’s heart skipped a beat. Genos.

“Genos! Where are you? Are you okay?!” Saitama rapidly asked through the phone. Static and crackling came out, but he was able to make certain words out.

“sen…. monst… strong…. -dge.. cliff-” Genos yelled before the line hung up. Saitama’s stared at the phone before dialing Genos once again. It automatically went to voicemail. Saitama quickly put away his phone and ran towards the cliff on the edge of the entire area. How the hell could he forget? Ugh, why was he so dumb? Saitama began to sprint towards the cliff at top speed, creating small valleys in the process. He was able to reach there in several minutes. He reached the edge of the cliff and saw an enormous dragon monster. It’s enormous wings spread out. Saitama slowly crept up towards the monster, trying to not attract the monster. All he was able to see was that it had its hand around Genos’ neck. Its claws were digging into the metal of Genos. Saitama stood there, wide eyed. He moved slightly more closer to the monster. He couldn’t help but bite back his lip. All of his limbs were gone and half of his torso was missing. From the middle of his waist to the head was all that was left of the cyborg.

Saitama paused as… what should he do?… The dragon monster was holding Genos past the edge of the cliff and below was an entire body of water. If he punched the dragon, Genos would fall down. Unless he ran towards Genos first, grabbed him, and then punched the dragon out in a flash, then that could work. Saitama quickly stood up and ran towards Genos. Well, what he didn’t count on was that this dragon, despite its size… has quick reflexes.

It quickly turned around and stomped its enormous foot in front of him, creating shock waves in the ground, causing Saitama to stumble around.

“Where did this egg come from?… Are you coming after this piece of scrap metal?” The dragon taunted at Saitama as it shook Genos around like a rag doll. Saitama began to snarl at the monster; his fist clenched tightly. The dragon saw Saitama’s infuriated expression and smiled. Soon, everything went into slow motion. The dragon let go of its grasp on Genos and let him go. Saitama immediately reacted by lunging at the dragon, before punching it. Then, he sprinted to the edge of the of the cliff. Well, maybe if he wasn’t as reckless as he is now, Saitama wouldn’t have… tripped on his own feet.

He fell forward and began to roll down down the cliff, slamming into ledge after ledge. Somehow, he was able to retain balance and began to run down the cliff, attempting to catch up to the falling cyborg. His entire chest was pounding, his head began to spin and his breath coming in unevenly. He always wanted to feel this exhilaration, this rush, but not for this reason. The cyborg was falling at a rapid pace. His core slowly began to light up when Saitama noticed. Wait. This kid was going to try and self-destruct?! Saitama then pushed himself against the cliff and accelerated towards Genos. The winds kept blowing harshly at his face to the point it felt like pins and needles kept scratching his face. Saitama continued to fall down as he struggled to reach his arms out towards the cyborg.

He’s so close. Just a little bit more and he’ll have Genos in his grasp. He looked behind the cyborg and saw how dangerously close they were to water. God, he’s so close to reaching. He can’t lose Genos now. No. No. No. N- Wait… In a blur, he felt the familiar cool metal rest against his chest. He got Genos. A hand wrapped around the cyborg’s body as the other cupped the back of Genos’ head. Saitama heard the slow whirring of his core. A small smile crept on Saitama’s face. But before either one of them could celebrate, they crashed into the body of water harshly, causing some of the water to rise up splash around them.

Saitama slowly opened his eyes and saw the entire water scenery unveil before him. His mouth was shut tight. He checked to make sure Genos was still with him. Yep, he was still there. He might’ve held onto Genos a little too tight as he felt small finger sized dents on the side. But fuck that. Genos was safe. Although he wasn’t exactly the most experienced with Genos and saltwater and the impact it could have on a cyborg’s body for a long period of time. So he quickly swam up to shore. He gasped for breath, turning to the cyborg in his arms.

“G-Genos… Are you okay?” Saitama softly whispered. No response. “Genos. S-Stop playing around.” Still nothing. His eyes were completely black. Saitama’s arms quivered. “G-Genos?…” Saitama’s arms slowly became weaker.

“Rebooting system program, Genos.exe… Loading data…” A robotic voice that sounded like Genos stated mundanely.

“Huh?” Saitama stared at the cyborg. Soon the sound of whirring could be heard from Genos. A small smile appeared on Saitama’s face. “Genos?” His voice slightly peaking with hope.

“Sensei?” Genos mumbled before spitting out the saltwater in his mouth. Saitama felt a surge of warmth in his chest. Once again, he wrapped his arms around what’s left of the cyborg. Not caring about how he looks in front of his disciple, tears began to stream down his face. “Sensei? Are you… crying?” Genos asked. Saitama quickly shook his head.

“Of course you idiot! I-I thought you were fucking dead!” Saitama screamed. He slowly pushed Genos away, and gazed at the cyborg’s cracked face. Saitama brushed away some of his wet bangs from the cyborg’s eyes. The bald man smiled widely as he placed the same hand on Genos’ cheek.

“Sens-” Genos questioned before he was interrupted by a pair of lips on his own. A blush slowly appeared onto the bald hero’s face. They both pulled away after some time and simply stared at each other, unsure of what to do.

“Sorry…” Saitama mumbled, not making eye contact with Genos. The blond smiled and attempted to lean forward. Saitama glanced at Genos and chuckled before leaning forward and kissing him again.

“Saitama-sensei?” Geno mumbled after they pulled away once more.


“Let’s go home.”