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Could I get a rundown of the political side of the military in the States? Like, ok, the president is Commander in Chief but doesn't have to actually know Military Things but I'd assume the Secretary of Defense does and would have to be a high-ranking officer. Are there other ways officers are involved in the political side of things? What's the lowest rank you can be and still be involved in that?

Your assumptions are incorrect, actually! The military’s involvement pretty much ends at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is basically like a council of military folks who discuss strategy and such with the rest of the government. The Inspector General of the Department of Defense and the Secretary of Defense are both supposed to be civilians. As a matter of fact, it’s a congressional law that the SoD has to have been a civilian for at least seven years (used to be ten years) because the federal government doesn’t actually want a service member running the military. The further you are removed from the military, the better.

A prime example of this occurred only just recently. The present SoD actually had to get a waiver because he’d only just retired two years prior, and of course the fact that the waiver passed has caused great controversy.

Snippet from the NY Times:
“Congress made an exception to this law under extraordinary circumstances when President Truman asked Congress to allow George Marshall, a five-star general and a hero of World War II, to lead the Defense Department during the Korean War. Despite widespread popularity and admiration for Marshall, a heated debate and hearings ensued. In the end, Congress agreed to make a one-time exemption, but not without adding an addendum in the law making clear that, “after General Marshall leaves the office of Secretary of Defense, no additional appointments of military men to that office shall be approved.”

The only people who are typically going to be even glancing at politics will be flag officers, and given that that cuts things down to a few hundred people, I’d say the overwhelming majority of active duty soldiers will never have any hand in politics whatsoever.


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the new royal spymaster
  • Corvo: It is my solemn duty as Royal Protector to announce the new Royal Spymaster and welcome him to the court. He is well-known by many of you and I trust you will aid him in his new duties as you have with me.
  • Corvo: *puts on the Spymaster's chain of office*
  • Corvo: It's me.
  • *everybody applauds*
  • Corvo: For my first official act as Royal Spymaster I will now drink eight bottles of King Street Brandy in three minutes
  • Emily: *hurriedly getting up from the throne and taking the first bottle of brandy out of Corvo's hands* Nope. No you won't. No you won't. Because if you do'll die.

This scene right here. It’s underrated. It shows what position these two are both in. In this job. In this time period. The both have an impairment. They are seen as the bottom of the food chain in the office, in the SSR. Daniel with his disability and Peggy with her gender. This scene shows that they both understand what it’s like for the other. They are taken for granted and all they can do is say “yes, sir, right away, I’ll do that.” And that’s how it is. They can relate to each other and that’s what I love about their relationship. What Hayley Atwell said in this article – “I think what makes it work is that she saw something in him that’s the same quality she found attractive in Skinny Steve (Chris Evans), which was a man with great morals dealing with very real physical hardships. In the workplace, her gender is considered a disability. Sousa has a disability from the war, and therefore has to deal with that limitation. Because he deals with it with such dignity in the way that Skinny Steve did, that’s what attracts her to people. I think it’s inevitable that they end up together. He’s not intimidated by her. He respects her and admires her, and supports how brilliant she is and how good she is at her job, and is not threatened by that. I think that’s a bloody hard thing for men in the 1940s to not be intimidated by. He’s pretty special in that regard.”


🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire projectA Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, XLIII, Eddard XI

Grand Maester Pycelle rose ponderously from the council table, his chain of office clinking. “Ser Marq, with respect, you cannot know that this outlaw was Ser Gregor. There are many large men in the realm.”

“As large as the Mountain That Rides?” Ser Karyl said. “I have never met one.”

“Nor has any man here,” Ser Raymun added hotly. “Even his brother is a pup beside him. My lords, open your eyes. Do you need to see his seal on the corpses? It was Gregor.”

“Why should Ser Gregor turn brigand?” Pycelle asked. “By the grace of his liege lord, he holds a stout keep and lands of his own. The man is an anointed knight.”

“A false knight!” Ser Marq said. “Lord Tywin’s mad dog.”

lifting from office stores

okay hoes, take a seat because i’m about to rock your lil worlds. 

okay, maybe not, but i worked in a big chain store (office depot) for over two years, and let me tell you - it it easy as hell to just fuck the entire store up.

  • first things first: every store is different. i worked in two different locations in two different cities, and there are major similarities and differences in each. SAME: cams on the ink and some tech. managers care more about ink more than their children. that shit is expensive as hell, and easy to lift depending on the policies in the store. if they are in the security boxes: you are out of luck my friend, unless you can get your hands on the spider or alpha key to unlock them. they are practically indestructible. my coworkers and i would throw them against the walls and they would just bounce. other than tech, cams throughout the store are bound to be few and far between, if there are any at all. seriously, find a blind spot and conceal in your purse, and you can get enough pens to last you until you graduate with your college degree. DIFFERENCES: obviously locations. it depends on the area that you’re in when you go inside, because it determines how you’ll dress and be viewed by the employees. watch your cams. they might not be just in tech. i’ve seen them in back corners and above the hallway to the restrooms before, but those aren’t common where i’m from. just be careful.
  • things that are easy to lift: pens. markers. sticky notes for days. phone cases that are not in security boxes, just pop those lil shits open and shove them in your pockets. phone chargers. desk accessories. if your bag is big enough, paper and notepads are a breeze. folders are a joke. do you even know how many pencil bags and things of lead for mechanical pencils i have? it’s insane. literally anything in the store that is not tagged or in a box, grab it.
  • things that are not so easy: i have mentioned before in a post or two the major things i’ve been able to lift. 
    • Printers: easy as pie. literally just grab the thing, box and all, and walk out. these are not tagged. they are easy to boost. they are light, depending on the model you grab. let me tell you how it is the easiest thing you’ll ever do: you ever see those SAs with the mobile phone lookin’ things? those things are a dream. we use them to check inventory in our store, other stores, but the most important thing is that we use them to check customers out in other places in the store other than the registers. This is key. You need to make sure that one of the associates that you talked with has one of these, or you see them, otherwise this approach will not work. If the store associates don’t carry them, the second phase of this “whole lift and carry out” plan will not work. When you grab the printer, you can either put it in a cart and walk around for a bit or walk right on out if there’s nothing else you have to grab. If you are stopped, which is more than likely, shoot them a sincere, nice, genuine smile and tell them this: “Oh, (insert associate’s name here) checked me out already on that phone thing.” These are basically the magic words. We are lazy fuckers. We do not care about double-checking. The son of a bitch behind the counter will wave you out and say have a nice day. Honestly, this method is best used if you’re super confident and have been doing this for a while. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TRYING THIS IF YOU ARE NEW TO LIFTING. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO GO OVER SMOOTHLY. Like I said before, every store is different. If you have a bad feeling, do not go through with it. This method works best in a crowded store, or during a rush for back to school. BACK TO SCHOOL IS ONE OF THE MOST STRESSFUL TIMES OF THE YEAR FOR US. IT IS STRAIGHT BLACK FRIDAY FOR THREE MONTHS. I HATED IT. IT STARTS IN JULY AND GOES THROUGH SEPTEMBER. But use that to your advantage. I haven’t paid for my school supplies in years. YEARS.
    • Desk Chairs: tbh, you can use the printer walk out method with these as well. just bring a cart back to the furniture pad with you, pick out a chair, and walk out with the same line. 
    • Laptop: Okay, this is priceless. A lot of my friends asked me how I got it, but honestly it only works if you have a really, really good friend in the store. My coworker was really into lifting, and we talked about way to get a computer for each of us because our old ones were dying. Computers are held in the back of the store in a cage that is locked and only the managers have the keys. Not the tech guys you see walking around the floor, but the manager on duty.They are the most precious thing that the store has to protect, which is why only select people have access to them. We were a close knit family, my friend, my manager and I. My manager would leave us to close the doors when we closed, and lock everything up, since they were usually counting the money and didn’t want to be distracted. So we used that to our advantage. One night, I came in 5 minutes to close, my manager was already in the back counting the cash, and my friend was working the floor alone. It was a rare and beautiful thing. My friend borrowed the keys to “lock the side doors” and he ran to the cage in the back, unlocked it, grabbed the laptop I wanted, handed it off to me, walked me to the front, and locked the doors behind me. I was home free. It was honestly the biggest thrill of my life, but it’s helped me though homework and classes this semester, and I am so thankful. Now I have a 17″ beauty to blog on and it’s amazing.
    • INK IS ALWAYS TAGGED IN THE BOXES. THEY ADHERE TO THE SIDE OF THE INSIDE OF THE BOXES, AND WILL SET OFF THE ALARM. IF IT ISN’T IN A BOX, IT’S STILL TAGGED. These are usually off-brand or cheaper brands of inks, like Canon, and Epson. HP is always tagged and in a secure box, so those are lil bitches. For the cheaper ones, you can slip it into your purse, and walk out with a crowd or after a small purchase, and keep walking if/when it beeps. 


HAPPY LIFTING BABES, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO ASK ON TIPS AND POLICIES FOR RETURNS AND SUCH. I am here at your disposal, use me how you like. Literally ask me anything.

A fuck-manager story

I work for a popular newsagents/bookshop chain and our head office double checks us on everything from TPC (till-point chocolate sales) to our news accuracy (whether or not we’re sending magazines back on time)

So, for context, we are given money back on magazines we send back to our news depot. If we miss the returns, we lose the money (it’s called shrink waste). As a store, our news accuracy isn’t very good - this due to a few different members of staff not complying with standards and checking the shelves properly.

My store manager went to his annual managers meeting last week and when questioned by our regional manager as to why our news is so bad, my manager offered up my name for sacrifice. Mr holier than thou of course didn’t want to take the blame for not training his staff properly or enforcing staff policies.

tl;dr I almost got fired by the regional director without being told because my manager didn’t want to take the blame

A Very Happy Birthday to the Fabulous abbythebear! I love you, my dear friend. Words cannot express how happy I am that I met you…uh, on the internet that is. Hope you have had a wonderful day filled with cake and smut…oh look, here’s some smut for you! :-)

WARNING: A smattering of swear words, and fluff that devolves into smut, sprinkled with a few bad puns. Unedited, so all mistakes are mine.

Katniss Everdeen is sick of her job at a large chain office supply store. The hours are crap. The pay isn’t worth the hassle. And the employees who work the logistics really get on her nerves. Especially their endlessly cheerful team lead.

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Not yet, but someday soon
my life will be rush hour traffic
and a mortgage I’m still not sure
how to pay
and I’m so worried I’m not doing enough
with these days.
I’m trying; skinny-dipping in the quarry,
bonfires at the sand dunes,
stargazing in the cabbage fields,
and skipping class to float the river.
There is a steady, sinking feeling
it’s all going to waste;
that tomorrow I’ll wake up
chained to an office chair
and bringing work home
for the weekend.
I’m trying to get lost;
the wild, burning sunlight
of youth and the mistakes
I’ll remember fondly.
I don’t know
how to do this better.
—  Schuyler Peck, 30/30, WHILE I WAS YOUNG

Re: My favourite highschool thing post I just reblogged.

Mine is probably when we read “A Man For All Seasons” in English Class. I was insistent upon being Henry VIII, because I wanted to wear a damn crown and cause yeah it’s Henry VIII. (The teacher had props we wore reading it. A chain of Office for Moore, dress for his wife etc). There was also the bonus of a really bitchy girl I hated playing one of Thomas Moore’s daughters, and she had to bow to me when I walked into the room. It was amazing.

I mean having “The King died of syphilis” read out after wasn’t so fun, but fuck it I got to wear the crown.

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Is it related to work?

I’m not surprised you jumped to that conclusion. My whole life revolves around work. I’m practically chained to my office. It’s a wonder I can even survive outside of there. No wonder I have no idea how to interact with goldfish.

- M.H.

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Thank you for running this blog, I'm super grateful for it! I wanted to ask, the paper/card packaging people attach their acrylic charms to before slipping it into the plastic baggies, are they usually just printed from a printer at home? Because my printer doesn't print in color, so I'm not quite sure how to go about this. Do you guys have any ideas? Thank you so much in advance >_< !

Kiriska: You’re welcome! Glad you find it helpful. :)

Your options for backing cards are pretty much the same as for printing anything else. You can go to a local chain printer like FedEx Office or Office Depot or whatever to get them printed. You’ll probably want to arrange several backing cards on a page for printing and then cut them yourself. It can be really costly to get printers to cut for you, but most such places will have a paper trimmer you can use for free.

If you want to go fancier, you can get them printed at a nicer professional printer, whether local or online. As mentioned also, some acrylic charm manufacturers offer packaging at an additional cost per piece, so that’s another option.

If a BW design can be worked to suit your brand/type of work, you might be able to get away with home printing though. :o

5 Things Meme

Well, I got tagged in this delightful meme by the ever-wonderful @calamity-bean! Tagging the last 5 people in my activity: @raniajames, @vivereperamore, @slutty-but-sleepy, @sansakarstark, and @jamienorrington

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. Loose change. All the useless copper loose change a girl could possibly need if she were going diving with nothing but her handbag as a weight to get her to the bottom…
  2. Old sweet wrappers. Occasionally with a squished/fluffy sweet stuck to it.
  3. the “Lanyard of Doom,” with all my keys attached. Feels about the same weight as a Lord Mayor’s chain of office.
  4. Depending on whether it’s a re-enacting week or not, there may well be a wooden needle-case and a thimble rattling around in there at any given time
  5. A brown watercolour pencil.

Five things in my bedroom:

  1. My sewing machine.
  2. Newt Scamander (no, seriously! Granted, he’s a Funko Pop, but at this point I will take what I can get)
  3. The Fabric Stash. A leaning tower of impulse-bought regret and untapped potential that lurks in my wardrobe.
  4. A half-eaten packet of pistachio and almond cookies. (Yes, I am a slob. I embrace Slob Life)
  5.  The moodboard wall. All the pictures I actually like once I’ve finished drawing them go up on here.

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  1. Go to Paris. Just for a weekend, or even for a day - I just need to do Notre Dame de Paris and the Palais Garnier to get a few old fandoms out of my system. Oh, and the Louvre. And Versailles. And anywhere even remotely featured in Alexandre Dumas. And….*incoherent babbling*
  2. Be able to waltz.
  3. Visit Colonial Williamsburg (okay, so this is a recent “things I’ve always wanted to do”, but damn it, this one’s a keeper!)
  4. Falling in love would be nice at some point, but no biggie
  5. Learn how to knit.

Five things that make me happy:

  1. Pretty fabric
  2. Awesome friends, both near and far
  3. Listening to music on a long journey. There’s a tranquility in the movement and the music that really puts me in a contented mood.
  4. That bubbly feeling (you know the one) when you get a review notification over on AO3.
  5. When a project comes together really well and you know you’ve done the best you possibly could for it

Five things people may not know about me:

  1. I’m left-handed, and thus will forever have ink smudged over my knuckles from writing. It always looks as though I’ve been punching an inkwell.
  2. When I have a cold, I get a man-cold. I morph into a sluggish whiney thing who wants to live in blankets forever. Stoic, I am really, really not.
  3. I was once bitten by my 2 year old little sister in a case of teddy-bear related theft.
  4. I am a confirmed stationary addict. Especially when it comes to nice sketchbooks.
  5. I keep anxiously wondering whether to get Twitter or not, so I can better follow the Turn cast  Erm… I mean, keep informed of current events! Politics. Yeah… *sideeye*
King Richard III's re-interment carries pomp and grandeur of state funeral

It was not a funeral, the Dean of Leicester, David Monteith, reminded the congregation of his cathedral, which had been transformed into a grove of foliage and white roses – and the reminder about Richard III was very much needed.

Every pew was filled with guests in military uniforms, black or navy suits, academic gowns, decorations and honours, chains of office, silver white boar badges, white rose brooches and fabulous hats.

The guests included the Duke of Gloucester, Sophie Countess of Wessex, and the Duke of Norfolk, whose responsibilities include royal funerals. The music included a fanfare and new setting of the national anthem by the master of the Queen’s music, Judith Weir. Read more.

Remember Me

Parts - I - II - III- IV- V - VI - VII

 The past few weeks have been exhausting to say the least. Gail’s been running around town - meeting up with way too many people - almost as if in a hurry to get out of the force. You can see that ever since Gail heard the news - she’s been dying to get out. The urgency to do so though - painful, desperate - as if she were trying to wash off something that was scarring her.  You can’t help but feel helpless. There’s nothing much for you to do but offer moral support to Gail whenever she needed it. It’s a blur to you - it must be an even bigger blur to Gail - meeting up with officers who were her friends - their sombre farewell to Gail, all of them promising to meet up at least once a month at the Penny.

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