chains and black leather

Filming the Temple of Doom scenes at England’s Elstree Studios held its own surprises for [Pat] Roach. “There was a whipping scene where Harrison’s tied up to a rock. Barbra Streisand came in, dressed in black leather, and while Harrison was chained up to the rock, she took my whip off me and whipped him! She said ‘That’s for Hanover Street, the worst movie I ever saw!’ And then she whipped him for doing Star Wars and earning all that money. Then, Carrie Fisher ran in – she was dressed up too – and she threw herself across Harrison, and shouted 'No, no, no!’ And then [Empire Strikes Back director] Irvin Kershner ran in and said, 'Steven is this the way you run your movies? I would never let this happen on one of my sets!’ Then Steven said to Kersh, 'Get off my set!' 

They filmed it, and I think they sent it back to Hollywood. It was hilarious.” – Starlog Magazine, Issue 131, June 1988

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if they don't do 'mundane driving' think about magnus taking alec out for a spin for the first time in an open top sports car, or on a motorbike - something fast.

alec wasn’t sure what to expect, all he knew was that magnus was pleased about something. god he was pleased. he had that million dollar smirk tucked into the corner of his mouth that made alec’s heart thud just a little faster. alec had been able to taste how smug he was on his tongue when magnus kissed him awake.

but that had been the morning and it was a whole day without a single hint as to what magnus had up his sleeve. a whole 12 hours of remembering magnus’s grin and the way his eyes were glinting, without a word except for a short request.

“just be back here by, let’s say 7 o’clock?” each word was murmured into alec’s lips between more slow kisses, burnt into alec’s brain for the remainder of the day. he looked forward to the both of them being home every single night, but now there was this curiosity on top of it, tugging him back home.

of course the day went slower because of that. it decided to drag on for what felt like forever and he had tried multiple times, attempting to be sneaky in text messages for a hint at what they’d be doing. but he could hear magnus’s deep laugh in every word of his responses. it left him biting back a grin and shaking his head as he waited for the clock to count down.

finally though, finally he was able to leave. he got back to the loft in record time, faster than he ever had before, curious and confused considering magnus’s texts had dropped off a couple of hours ago when he seemed to get tired of alec trying to get information out of him.

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