So I have this fanfic idea that Lady/Chat fight an akuma that chains them… AFTER their Miraculous have both been used. As a result they need to deal with trying to get rid of the chains while doing their best not to learn the other’s identity. No easy cookies & cheese here, folks!

While testing a new brush set I’ll have a series of these pictures from this story in my head. Needless to say Adrien is psyched.

omg, why I -never- had this ever uploaded on my tumbrl. 

I was cleaning a bit my pc and refound this old commission I did back then for @cryptidprince of their ever awesome character and looked through my tumbrl for it to check what year I made it. And found nothing. 

Old or not, I still really love this experimental style I worked with for this one and I actually would want this to be on my blog.