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Which suitor has the hardest time undressing and redressing (because of their outfit)? This isn't foreplay related. Just if they were taking their clothes off. I get a feeling Byron will be up top because of all his accessories, and maybe Rayvis?

Hmmmm good question - here’s my thoughts from most difficult to least difficult 😁 I kinda of did it as if they were being undressed, but it’s not really dirty.

Alyn - if he has the armor on, it’s probably a total pain in the butt. All that heavy metal and chainmail, and a chastity belt …

Byron - the military jacket, cape, three belts, the eyepatch probably takes 30 minutes to remove because he’s gonna have an existential crisis every time about it..

Rayvis - cape, jacket, shirt, three pairs of socks, boots, his six layers of personality complex..

Sid - like 600 buckles on that thing, plus some furry animal around his neck you gotta fight off..

Giles - his trench-coat goth thing he’s got going on.

Robert - only clothes and depression on his back….

Albert - only because he has to fold and hang everything when he takes it off..

Louis - not much clothing per say, but a hatred for mankind you have to peel away.

Nico - can be naked in .00002 seconds

Leo - is already naked…


It’s a dragon tail! Surprising nobody!

Blue anodized aluminum with a stripe of yellow, and an underbelly of plain aluminum. This one measures in at 2 pounds 10 ounces and 29.5 inches long. It’s also got a lobster clasp that you can see just barely right at the tip.

And I grabbed a quick shot of the belt loop attachment, because it’s been a while since I posted a photo of that.

I’ve got a pile of masks to produce in the next week, but I’m planning on opening for May commission requests over the weekend.

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Armour for women - what works, what doesn't? (I know the general answer is "Whatever works for you.", but some specific advice might be handy to women warriors old and new.)

Hey, definitely, and thanks for asking! :) 

You asked about “armour for women”, but I’m afraid that’s not exactly the question I’m going to answer. I’m primarily going to cover the physical issues of armour for people of all genders with typically female bodies in this post. I will also discuss a few social/cultural issues around gender and armour, particularly relevant to women of all body types, at the end.

You may also find bits of this post useful if you have a body with some but not all typically female characteristics, like wide hips or breast tissue or low testosterone.

N.B. Throughout this post I am going to say “chainmail” when I refer to armour made out of lots of little rings joined together, because I gain sustenance from the tears of angry pedants.

Photo by Tom Garnett, from Empire LARP.

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Finished commission for @roterwolkenvogel I was basically given carte blanch to do whatever I wanted as long it fell under the ‘warrior’ umbrella. This is what I came up with. I made everything except the doll. I also don’t have a head that fits this body so you’ll have to forgive that.

Outfit includes:
Quilted gambeson/saddle pad, front and sides
Chainmail cover
Stitched leather belt
Back woven pad with armor
Woven leg covers
Front leg shin covers
Leather and fur corset
Woven belt
Shoulder pauldron


Well this is a thing.

I’m putting out a feeler post for anyone who might be interested in purchasing my Maedhros cosplay. I’m very attached to it, and it’s my favorite thing that I’ve ever made. However, it fit me perfectly and now that I’ve spent about a year on hormones my body is a whole new shape and it’s unlikely to ever fit me again. There’s no point in it just sitting here unused. 

So I’m courting reasonable offers!

You can see more pictures here and the list of included items is long and below~

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This dragon tail is made of standard aluminum scales, with a blue anodized aluminum underbelly. It’s my standard length of 35 inches long, and that’s mostly it. Classic and simple. But at the request of the commissioner, it does have an engraving on the scales on the underside, right below the belt loops where it’s attached. (The tail was commissioned as a gift.)

And I guess as an added bonus, the photo with the engraving gives a good shot of the belt loop attachments. There are two straps (made of stainless steel in a European 6-in-1 pattern) that your belt threads through, and if you want to make sure the tail stays well in place when you’re wearing it, in between the two loops on the tail you can also thread the belt through the belt loop in the center of the back of your pants.

If you like these tails I make, how about checking out this page with information about them? (My commission queue is currently kind of deep, though. I’m working as fast as I can.)


I made this awesome vintage belt stand out by adding four handmade strands of Brass Byzantine pattern chainmaille.

I love making these one of a kind Chainmaille vintage belts. They’re always a fun challenge for me and when I make one like this that turns out so well.

This belt is 32 inches long at the shortest and is 36 inches long at the longest. 

The five Rosetta pattern chains are completely handmade by me and measure five inches long each.