chainmaille balls


Finally finished! The hood isn’t part of the outfit but I’m using it to hide the fact that my girl’s head totally doesn’t fit or match on this body. XD

This is a remake of some old armor made out of pliver the client provided. Much of it required some rework and some things were added. I made everything on the doll, including the whole outfit you can’t see underneath and the chainmail skirt.

The armor is made out of Worbla with some moonstones and freshwater pearls and other beads. Painted and weathered to look used and old.

The body is a souldoll mini and the head is a Withdoll Angela elf.


Hi @books-and-cookies, here’s my badass thing that I’ve done as a bookworm. I made a hoop skirt chainmail ball dress in two months. That’s it in the first picture.

The second picture is the modification I made to it a couple of months later. I took it apart and remade it into a much sleeker looking dress over the course of a week.

This badass bookworm is also a jeweller/armourer. When she’s not working her job as a retail slave.