While perusing the shelves of a local Canadian Tire I came across several guages of “drawer liner grip” and thought to myself “hey that kinda looks like chainmaille”
Lots of imitation chainmaille tutorials I’ve seen have recommended using knitting or mesh fabric.
However this looks like it could definitely stand as a good substitution for the real thing as well. Just thought I’d share :)

This pattern is called Six Sided Byzantine. I first came up with making Byzantine with more sides than four back in 2000. If I didn’t spend so much time thinking about the chaotic and vast nature of the dimension we happen to have landed in, I might have said I invented this pattern. The more likely case is that this pattern had been done by the time I independently came up with it. And actually, I think that scenario is more interesting. I mean, if someone else had done this pattern before I did, than something about it was true enough to happen at least twice, but not many more times than two. There are few things of that nature in this universe, or things like that which we can perceive at least. All that to say, if you don’t know about an existing thing and you invent it, does that change the merit of what you brought into your world? I don’t know the answer to that question and not knowing is just fine by me. Anyway, those are my musings for today, haha 😜


Removeable d20 Chainmaille Pendants & Keychains handmade by me!! :D

They’re great for geek cred but they’re also utilitarian. If you ever need to roll for initiative, or make a difficult skill check during your day, just undo the clasp, pop it out, and roll.

I just added a plethora of new color choices, including opaque dice!

Available at my Etsy:




Finally finished! The hood isn’t part of the outfit but I’m using it to hide the fact that my girl’s head totally doesn’t fit or match on this body. XD

This is a remake of some old armor made out of pliver the client provided. Much of it required some rework and some things were added. I made everything on the doll, including the whole outfit you can’t see underneath and the chainmail skirt.

The armor is made out of Worbla with some moonstones and freshwater pearls and other beads. Painted and weathered to look used and old.

The body is a souldoll mini and the head is a Withdoll Angela elf.

Little shameless self promotion here, bear with me ❤

So I make jewelry! Many of my pieces have pagan and witch themes like this one shown here lol. I also have some steampunk pieces and some renaissance faire worthy jewelry.

If you’re interested in checking out my etsy shop or want something completely custom, please feel free to send me an ask or a message and I’ll be more than happy to provide answers :)

Image and content is 100% mine, please give credit when sharing this picture. I’m trying to make a living off my jewerly, so please be kind.

Now back to the regularly scheduled witchy posts you’re used to seeing from me 👍🙂