How to make a chainmail bracelet

Making chainmail isn’t hard, it just takes time and patience.

To make this bracelet you’ll need wire (I chose a metallic blue), wire cutters, some pliers, a clasp or closure of some kind and something round and long to wrap the wire around - in my case a skewer. (Excuse the quality of the photos, my phone’s camera is all I had available)

First wrap the wire tightly around the skewer so it shows no gaps, once you have enough puol it out. It might be a good idea to wrap and pull it bit by bit, when I did it I wrapped the whole thing and it was quite hard to pull out afterwards. :3

Once you have the coil use the wire cutters to cut rings as evenly as possible. Here you can see the wire as it comes, the coil and the rings.

The process itself is pretty simple, this method is called the four-in-one. Close four rings and loop them through an open one, then close it as well. Repeat until you have a bunch of four-in-one’s.

When you have a few you can loop them together, lay two groups together and make sure the central rings are facing one way and the surrounding rings the other.

Keep on looping until you’ve made your chain as long as you want. For a wider bracelet make more chains. I decided that two would be enough (I’ve got small puny wrists)

All you’ve got left to do is loop them together and join the clasp the same way and you’re good to go!

I hope this is useful!


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