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What kinds of armor are least uncomfortable in hot/desert conditions?

Great question!

As someone with a lot of experience being in LA/Texas and its heat.

Plate armor is the worst.

it does not breathe whatsoever.

BUT taking from actual real life experience and the history of those who lived in very hot areas during feudal and medieval times, I can fully confirm what people actually wore in hot areas.

The Ottomans, and their Byzantine predecessors wore mailles, Lamellar, chain, and sectional plate armor, allowing plenty of breathing room.

We also know, that China, being the massive place that it is, also has deserts and dense jungles, and Japan is prone to humid climates, and thus, Asian cultures have developed armor with relatively good balance between flexibility, mobility, and breathability.

Something else these cultures also have in common, is silk, which is much more breathable than the wools and linens used in other cultures for padded garments. Which, when combined with a well tempered physique, lamellar or chain (or a mix of the two) can make for some rather cool armor.

As much as many historical enthusiasts like to throw shade at Japanese martial history (likely due to the overpopularity and bloated reputation) What can’t be denied is that their armor was comfortable, protective, and worked very well for their climate and terrain.

Chain is also exceptional at regulating heat, a chain aventail can actually “pull” a lot of heat from the neck area and keep it cool and breathable, as opposed to a plate gorget.

Plate armor has gotta hands down be the worst for heat, doesn’t breathe, and doesn’t do much for tempurature besides keep the heat trapped inside.

But even then, it’s not to an extreme, and me and many others have managed just fine in warm climates in plate armor. It’s a large matter of physical endurance.

Thank you for your question! I hope this helps!

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Playing dress up and trying out new kit combinations for possible future characters. I’m wearing the Isolde Bodice in the brown floral design by Mytholon. Paired with a chain mantle from Epic Armoury, demi-cuiras from Stahlgilde and bracers.
Also playing around with my new wig from Webster Wigs, which is awesome quality and a lot of fun!

What are Maille Chausses?

Chausses are a form of maille leg and foot defense worn throughout Europe during the high middle ages. Typically they are held up by being pointed to the belt, and laced in either the rear or inside of the leg.

Chausses saw their genesis in the very late viking era, with their earliest depiction bring on the famous Bayeux tapestry. They were eventually replaced by plate leg defense with maille voiders in the late 14th to early 15th centuries.

-mod Armet

Diablo3 - Necromancer

After a long time of work and struggles along the way, my Necromancer from Diablo 3 is finally finished! 

So many new techniques and materials I had to use; New worbla techniques, working with chainmail, casting, gradient dying a wig and 3D modelling.
But I’m honestly super happy with the results. It’s pretty mobile but the downside is that it’s really warm. Not really a summer outfit, hahaha.

I’ll wear this again during Pixelmania in Poland so hoping to get some awesome pictures of this costume!