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The founding members of The Young Lords party grew up in the NYC projects as the children of working class, Puerto Rican migrants. They were known for their proactive social protest and community activities like burning garbage piles and taking over a church to run a free breakfast program.

The Young Lords began as a Puerto Rican turf gang in the Lincoln Park, Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park in the fall of 1960 and as a civil and human rights movement on Grito de Lares, September 23, 1968. During Mayor Daley’s tenure, Puerto Ricans in Lincoln Park and several Mexican communities were completely evicted from areas near the Loop, lakefront, Old Town, Lakeview and Lincoln Park, in order to increase property tax revenues. When they realized that urban renewal was evicting their families from their barrios and witnessed police abuses, some Puerto Ricans became involved in the June 1966 Division Street Riots in Wicker Park and Humboldt Park. They were officially reorganized from the gang into a civil and human rights movement by Jose Cha Cha Jimenez, who was the last president of the former gang and became the founder of the new Young Lords Movement

Latinos of all shades and hair texture came together, not phased by the petty discrimination rife within their community. The Young Lords grew into a national movement through the leadership of activists like Angela Lind Adorno who met with Vietnamese women, Omar López, David Rivera, Field Marshall, Dr. Tony Baez a leader in Bi-lingual, Bi-Cultural Education and Richie Pérez who established the Puerto Rican Student Union (PRSU) in a number of college campuses and high schools.

The Young Lords’ supported independence for Puerto Rico, all Latino nations and oppressed nations of the world and also neighborhood empowerment. This is clear by the original symbol with a map of Puerto Rico and a brown fist holding up a rifle and the purple lettering reading, “Tengo Puerto Rico en mi Corazon” (“I have Puerto Rico in my heart”). They saw themselves as a people’s struggle, a vanguard connected with the masses and it is why they began in Chicago fighting against the displacement of Puerto Ricans from Lincoln Park. While the national symbol and YLO (Young Lords Organization) appeared on buttons, the New York chapter began the local “Garbage Offensive”, which was an organizing vehicle and city-service concern. The Young Lords also addressed the local issues of police injustice, health care, tenants’ rights, free breakfast for children, free day care, and more accurate Latino education. The urban renewal campaign was framed by the Chicago office as the modern day land question, since Emiliano Zapata, who said, “all revolutions are based on land”

Young Lords Party

13-Point Program and Platform:

1. We want self-determination for Puerto Ricans–Liberation of the Island and inside the United States.

For 500 years, first spain and then united states have colonized our country. Billions of dollars in profits leave our country for the united states every year. In every way we are slaves of the gringo. We want liberation and the Power in the hands of the People, not Puerto Rican exploiters.

Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

2. We want self-determination for all Latinos.

Our Latin Brothers and Sisters, inside and outside the united states, are oppressed by amerikkkan business. The Chicano people built the Southwest, and we support their right to control their lives and their land. The people of Santo Domingo continue to fight against gringo domination and its puppet generals. The armed liberation struggles in Latin America are part of the war of Latinos against imperialism.

Que Viva La Raza!

3. We want liberation of all third world people.

Just as Latins first slaved under spain and the yanquis, Black people, Indians, and Asians slaved to build the wealth of this country. For 400 years they have fought for freedom and dignity against racist Babylon (decadent empire). Third World people have led the fight for freedom. All the colored and oppressed peoples of the world are one nation under oppression.

No Puerto Rican Is Free Until All People Are Free!

4. We are revolutionary nationalists and oppose racism.

The Latin, Black, Indian and Asian people inside the u.s. are colonies fighting for liberation. We know that washington, wall street and city hall will try to make our nationalism into racism; but Puerto Ricans are of all colors and we resist racism. Millions of poor white people are rising up to demand freedom and we support them. These are the ones in the u.s. that are stepped on by the rules and the government. We each organize our people, but our fights are against the same oppression and we will defeat it together.

Power To All Oppressed People!

5. We want community control of our institutions and land.

We want control of our communities by our people and programs to guarantee that all institutions serve the needs of our people. People’s control of police, health services, churches, schools, housing, transportation and welfare are needed. We want an end to attacks on our land by urban removal, highway destruction, universities and corporations.

Land Belongs To All The People!

6. We want a true education of our Creole culture and Spanish language.

We must learn our history of fighting against cultural, as well as economic genocide by the yanqui. Revolutionary culture, culture of our people, is the only true teaching.

7. We oppose capitalists and alliances with traitors.

Puerto Rican rulers, or puppets of the oppressor, do not help our people. They are paid by the system to lead our people down blind alleys, just like the thousands of poverty pimps who keep our communities peaceful for business, or the street workers who keep gangs divided and blowing each other away. We want a society where the people socialistically control their labor.


8. We oppose the Amerikkkan military.

We demand immediate withdrawal of u.s. military forces and bases from Puerto Rico, Vietnam and all oppressed communities inside and outside the u.s. No Puerto Rican should serve in the u.s. army against his Brothers and Sisters, for the only true army of oppressed people is the people’s army to fight all rulers.

U.S. Out Of Vietnam, Free Puerto Rico!

9. We want freedom for all political prisoners.

We want all Puerto Ricans freed because they have been tried by the racist courts of the colonizers, and not by their own people and peers. We want all freedom fighters released from jail.

Free All Political Prisoners!

10. We want equality for women. Machismo must be revolutionary… not oppressive.

Under capitalism, our women have been oppressed by both the society and our own men. The doctrine of machismo has been used by our men to take out their frustrations against their wives, sisters, mothers, and children. Our men must support their women in their fight for economic and social equality, and must recognize that our women are equals in every way within the revolutionary ranks.

Forward, Sisters, In The Struggle!

11. We fight anti-communism with international unity.

Anyone who resists injustice is called a communist by “the man” and condemned. Our people are brainwashed by television, radio, newspapers, schools, and books to oppose people in other countries fighting for their freedom. No longer will our people believe attacks and slanders, because they have learned who the real enemy is and who their real friends are. We will defend our Brothers and Sisters around the world who fight for justice against the rich rulers of this country.

Viva Che!

12. We believe armed self-defense and armed struggle are the only means to liberation.

We are opposed to violence–the violence of hungry children, illiterate adults, diseased old people, and the violence of poverty and profit. We have asked, petitioned, gone to courts, demonstrated peacefully, and voted for politicians full of empty promises. But we still ain’t free. The time has come to defend the lives of our people against repression and for revolutionary war against the businessman, politician, and police. When a government oppresses our people, we have the right to abolish it and create a new one.

Boricua Is Awake! All Pigs Beware!

13. We want a socialist society.

We want liberation, clothing, free food, education, health care, transportation, utilities, and employment for all. We want a society where the needs of our people come first, and where we give solidarity and aid to the peoples of the world, not oppression and racism.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

The Young Lords were a target of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, which had long harassed Puerto Rican independence groups. The New York-Chicago schism mirrored the “Divide and Conquer” divisions within other New Left groups like the Black Panther Party, Students for a Democratic Society, Brown Berets and many other new left movements. All of these organizations were repressed. At first, the splits were believed to be the result of growing pains, as this movement was very young and spread quickly. But it is now documented that it was primarily due to police infiltration by informants and provocateurs, and planned and shaped by the ongoing undercover work of the FBI’s COINTELPRO

The leaders were framed, beaten, given high bonds, imprisoned, harassed, and discredited. The entire Chicago leadership was forced underground in order to reorganize itself. Tactics against the movements included negative rumor campaigns, pitting groups against each other and the creation of factionalism, distrust and personality conflicts. In Chicago, COINTELPRO created an official anti-Rainbow Coalition component. Members were interviewed in public view in front of the church. The Red Squad was also parked 24 hours a day in front of the national headquarters. Other harassment included inciting quarrels between spouses and between members and allies. The founder and chairman, Jose Cha Cha Jimenez not only was indicted 18 times in a six-week period for felony charges such as assault and battery on police to mob action; he was kept in the county jail, or in court rooms fighting the charges, and received constant death threats. 

While the Young Lords advocated armed strategies similar to those advocated by the Black Panthers, it was as a right of self-defense and rarely arose. It did after the shooting of Manuel Ramos and the implications of police foul play in the circumstances surrounding the beating death of José (Pancho) Lind, the supposed suicide of Julio Roldán in the custody of the NYPD and the fatal stabbings in Chicago of the United Methodist Church Rev. Bruce Johnson and his wife Eugenia, who pastored in Lincoln Park at the Young Lord’s first People’s Church in Chicago. 

The documentary Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords, produced by Young Lord Iris Morales, aired on PBS in 1996. Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords, documents the period from 1969 through the organization’s demise in 1976. The Young Lords represented another cycle of militancy, write Andres Torres and Jose Velasquez in The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices From the Diaspora, a collection of personal narratives from activists of the period. 

In 2015, The Young Lords was the focus of a new art exhibit organized by The Bronx Museum of the Arts called “¡Presente! The Young Lords in New York.” It is on view at three different cultural institutions in New York.

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Im dead at "Hoody must be buff too" lol AOMG aint playing in this here two thousand and seventeen 😂 gang gang. Cha Cha a cutie and I like his voice, call me boo.


A year in the making: How can I make this reunion and imminent battle more memorable?

I’ve been DMing for my group over a year now, and while I’ve introduced overarching save-the-world plots and threw plenty of magical beasts and enemies at them, I recognize that their favorite plot thread involves a human criminal named Jandar Swill. This villain has disrupted a poor town’s mining economy by recruiting most of the workforce into his gang, which started as a fight club and has evolved into a crime syndicate that recruits NPCs from across the kingdom. The party narrowly escaped the town the first time, after kidnapping a young prince from Jandar, who was holding the prince hostage for ransom.

After completing their latest objective in the save-the-world plot, the players all agreed to return to the poor mining town and fix the Jandar problem. When they arrived, the players learned that the town is under complete control of the bad guys, ravaged by a potent drug called “gutpunch” that the gang uses to control or bribe the townspeople. They also learn that Jandar is absent, and that he’s put an insane half-elf wizard named Orel in control of the town while he’s away. Orel creates the “gutpunch” in his lab, but there is one special ingredient required that can only be obtained overseas. Jandar skipped town to visit the port city and collect the next shipment of this ingredient. He will arrive from his business trip next session.

Under Orel’s rule, gang members and townspeople alike are recruited for his experiments, most of which are done to satisfy the wizard’s curiosities. “How much pain can one endure before passing out, and does race affect this?” “How much do Dragonborn and their bestial precursors have in common - let’s vivisect and see.” Most of the gang despises Orel because of his erratic nature and disregard for their safety. The players were captured by Orel after failing to storm the gang’s H.Q. building, and he has forced them to explore one of the mine systems that wound up containing a portal to a parallel world. After discovering the portal, Orel has become obsessed with learning how to pass through it.

After some fun CHA rolls from the players, a portion of the gang members want to unionize to prevent more unfair treatment - they did, after all, join the gang to quit working in the mines. Jandar is unaware of these experiments, but he will allow them to continue because the gang’s criminal future depends on Orel continuing to produce the “gutpunch.” What’s more, I hope to introduce an “oh shit” moment when Jandar announces he will be moving to the port city to be closer to the business, and that Orel will permanently take his place as mayor of the town.

Here’s where I need help. The players just prevented an arson ordered by Orel that would have burnt down the town’s infirmary where rebels were congregating. Orel himself is busy studying portals, being a conjuration wizard who is already invested in this stuff. Jandar will be arriving by carriage at the start of the next game this weekend.

  • JANDAR wants to achieve a life of excess and luxury, having come from a poor background and learning how the city life is better than living in a poor mining town. He won’t be convinced by gang members to change his mind; Jandar has become the exploitative boss he once despised.
  • OREL doesn’t care about ruling the town. His main concern is breaking through the portal, and he believes his work is so important he will kill or do whatever it takes to make sure his experiments continue. If his life is in jeopardy, Orel will agree to step down as mayor as long as he gets to continue studying the portal.
  • THE GANG wants Jandar back. Some don’t want to sell drugs and pillage anymore, but form a legitimate workers union, while others want to go back to the gang’s fight club roots. They’re hesitant to follow new leaders, especially after following Orel.
  • THE PLAYERS want to remove Orel from power. Some want to kill Jandar. They also want to represent the workforce as a liaison to the government, making sure the gang members-turned-workers are treated fairly.

How would you DM Jandar’s return to town? He’s only visiting to oversee the transition of power between he and Orel, and then he’ll be returning to the port city. If the players make themselves known, Jandar will give the order to kill them. Orel won’t concern himself with greeting Jandar in the street, so he won’t be absent unless he’s coaxed out of the lab in the gang H.Q.


Word Count:1581

Requested by Anon~“Can I ask for N smut? Like he was really horny and rough in bed and even likes chaining the reader up. :) “

Authors Note: So this is dominant N and it’s with handcuffs and not chains lol, hopefully ur not dissapointed.

Warning: SMUT

“Sure Chief, I’ll be on my way right now” you said as you hung up the phone and headed out the front door, “Yeah I know….we haven’t been able to arrest him yet. but I promise you we found him this time”

It was 8:35 pm, this was the third time this week you were being called in at the police station.There were constant reports being sent in of incidents that were happening around the area. Theft, possession of unauthorized arms, vandalism, and illegal crimes of the sort. You were in charge of the current investigation that had failed the previous times, but this time, you felt like you were able to pinpoint the right culprit. He went by the name of Cha Hakyeon, the suspected leader of a local gang.

You had already tracked down his current location,an underground casino strip club hidden around the populated streets of Seoul. In efforts to avoid losing him again, they sent you in on a special mission.


“Remember y/n, your name is now Sally and you’re working there as a stripper, got it?” Your chief tells you directly, through a hidden walkie talkie earpiece.

“Yeah yeah I got it,” you said as you applied the last of your makeup in the car, blending out your concealer and highlight wasn’t a job you were used to.”What a lame ass fucking name by the way”, you couldn’t believe they were making you do this, it was your only choice considering the fact that your job was already on the line, and your insecurities weren’t helping you either.

As you pulled up to the building, you were guided inside the lobby through another entrance by one of your co-workers,almost tripping on the way there thanks to your five inch heels.The place was well hidden in a dark alley and the main entrance was guarded by two doorkeepers.

After proving your identity with your fake ID, you walked into the main room, the scent hitting you like a punch in the face. The room smelled strongly of alcohol,weed, and well…sex.

“What a perfect place for a lowlife delinquent to spend the day “ you thought to yourself, while sipping a bit of the drink you had in your hand, making your way to the stage for your anticipated erotic performance.

You danced on the pole sensually in hopes of getting the attention from the crowd. All eyes were on you, you took this opportunity to take a good look at your surrounding people to look for a familiar face.

There he was.

He was sitting at the bar drinking with his apparent acquaintances, casually drinking with playful interactions probably due to his one too many drinks. Beautifully tanned skin,dark brown hair,piercings, and a tattoo on the side of his neck were his most obvious distinctions.

You had to make your move fast, you walked to the side of the stage nearest to his seat, beckoning him to come closer as you stripped yourself of your tight shirt.This caused a positive commotion in the crowd. His friends noticed your actions and tapped him on the shoulder, motioning him to look your way.

He turned his seat around to face you.His face was more handsome than you expected it to be, his striking glare was one of his most attractive features.

He smiled and gladly made his way to the seat nearest to you, laying down with his hands behind his head as he enjoyed your little performance for him.

You moved your hips sensually as you slowly walked around the pole, stopping to slide down and making your way back up, descending gracefully around it. His stare filled with lust as he eyed you down from top to bottom, biting his lip as he did.

“What a pervert” you thought. Although, you couldn’t deny the fact that it was just as thrilling for you as it was for him.

After enough of your erotic dancing,you made your way down the stage and unto his lap,tangling your fingers in his hair, grinding your hips against his.He reciprocated by sliding his hands against your sides, stopping at your hips to steady your pace.

“So, what’s your name” you asked, leaning closer to him while wrapping your arms against his neck, you could already feel his breathe quicken and his hands travel down the back pocket of your shorts.

“Cha Hakyeon, but you can call me N” he said calmly, his lips ghosting across the skin on your neck, making its way back to your ear. “How much?”

You laughed at his question. “For you? There’s no charge.”

“Oh really?” He said, his lips biting down your neck, laughing softly. The vibrations of his voice against your skin gave you chills.”In that case, follow me.” He stood up and you followed him into a room. You were mentally preparing yourself to arrest him, even though you were already enjoying this experience a little too much.

As you both entered the room, he went back to lock the door. You took this opportunity to reach into your back pocket and take out the handcuffs. Your eyes shot open as you had to register what just happened.

They weren’t there.

“Are you looking for these?” he smirked, his back still facing you as he took out the handcuffs from his pocket. “Do you think I’m a fucking idiot?” he turned around and walked towards you, his tone was menacing. Your shocked expression and open mouth made him chuckle.

He grabbed your forearms and you tried to fight back, “Let go of me!” You yelled, still resisting, soon realizing that your efforts were useless against his superior strength. He scoffed with a smirk at your attempt and put the handcuffs on your wrist, deliberately pushing you unto the bed and proceeding to climb over you.

You were already vulnerable to him, and you still couldn’t process anything that was happening right now. Your mind and thoughts were all shut off as you lost your ability to breathe for a brief moment , he was choking you. The picture of his hands around your neck was already arousing to you. Finally gasping for air when he let go. 

“I could’ve died” you panted.

“Consider yourself lucky” he replied, moving your chin to face him as he placed a lingering kiss on your lips, biting them as he retreated .”Your a little bitch you know? First you try to take me to jail and then you get me all fucking horny, I think you’re the only one that needs to be punished here,.” 

He continued to bite down your chest and stomach leaving visible marks until he reached your shorts,immediately getting them out of the way,continuing his work. 

“Nice panties” he said as he licked across the hem, earning a moan from you. Suddenly, he pulled back your underwear and let it snap against your skin, leaving a lasting sting. “You don’t moan unless I tell you to.”

You let out a helpless whimper at his words as you squirmed and struggled to release from the handcuffs, you desperately needed him to touch you where you needed him the most, your womanhood already dripping from arousal. 

He stood back up and began to remove his shirt, you licked your lip at the sight of his smooth, yet sculpted torso.“You like what you see?” he joked, continuing to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants. “You know, I could just fuck you and leave but that would be kinda boring”he said, wrapping the belt around his hand.

Your skin soon came in contact with his belt as he whipped across your frame, causing you to arch your back as the pain spread throughout your body. Lashing until the scratch-like marks were visible. This was new to you, the sensations he caused you were electrifying and left you wanting more.

“Please N…I need you” you begged almost screaming.

“Say my full name” he whispered in your ear, nibbling around it as he reached one of his hands down your underwear,rubbing circles around your clit with his thumb, while the other reached under your back to undo your bra.

“Cha Hakyeon please fuck me already!” you cried out, unable to contain your moans at this point. Your moans soon turning into screams as he inserted his length inside you without warning.

His hips slamming into yours, the pain soon overshadowed by pleasure. His thrusts were without rhythm, almost animalistic. 

He was getting closer to his orgasm, sweat already dripping down his forehead. Soon he came inside you, your orgasm not far behind. He kept thrusting until you came too, your juices mixing with each other’s until he removed himself from you.

“I hope your on birth control” he said as he laid on your chest, tracing the marks he made with his fingers.

“I am.” you replied.


He promptly got back up and began to dress himself. Walking back to the exit door.

“Wait, aren’t you gonna remove these handcuffs?” You asked.


“But why?!” you whined.

“You look better like that” he said, laughing as he closed the door behind him.

Suddenly you heard a familiar voice from your earpiece.

“Hey y/n.” 


“You’re fired.” 

till we grow older - a ryuko x mako fanmix >> [listen]

We are all living
Till we grow older
You’ll be the worker
I’ll be the soldier

01. p.u.n.k. girl - heavenly | 02. touch me love - oona | 03. float on - modest mouse | 04. over & over - smallpools | 05. houdini - foster the people | 06. anywayican - walk the moon | 07. it’s alright - matt & kim | 08. such great heights - the postal service | 09. lions in cages - wolf gang | 10. girlfriend - icona pop | 11. cha-ching (till we grow older) - imagine dragons

(cover art)


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N’s solo stage

After Leo’s passionate stage comes some hot Cha~

Outfit~ (beginning) black pants and black dress shirt (end) stunning black and gold military jacket reminiscent of Michael Jackson. (we’re talking elevated shoulders and perfect fit)

Song~ Blue Gangsta XSCAPE 

The main stage lit up after Leo’s stage and Cha was on the ground with some female dancers holding red ribbons. The fans went nuts because were all thinking “hell yea! He’s gonna do his usual amazing contemporary dancing” We got a little dose of that and so much more though. He started off on the ground and came up and did some flawless contemporary moves before coming down the stairs pulling the red ribbons and then the stage went black. When the lights turned on there is Cha in this flashy military jacket looking flawless as hell and then a band of back up dancers behind him. The music changes and its a remix of super awesome dance music. The music had certain bass hits that made the dance that much more powerful. And then he started to move down to the stage that was in front of the main stage. This is where the dance took a Stomp the Yard kinda feel. Cha and his dance gang hit all the right arm movements and leg stomps and it looked like a perfectly synchronized unit. And Cha had on his charismatic dance face on the whole time. You could read how proud he was of this dance. The diagonal hits of the arms and formation of the group really made the dance impactful and he even had some pyrotechnics to his solo stage. 

Cha has so many different dance styles and I am always so amazed at how much he has grown as a dancer. He started off as a contemporary dancer which is what I studied for 12 years in the states. The fact that this boy can pick up any dance genre still blows my mind. He is an all around performer and the stage really caught my attention. He didn’t do anything super sexy he just did this super intense dance. In the end, it turned out to be super awesome which in itself made him look extra sexy :)