The Problem [m]

Genre : smut
summary : Listen, you really hadn’t meant to think of your friend whilst you got off, but it happened.

“Just tell me. I promise I won’t tell anyone else - it’s not me is it?”


You said it far too quick. Damn.

 You could feel him moving closer. “Oh … that’s a twist.”

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Chained Heat (1983)

The breasts

Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, Sharon Hughes, others



The premise

The ultimate ‘Chicks in Chains’ Movie


The production values leave one wondering how this was a successful theatrical release when it seems to be made for very late night cable.  The boom mic repeatedly drops into view.

The actual story

“Innocent” Blair gets sent to an über-corrupt prison.  Prisoners are apparently free to wander around at all hours, carrying large weapons.  The medic sneaks girls out for orgies.   The warden and the captain of the guards run competing drug rings.  On the plus side that competition helps keep smack affordable for inmates.

The crescendo

While movies usually teach us to fear prison showers, this one seems delightful.  The girls wash each other, play around and maybe make out a bit.

Also includes

The warden likes to video tape girls stripping for him before he has sex with them in his hot tub.  Apparently no one thought it was strange that he had a hot tub installed in a prison office.

Beyond the film

Followed by “Chain Heat 2” and “Chained Heat 3: Hell Mountain” (The poster for which does not look very hell like).  Blair meanwhile branched out to do other roles, like a convict in a German prison in “Red Heat.” 

born in chains

“Jungkook’s first heat hits him when he’s eight. Life changes after that.”

(or the one where Jimin is a late bloomer and helps Jungkook by soothing him during his heats and everything is fine until Jimin presents as an alpha)

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Revision’s Never Been This Fun

I wrote this a while ago, during Easter time. I was revising for my exams, and I decided to make a ~ fun revision tool ~ by writing a fanfiction of Arthur and Alfred studying for their exams. I was supposed to make more for my other sciences, but I got lazy.
I thought I’d upload this here in honour of me getting my results in about four hours.

Warning: There are Chemistry facts (those are in bold in case you want them for E X A M  K N O W L E D G E), Chemistry jokes, sex jokes, and Chemistry sex jokes. Yes you read that right.

3,605 words.

Expect crack.


“Jeez, that’s the fifth time you’ve moaned my name in three minutes. If I couldn’t see your hands I’d have thought you were jacking off.” 

“… Jacking off isn’t actually a bad idea. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to masturbate. Don’t mind me.” 

“Wait, Artie, what’re you- Artie get your hands out from there and put them up!”

Sighing reluctantly, Arthur lifted his hands up into the air, but promptly dropped them in favour of flopping down onto the table in front of him- a table laden with textbooks, revision folders, highlighters, discarded chocolate wrappers, and cans of various fizzy drinks. He was at Alfred’s (who he was happy to say was his boyfriend) house for the entirety of the Easter holidays, as the two of them knew that they revised better when together. They were in Year Eleven, which meant that their GCSEs (A.K.A. their most important exams to date), were just over a month away. So no, Arthur was not at Alfred’s house to have fun, as you might have thought. Sure, they had played games and such, but most of their time was spent with their heads buried in soul-sucking textbooks that would be their salvation. 

Today, however, Arthur was just not feeling it. By that he meant less than usual. Well, he never felt it, but he never felt it less… It made sense in his head. 

Relax, Alfred. I’d rather have sex with you than wank in front of you… Much more exciting, don’t you think?” Arthur said, smirking salaciously up at Alfred from his slumped position on the table as Alfred rolled his blue eyes that Arthur had come to adore. 

“I’d rather our first time be somewhere more romantic than bent over a table and fucked over empirical formulas and Fleming’s Left Hand Rule,” Alfred replied, grinning in spite of himself, a twinkle of mirth in his eyes. Arthur could see the humour of the situation; he was normally the one telling Alfred to get back to work, not this way round. 

“I don’t know, being bent over the table and roughly pounded into from behind by your large cock would certainly be a pleasant-“ 

“Are you always this freakin’ dirty when you’re hella bored, or what?” Alfred remarked, laughing. “Besides, you haven’t even seen my dick.” 

“That can be easily remedied,” Arthur purred, licking his lips and wiggling his thick eyebrows suggestively, making the both of them burst into peals of unadulterated laughter. 

“Okay,” Alfred finally said, wiping away a tear and readjusting his silver-framed glasses, “as much as I’d love to re-enact your favourite porn book, I think revising for exams is more important. Then we can go have sex anywhere and everywhere.” 

“Even the mattress store?” 

“Even the mattress store.” 

“What about in a play gym?” 

“Sure, after the kids have all gone.” 

“…We can totally do it in Fortnum and Mason’s, right?” 

“You’re trying to distract me again, aren’t you?” 


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Burned Part: 3

Summary: Bucky has been on the team for about 5 months and he has yet to know anything about the reader. She is a very unique asset to the team.

Warnings:  CUSSING. Violence. Angst. FLUFF

Author’s Note: I’ve been in a really terrible place in my mind..sorry.

Originally posted by fearless-man

You didn’t bother to look at anyone as you made your entrance to the kitchen in a leather jacket, crop top, skinny jeans and combat boots. You looked like you were about to kill someone. You grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and made your way towards the exist without looking at anyone. 

You finally made it outside as the fall weather hit your face with a chilling breeze. You sighed as you grabbed your lighter out from your pocket and placed a cigarette in your mouth before you lit your addiction you felt a presence behind you. You rolled your eyes at their lame attempt to sneak up on you. You glanced their way and found you had mistaken the numbers. 

Steve and Bucky were watching you with surprise etched into their facial features. You remembered you didn’t catch a glance of either of them in the kitchen. You sighed as you lit your cigarette and waited for their questions. 

You waited and waited until you grew tired and walked in the opposite direction of the pair. You enjoyed your cigarette and the midnight air as you grew impatient when you felt like you were being watched. You rolled your eyes as the two began to tail you. And not very well you might add. You began to watch your feet exchange positions as you walked.

“Y/N!!” You whipped your head towards the stranger who yelled your name. You looked up and found who you were looking for. You smiled and ran towards your friend. Male friend. You got close enough to jump into his arms as he twirled you around. You laughed at his silliness. He finally put you down and you saw that his eyebrows were drawn together as he looked behind you to sense that some guys were tailing you. You rolled your eyes and leaned into his ear.

“Just let them think they are stealthy.” He laughed as he thought about going along with it. You extinguished your cigarette and flicked it as you placed your hand on your hips raising a questioning eyebrow at your friend. 

“Yes I got one.” Your face lit up as he pulled a closed envelope out from his jacket. You jumped with excitement as you thought about witch one he found for you. You hugged him tightly as you grasped the envelope into your hands. 

“Thank you..” He scoffed but hugged you anyways.

“Ya know you’re not as heartless as you lead on..” You sighed and pulled away not without giving him a punch to the arm. He rolled his eyes at your tough act and sighed. 

“I gotta go meet the wife for dinner. I hope this helps..” You nodded and began to say your goodbyes. You began to open the file as you walked the way you came. 

You caught sight of Bucky and Steve standing in front of you. You continued to walk as you seem to squeeze between the two over large men. You didn’t want to stop as you were too engrossed with the file between your nibble fingers. The two men sighed and walked behind you, trying to figure out what’s going on. 

You stopped abruptly and gasped. This couldn’t be right. It shouldn’t be. You turned to face the men with a horrid look in your eyes. You dropped the file and dropped to your knees from the amount information that just made it’s way into your brain. How were you going to be able to tell them?

“Y/N!” Bucky was the first one to reach you when you fell. You were shaking and you shrugged him off. You grabbed the files and ran. Ran so hard and fast that you left the men in a struggle to keep up with you. You got to the tower and went straight towards Furry’s office. 

“HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!” You shouted as you entered and sprawled the files on his desk. Furry was just about to leave until he heard you barge in. You had a storm of emotions inside you and you didn’t know how to control anything.  

“Well hello to you too.” Furry sighed as you entered his office just as he was about to leave. 

“SHE SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE!” You were beyond confused and bitter that you didn’t find this sooner. You huffed and deflated when you saw that he wasn’t fazed. Of course nothing would surprise Furry but that doesn’t make you any less angry and confused. 

“I need to go get her!” You didn’t hesitated to volunteer to recuse the one person that means the most to your beloved. 

Yes Bucky broke your heart but he didn’t deserve this.. no one did. You weren’t specifically looking for them but you needed something that will help you grow closer to him.. so maybe he wouldn’t see you as a ‘no one.’ 

“Agent Y/N I have to disagree.” 

“I DON’T CARE!” You were huffing and your hair and skin were red. You needed to do this for him.

With a sigh he allowed you to do as you please. You straightened up and ran out of the door to get into your gear as you were determined to get this done tonight. You stripped as quickly as you could of your outfit and began to put on your dark red catsuit and equip yourself with weapons. You grabbed your knives, pistols and your sniper rifle. You were not about to fail this mission. You found yourself in front of the one persons room you didn’t expect to be at anytime soon. 

“Coming!” You knocked on Steve’s door and heard his muffled voice not a minute later. You stood impatiently as you found yourself pumping with adrenaline. When the door swung open you didn’t allow the confused soldier to utter a word before you handed him the file. 

“I need your help.” Your voice was cold and full of rage. You saw the gears turning in Steve’s head as he read the file and quickly raised his head to look at you as though he’s seen a ghost. 

“You and Bucky cannot go on this mission.. I need to do it. I know it might seem selfish but if it fails, I don’t need you both blaming yourselves. If I don’t contact you before landing, tell him.” You stood for a minute as Steve’s eyes glistened with unshed tears. He nodded, allowing you to leave.  You huffed and began to walk at a very fast pace towards the jet. 

“She’s alive…”Steve was in his own world that he didn’t even flinch at the loud roar of the jet leaving. 

10 hours later..

“WHERE IS SHE!?” You were landing punches to each and every soldier that stood in your way. HYDRA really need to work on their training..

“Hail HYDRA.” One agent sneered at you and your blind rage before his face was turned into a black hole of nothing. Your emotions are the reason your power is growing and you refused to leave without any information or her. 

“TELL ME!!” You were surrounded by at least 50 agents but your mind didn’t seem to register the numbers and nor did your body care. You were punching your way towards the building and the bodies that you dropped were burning with red and orange, burning with your rage. You stood before the building huffing and shaking at the physical toll this mission is taking on you alone. You glanced over your shoulder, watching each and every HYDRA agent’s body burn, whether they were alive or not didn’t matter to you. 

You pushed the door open and unsheathed your knife as your hands were dripping with blood. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to fight off the first defense with just your hands but you couldn’t help it. You saw them and went blind with red. 

“Okay where the fuck is she, I gotta get up in the morning.” You sighed as you made your way down the longest fucking hallway you’ve ever seen. You started to grow anxious at the sight of no one around. You sighed and cupped your hands on each side of your mouth to make your voice louder, not that you needed it. 

“HERE HYDRA, HYDRA! COME EAT!” You mimicked the way you would call a cat or dog. You sighed and waited for the sounds of boots but nothing. You started to walk down the hallway when you heard a whimper. You would’ve missed it if you were an assassin. Your head did a sharp right and you thought you got whiplash for a moment. You griped your knife that you’ve been holding for a while now and slowly made your way towards the sound. 

“Hello?” You whispered as though you might scare it away. You heard shuffling and what sound like chains. 

“Help…m-me.” Your eyes widen and you kicked down the locked door with ease and lit a fire with your hand to give some light in the abyss of darkness. You saw a small fragile girl curled in a ball with barely anything covering her body, she was trying to push herself more against the corner. You walked towards her and heated chains that restricted her hands and legs until they fell off. 

“Come on, it’s time to go home. Bucky’s waiting for us.” Her eyes soon began to show hope and was filled with tears. She hugged you with little strength she had and nuzzled her face in your shoulder. 

“Okay..” She tried to stand but let out a strangled cry as her legs wouldn’t hold her weight especially now that you noticed they were broken. Your rage seethed out of your pores and she definitely could tell the change of aura around you. She clings on you and began to apologize for her lack of strength. 

“Trust me honey, it isn’t your fault. I will make them pay for what they did to us.” You hosted her up in your arms and began to run towards the exist until you both felt the breeze that was soon replaced with heat due to the amount of bodies burning from your doing. When she saw the burning bodies, she gasped and looked at your cold facial expression. You glanced at her as you neared the jet. 

“They hurt me. They hurt you. They hurt our Bucky. I’m not going to apologize.” You stiffened when she hugged you from her position and cried. You began to walk up the ramp when you froze in your spot at the sight of an intruder. You growled and placed your new found friend behind you despite her protest. 

“Give her back to us and we won’t harm your precious team.” The man in front of you clearly was the leader but you didn’t care as you laughed in his face which took the two by surprise. You quieted down and chuckled as your enemy began to analyze you. 

“Hurt my team? Come on man, you couldn’t do that if you tired.” You tackled the man to the ground and began to punch his without effort and finally pulled your knife out and stabbed the man in the throat. He began to choke and you got off the intruder and kicked him until he was rolling down he ramp as his body was stiff and lifeless. 

You shut the ramp and grabbed your survivor and carried her towards the co-pilot seat while you sat in the pilot’s seat. You told FRIDAY to auto pilot you home. When you were about a couple hundred mile out, you filled her in with updates and how the world has changed.

“Are you Bucky’s girlfriend?” You stiffened at her question and shook your head no.

“But you want to be?” You again stiffened and sighed. You chuckled as you explained your position on the team and in Bucky’s heart then you explained where he was in your heart.

“Woooooow. He sounds a lot different but then again so are we.” She was a lot more talkative than he was that’s for sure. You chuckled at her answer. 

You both began to talk more and more about your thoughts and your inner demons. 

9 hours later..

“Steve mission complete and we are landing soon. Keep Bucky away.” When you didn’t hear a response from the solder you assumed he got the message. 

You shrugged your shoulders and stood at the ramp with your new friend and was chatting away when the ramp came down.”

“Y/N Y/L/N! WHERE HAv-” You sighed as you closed your eyes as you saw the brunette stride towards you but lost his voice when he saw the woman beside you. 

“I’m sorry Y/N, I tr-” Steve was also speechless when he saw the woman. You chuckled and turned towards her and bend down to pick her up due to her legs. You carried her bridal style down the ramp and towards Bucky. 

“You gotta teach me the art of rending a man speechless.” You both giggled as you place her in Bucky’s arms with a smile.

“Rebecca?” His voice was so little and broken. Rebecca Barnes, sibling of James Barnes. He finally had family.

“Hi Jamie.” She had tears in her eyes and sniffled as she found herself hugging onto Bucky’s neck and sobbing that she finally had her brother back. 

“But how?” The four of you were heading to the infirmary to get you and Rebecca looked at. The two were talking no stop about what happened back in the 40′s. You and Steve however stayed silent trying not to ruin the moment.

“Well I was about to give up hope but then I saw Y/N here yelling and killing 50 agents by herself then still had strength to carry my fat ass!” Rebecca was laughing and you were too considering you were yelling around the building you both left hours ago. 

“Actually honey I think it was 70!” You turned and chuckled when she playfully rolled her eyes and giggled. Yep she’s your new best friend. 

“Y/N I was just ab- you’re bleeding.” When he entered the medical bay you heard Bruce’s voice first and when he pointed out that you were bleeding, you feel but luckily Steve caught you. 

“Honestly you need to team up with someone already before you die.” Bruce huffed and looked your wound over as he decided that you just need to be patched, it wasn’t bad enough to need stitches. 

“You tell me that every day.” You rolled your eyes as you attended your own wounds and swatted him away, telling him to look at Rebecca. 

“Hi Rebecca. I’m Bruce and I’m going to be looking at your wounds okay?” You smiled to yourself at his kindness and consideration. 

“Okay..” Rebecca was perched upon one of the many tables as Bruce began to look at her legs. She glanced at you and saw you tempting to take your upper catsuit off but failed. You weren’t going to ask for help, she knew that much so she asked Bucky to help you real quick. He nodded at his sister’s request and walked your way. 

“I’m fine.. just need scissors.” You mumbled but he didn’t hear you or didn’t care for your protests. He unzipped your upper body and pulled your arms out of the sleeves gently and stood in front of you with eyes full of questions. But he just hugged you and nuzzled into your hair.

“Thank you..” You heard him sniffled and smiled warmly in his shoulder as you grabbed him tightly as you could with one arm. Your wound in your side wouldn’t let you grab the man in front of you no matter how hard you tried. 

He pulled away from you with a teary smile and blush upon his cheeks. You placed your hand on his cheek and smiled at him with a genuine smile that you never have showed before. He looked at you with adoration and smiled. He kissed your forehead and rest his forehead against your temple. 

“You know, you are the most important person to me.” He whispered to you and you stiffened at the confession. Your eyes were glossy and you turned to kiss his cheek and sniffled. You nodded in agreement unable to trust your voice at the moment.  He pulled back and turned to discuss what will need to be done about his sister’s legs. 

You shook your head and attended to your wound but your mind kept drifting towards the man who had stolen your heart. When you were done with your wounds and found the entire team entering upon hearing Bucky’s sister was found. You smiled and left without a word to turn in for the night. You passed Bucky’s room and stopped in your tracks as you thought about how in the world were you going to tell him you love him especially since his sister is here and what if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now.. 

You sighed as you continued to walk towards your room with depressing thoughts but with a sense of hope that maybe it will work out.

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Connor Kenway x Reader

Words: 1042

A/N: This is just something stupid and random that wouldn’t get out of my head. I didn’t really know what to do with it after I finished so I just thought I might as well upload it.

How had it all gone so wrong? You sighed heavily into the darkness, the cool metal of chains contrasting to your heated skin. You could blame it on your skills or your distractions, but you knew what it really was. Your eyes moved towards the metal bars separating you and the man you loved. He was looking up to you with sad, brown eyes, apologies being spoken in the silence. Had the two of you not been so caught up in the breathtaking feel of one another, you would have been more aware. 

You would have heard Shay walking through the forest, the crunch of twigs beneath his heavy boots. You would have been prepared for the ambush. But you hadn’t been aware, you hadn’t been ready. And now? Now you were surrounded by darkness, your arms pulled away from your body painfully, the smell of alcohol and gunpowder heavy in the air. Now you were forced to stare into Haytham’s gray eyes, Shay to his right.

“Care to answer my questions?” Haytham asked, although he was aiming the question more towards Connor, despite his eyes being on you.

“Don’t,” you croaked to Connor, not wanting him to reveal the Brotherhood. He was torn, his mind telling him to keep quiet while his heart clawing at him to help you.

“It wouldn’t be the wisest decision to keep silent,” he drawled, circling you like prey. You didn’t back down, resolve in your stance. It was foolish, really. You had to keep yourself safe, had to keep your secret safe. Your eyes once again sought out Connor’s, the faintest bit of tears in them. Maybe you should have told him, but perhaps it’s better this way. If he doesn’t know, he won’t be able to blame himself for that as well. 

Your heart was screaming at you to keep it safe, do whatever it takes to make sure they’re safe. You swallowed the guilt thickly, knowing that Haytham would kill you should Connor not bend to the terms.

“Don’t touch her,” Connor growled, bared teeth shining brightly in the darkness.

“All I ask is for information.” Haytham shrugged nonchalantly, watching you closely. Connor once again looked at a loss, so confused as to what he should do. Every fiber of who he was, was urging him to help you, to protect you. But the results of giving Haytham what he wanted could kill hundreds. Was it so wrong to be willing to give their lives in return for yours?

“You’re a bastard.” You mumbled, a soft smirk pulling at his lips.

“I am asking quite nicely.” Had you felt a little better, you may have been able to say a better retort. However, your body choosing to be the absolute asshole that it is, you lurched forward, bile rising in your throat. You were shaking, dropping to your knees heavily as the acidic taste passed through your opened lips, a few hot tears mixing in. Haytham was watching you strangely, disgust written on his features. Unfortunately for him, you didn’t care in the moment, another gag making itself present. You could practically hear your heartbeat as your heart began to slow down once again. “That was rather unpleasant.” Avoiding Haytham’s wary gaze, you met Connor’s worried eyes.

“Connor,” you whispered, the lingering taste of vomit still on your mouth. You wanted to forget about the world and just lay down, wrapped in Connor’s embrace.

“(Y/N)?” He inquired, a large hand grasping the metal bar. Sighing softly, you left the comfort of his stare, looking up to the elder Kenway.

“If you wish to kill me, kill me.” You stated. “But do so knowing that you are killing your unborn grandchild as well.” The reality of the situation came crashing down on Connor and Haytham, both of them in various states of shock. Shay didn’t look much better, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“You’re with child…” Connor breathed, tears shining in his soft eyes. The normally stoic expression on Haytham’s features melted slowly, careful steps bringing him closer. Connor growled, pushing his weight against the bars as he attempted to keep danger away from you and the child, accomplishing nothing but making noise.

“I will not kill you,” Haytham admitted, almost a look of pride in his eyes. You watched warily as he unlocked the chains binding you, lifting you from the ground softly. He was silent as he moved closer to Connor, opening the door separating the two of you. Connor didn’t spare his father a second glance, wrapping two large arms around you in a protective embrace. He held you close, relishing in the feel of you against him. You happily returned the hug, watching Haytham all the while. There was almost a look of resignation on his features, his eyes alight with memories as he watched the two of you.

“Go,” he said simply, looking over to Shay with a look that told him to stand down. You blinked, not expecting such an act from the Grandmaster. Connor didn’t speak, only nodded once in thanks as he pulled you out of the darkness and back towards the light of day. He was still on guard but considerably more happy as you stepped into the streets, the warm sun beating down on the two of you.

“I’m going to be a father,” Connor whispered, a smile on his face. You couldn’t help but smile back, the feeling infectious. “We’re going to be a family!” He exclaimed happily, picking you up and spinning you around despite the looks of each passersby. You laughed, squealing a little at the feeling of flight. Connor immediately set you down, worry passing through his expression. “Did I hurt our child?” He asked innocently, looking down at your tummy as if a dragon was about to pop out of it at any second.

“Of course not.” You chuckled, linking your arm through his. He smiled sappily, pulling you closer to him. “Let’s go home.” You said, wishing for nothing more than a warm bath. This day surely had been confusing, but at least you had family. And who knows, maybe Haytham would meet your child one day. And maybe then, you could be a proper family.

Mysterious Hazelnut Pt. XI

Summary: The reader comes back to her home, meeting with her family, old friends and lover. Time may have passed but feelings nor traditions change.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.7k

Warnings: Angst. Language.

A/N: Hope you guys like this one! Don’t forget the feedback? xoxox.

Italict is internal thoughts.

M.H. Masterlist 

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Everything was calm and almost in silence, except from the constant tap of your fingers against the old desk. The heel of your boot also tapping repeatedly against the cold floor. It’s been nearly twenty-four hours. Almost a day without sleeping or thinking straight. A day with constant regret and self-loathing from bringing your friends and boyfriend to the most dangerous place you’ve known. How could you’d be so naïve? Thinking this time things would be different. Never in a million years this place would be any different.

Like it was personally cursed by Lucifer himself.

Cursed to be bloody and in an infinite war with everyone around it and itself.

There’s no one to blame except yourself if something irremediable happens to them. They were your responsibility since the second you guys stepped into to Charming. It was your responsibility to keep them safe and you failed them.

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The Queen and her Wolf. Part IV


“Dany…” He called her as she took a few steps away from him. Daenerys stopped there. She didn’t leave and he was relieved.

Jon watched as she bent before him. Daenerys pulled her legs underneath her, her back and ass raising. He almost sighed as his Queen presented her ass to him, pulling the deep red velvet cloak aside. The colour was sinfully vibrant against her porcelain cream flesh. Blood red suited her. He didn’t think she should ever wear another shade or colour. His Queen would have new blood red dresses made every day. Her ass was beautiful, plump and heartshaped and he wanted to see it turn pink and red under his hand. His cock throbbed at the thought of spanking her again. His Queen had been so naughty. Jon relished for the time when he would get her in his hands.

Daenerys turned her head, glancing over her shoulders to look at him, wiggling her ass and crawled backwards towards him. Jon breathed and move forward, his cock red, hard and angry. He was ready to fuck his Queen, take her hard and remind her who she belonged to. He felt Daenerys nudging her ass and Jon groaned as his cock was sheathed by her warmth. She was dripping wet and Jon fucked her as hard as he could as he was restrained. The chains rattled as their bodies slapped against each other.

“Oh Jon….you feel so good…” Daenerys moaned. He grunted and moved in and out of her, sawing at a furious pace. His thrusts grew deep and hurried.

Jon slammed into her over and over again, not wanting to slow down as she mewled like a cat in heat. The chains rattled noisily and he felt his wrists getting chafed. He needed to come and to come soon. Half afraid that Daenerys would pull away and deny him again. Her head was drawn back as she cried out in pleasure, pushing her ass back to meet his every thrust.

Jon watched as her legs trembled, her arms were shaking and her body seemed wracked with spasms. Daenerys was going to have another orgasm. Her body writhed and she let her hands pulled at her breasts, pinching her nipples hard. Jon felt her clamping hard and squeezing his cock and that triggered his own orgasm as well and he leaned forward, releasing inside of her. Spurts of his seed and white cum flooded her cunt. When she fell forward away from his cock, Jon saw his seed and her combined juices flowing from her wet, cunt down her thighs and legs.

Daenerys rolled over and lied there on the floor, sprawled naked, the red cloak behind her. Her undulating body sheen with sweat, gasping as her fingers continued flicking and diddling her nether lips and clit. Jon breathed in heavily as his eyes watched her every move. He wanted to just lunge at her and kiss her savagely. Lick her entire body and make her scream as he devour her cunt again. The Queen was still teasing him as she lied on the floor, legs opened wide, her fingers furiously penetrating her cunt and flicking on her clit wanting to come again.

She came and did so beautifully, her legs shaking as her body shivered. Daenerys finally relaxed and pulled herself up from the floor. Jon stared at her, eyes never leaving her face as she took the key and unlocked the chains that held him. When he was finally free of his restraints Jon pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily. He lifted her in his arms, carrying her as she wrapped her legs around him. Jon kissed her all the way till they reached her Queen’s chambers, never pulling his lips away even when they fell onto the bed. Their wet sweaty bodies marking the silk sheets.

“My Wolf….” She whimpered between kisses, her hands holding his face. Passion hazed violet eyes staring at his dark ones.

“Yes my Queen, yours all yours.” He whispered in a raspy tone and continued with his kisses.

Daenerys squealed and trembled in pleasure as Jon trailed kisses down her body and pulled her up, spreading her thighs, his face between them. Jon hooked her shapely calves over his shoulders and his head dipped in ready to taste his Queen again. Her Wolf was insatiable in his need for her and ravenous for more.

Xenoblade reference: obscure facts hidden in heart-to-hearts

There’s a lot of canon stuff hidden away in heart-to-hearts that many people never see. I suspect some of it’s really cool, or can confirm/deny some specific headcanons, or can just be inspiration for more fanfictions. So I’m going to go through the entire list of H2H’s from the wikia, assume it’s all correct enough, and compile the whole deal right here.

Note that this is “obscure” stuff only, i.e.: you’d never hear of it anywhere else. (That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore something that takes up the entirety of a H2H, or is part of an almost-unmissable one.) It’s sorted by character, mostly. And hopefully I don’t miss anything that I accidentally think is common knowledge or is too easily assumable (poke me if you think I have).

Obviously, there be spoilers, but to be honest once you have Seven in the party you’re golden. The H2Hs themselves are full of spoilers (so maybe don’t look them up yourself), but since I’m ignoring them in favour of the tiny tidbits, there really isn’t much in the way of story relevations.

Well except for the section just after Riki’s, with a single item in the list. Avoid that one, it’s got a much later spoiler.

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