chained bag

Last night I met Mr. Banks for the first time. I picked the restaurant since he’s not from my city. I walked into the restaurant wearing this sexy burgundy dress, and made sure to wear the diamond earrings I bought with the money he sent me. So I told the host his name and she shows me to the table. He saw me walking towards the table and stood up and gave me a hug, pulled out my chair and whispered in my ear that I smelled so good. His voice is so smooth and sexy. I’m so glad he’s attractive. He definitely looks better and younger in person too. So we talked about life, what my goals and aspirations are, if I plan on moving out of Ohio, do I like traveling, what my nationality is etc. He knew I was mixed but wanted to know more because he said I looked very “exotic”. (I’m Dominican and Black so a lot of SD’s in the past have actually given me more money since I’m exotic). He said he loves my curves, and loves the way I dress. Mr Banks made me feel very comfortable. I thought it was going to be awkward but it wasn’t. After we had a few more drinks we began talking about what kind of arrangement we both wanted. He know’s I have experience and I’m intelligent. I’m not going to let anyone “try” to take advantage of me. At the end of the day it’s a business. So Mr. Banks comes to my city on the weekends. We had already agreed a few days ago to seeing each other when he’s here for $1,500 a weekend. If he wants to see me more, which I know he will, then I told him it would be more during the week due to my work and school schedule etc. which is reasonable… (Aim high ladies!) I thought he was going to try to negotiate but he didn’t he just smiled and said ok and he completely understands. Omg his smile is perfect lol. I told him that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into lol. He literally had his hand on my thigh the entire dinner. He wasn’t trying to go up my dress or anything he just kept his hand on my thigh… The waitress looked at his hand then looked at me. I just smiled and so did he. He didn’t even look at her but he could tell she was looking at him. He clearly didn’t give a fuck who saw and I didn’t really care either. I’m guessing he’s going to be the type that loves some type of physical contact because he kept his hands on my waist while I was standing up also. It’s like he’s letting everyone know that I’m his. Which is sexy to me. So I’m walking a head of him and I look back and he has a black bag in his hand. So I’m getting ready to get into my Uber and he kisses me and gives me the bag. I was not expecting that at all, he completely caught me off guard. He told me not to open it until I got home and to call him when I got home. When I got home I opened it and called him. He gave me an envelope with $1,500 in cash and a black Gucci mini chain bag which is $1,400! I told him thank you probably like 10 times lol and told him that he didn’t have to do that on our first date and he said he knows and he was only going to give it to me if the date went well. I’m so thankful it went well.

Jughead & Reader: No Place to Call Home

Summary: Jughead found out that his mom didn’t want him visiting her and Jellybean in Toledo. Crushed and upset, you do your best to comfort him to get him through this heartbreaking time.

Listen to: Nutshell - Alice in Chains

“Pack your bag,” Jughead said, not really sounding like himself. He sounded a little excited but also nervous and unsure. 

You furrowed your brows. “What? Why?”

“Because!” He said as he grabbed your backpack and dumped out all of your textbooks and notebooks. 

“Jug!” You yelled. You ran over to him, grabbed his hands and made him look at you. “What are you doing? Why do you want me to pack a bag? What’s going on?”

He looked you in the eyes and suddenly changed into a different person. His chin trembled, his eyes turned red as they started to fill with tears. “We just need to leave, okay?” He said quietly. “You and me. Away from all of this.”

You nodded to your best friend, knowing that whatever it was that was driving the two of you out of town, was enough of a reason to leave with Jughead. You grabbed some jackets and sweaters, stuffing them into your backpack. Jughead sat on your bed and watched you silently, doing his best to keep his feelings in check. 

When your bag was packed haphazardly, you looked at him. “Where are we going?” You asked him. 

“We don’t have to do this.” He sighed and shook his head. “I mean, you don’t have to go with me. It was stupid of me to come all the way over here, demanding you just get up and leave.” 

“Jug,” you said to him. “If you’re leaving town, I’m leaving town.“

He took a deep breath and smiled a bit. “We’re going to the bus station,” he said as he grabbed his own bag that he threw onto the floor when he climbed in through your window. “We’re leaving tonight.”

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Avengers x Reader     One shot

Summary: You’ve finally had enough of the neglect and disrespect after all you’ve done for them

Word Count: 2229

Warnings: Angst, crying, OOC?

A/N: Mmmk so this is the first time I’m posting anything on Tumblr and also the first oneshot I’ve ever produced as well as my first angst story… a lot of firsts. Also sorry if this is crappy, I was just really in the mood to write something and I just kinda spit this out on a whim so I’m sorry if it sucks.

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        “God damnit!!!” She screams as she pounds on the punching bag taking out an amazing amount of anger on the poor object. She swings and kicks and jabs, the bag starting to swing on the chain holding it to the ceiling. With a last burst of energy she raises her foot and slams it into the bag hard, snapping the chain and sending the bag tumbling off its support to the floor a few feet away from where she was standing. Sweat drips off of her, soaking into her compression shorts and sports bra. Panting hard, she lets out an angry yell and kicks the bag one more time sending it rolling a farther across the floor.

          “Wow…” Steve mutters off to the side, amazed on the amount of strength she had presented to him. At the sound of Steve’s mumbles she whips her head around to glare in his direction.

           “What are you doing here Steven?” (Y/N) speaks quietly but the rage was pouring off her in tidal waves. His full name came rolling off her tongue with such malice, definitely something he wasn’t expecting, sending a shiver down the mighty captain’s spine.

           “I c-came to see if you were okay.” Stevie curses himself for stuttering as he stares into her eyes as her glare darkens.

           “Oh? So now you care? So all of you suddenly care that I won’t deal with your guy’s bullsh*it any longer?” She whispers, stalking towards him. Steve goes to take a step back to distance himself from the danger but falters when his back hits the wall, after all he was leaning against it not long beforehand. As she approaches him his face pales and he doesn’t know what to do, once she was close enough she sends a punch flying in his direction. He flinches away and closes his eyes but feels nothing but definitely hears impact. His eyes snap back open, a shocked expression gracing his features as he glances over at the gargantuan hole that has formed next to his head in the solid wall, her bloody fist settled in the center of it. (Y/N)’s eyes glaze over and the snarl marring her lips dies and forms a straight line. Her emotionless demeanor is truly terrifying, even more so than when she was angry.

           “Back off Steven. I don’t want to see any of your faces right now let alone speak to any of you. I’m leaving, and don’t expect me back for a while. I don’t want any of you trying to find me, calling me or trying to contact me in anyway, got it?” She breaths out looking at him with dead eyes. He slowly nods still trying to slow his heart rate after the previous events, not really hearing what she said. Once again she snarls and takes a step away from him.

           “Goodbye Steven.” She says one last time before striding out the door of the training room and slamming it closed making the door rattle and nearly fall off its hinges. Steve let’s out a shaky breath before pushing himself off the wall to follow after her. As he leaves he catches a sight of her profile in the elevator, angry tears rolling down her cheeks, mixing with the sweat that was there previously. His heart clenches with guilt and regret before tracing her steps to the elevator planning on following her to try to apologize. 

          Waiting for the elevator to return he asks F.R.I.D.A.Y., “F.R.I.D.A.Y., is (Y/N) heading to her floor?” 

         “Yes, Mr. Rogers, she is. But she has blocked all access to her floor, I’m sorry sir.” The slightly robotic voice answers. At this new information, Steve’s knees nearly buckle under him.

         “No…” Steve whispers before practically slamming the elevator button trying to open it faster. The door doesn’t open for a few more seconds, wasting valuable time needed to get to the others or more specifically Tony so he could lock down the building, preventing (Y/N) from leaving. Finally the door opens and he dashes in, slamming the buttons again. While in the small enclosed room Steve’s mind keeps flashing back to the images of (Y/N)’s hurt, angry, and stoic facial expressions. The guilt grows in the blond’s heart as he realizes what a complete a**hole he had been to the stunning, kind girl. It hadn’t been only him though, it had been the whole Avenger’s team that had neglected her the past few months. 

          After the war that had happened between them, everyone’s lives on the compound drastically changed. Everyone became less focused on the team as a whole and became more secluded and distant. Hatred was shared between everyone, hating each other for all of their conflicting views.The team quickly grew apart but she, (Y/N), disregarded everyone’s hatred and selfishness and snapped everyone out of their hostile mind sets. She had always been there to bring them back together again, always listening to everyone’s worries and concerns. Being a shoulder to cry on, waking a team member from a brutal nightmare, doing everyone’s chores, always trying to keep us as a family instead of us branching out by ourselves without any support from the others. Slowly but surely the hatred dissipated between them and the Avengers grew close once again, except for (Y/N). 

        She was left behind, left doing the chores. She still talked to everyone, the people she previously comforted but only when they thought it was convenient. No one tried to involve her back into the group, too ashamed of the things that she helped them through. So no one noticed when her health started failing or when she started to wake up screaming from her own nightmares or sobbed into her pillows due to how lonely she had actually become. And even through all this (Y/N) kept up her wall of fake happiness, still acting as practically everyone’s slave. And then finally today, she snapped. 

         The team was talking in the common room laughing and having a good time when she walked in. At first her entrance wasn’t noticed due to her now much lighter frame (caused by her unnoticed sickness) and her bare feet barely making any noise on the cold floor, but as soon as she was noticed the voices died down to eventually nothing. When (Y/N) noticed how silent the team had become, she looked up from the laundry basket in her arms towards the couches where they were all seated. She had looked into Tony’s eyes and flashed a nearly dead smile, still trying to desperately preserve her mask but when Tony directed his gaze down to the floor, away from hers, her smile vanished. (Y/N)’s distraught eyes flew around the room looking for something, anything that would keep her from breaking. When no one met her gaze, her facade crumbled and all the contempt, rage and sadness came flooding out of her in screams and sobs of animosity. It had caught every member of the team off guard, the happy, kind, and genuine woman was gone and in her place was a broken and lonely girl. But by the time any of them realized what she had become it was way too late. 

           When Nat stood up to try to calm the enraged girl down, she practically screeched at her to “Keep the f*ck away from me!” quickly stopping even the Black Widow  in her tracks. At that point (Y/N) was seething, actually that doesn’t even begin to cover the bitterness she felt. With a muttered “Stay away from me,” she walked out of the common room to the elevator to go to her room, quickly getting changed into your training gear to head to the training room which led Steve and her to now.  The moment where the elevator couldn’t move any slower.

          When the elevator door opened, Steve sprinted out like a bat out of hell toward the common room, hoping to find the team still there. As he rounds the corner of the hall, he sees the team all still sitting on the couches, all contemplating how they could of done such a thing to their friend, their teammate, their family. A guilty silence had settled over the room when (Y/N) had left and it hadn’t been interrupted even when Steve had left to go find her but when he came back, he shattered it.

         “Stark!!! Lock the building down now! Don’t let anyone leave!” Steve yells. The others jump at the disturbance but Stark quickly answers although hesitantly.

         “Cap… why? What’s going o-”“There’s no time Tony! (Y/N) plans on leaving and not coming back! Now move!” That one sentence seems to kick start everyone as the all launch themselves off the couches to help. 

         “F.R.I.D.A.Y.! Turn off all the elevators and lock all the doors to the outside, we are on lock down till we get (Y/N) to stay, forcefully or not!” “Okay sir.” With that, alarms start going off throughout the Avenger’s Tower, screeching something about a lock down. The team can hear the elevators shutting down and here the panic which is quickly calmed down after Tony calls reception to tell them what is happening. And then the alarms turn off, leaving the whole building in a strange silence. A few minutes pass before the team visibly relaxes  and they all decide to try and go see (Y/N) and try to get her to stay, at that point they would all have been willing to beg at her feet to keep her there. Steve relaxes slightly as well but he still can’t help but feel slightly off, like something bad is still going to happen. As all the team walks to the stair well (since the elevators are off), the alarms start blaring again all of a sudden, only this time about the lock down still being in place. The team collectively tenses again but only Tony truly knows what’s happening.

          “NO!” He screams quickly calling for all security to look for (Y/N) but stops suddenly eyes filling with unshed tears as he listens to the other side of the line. When the team hears his command their eyes widen.

         Steve practically explodes,” Tony! What is happening?!” Tony hangs up his call before slowly sinking to his knees, putting his head in his hands.

        “There was a breakout of the building. The garage door was smashed down by a car more specifically, my car so (Y/N) could escape with hers.” He answers quietly, tears trailing down his cheeks. And with that one statement the whole team breaks down, Nat let’s out an extremely uncharacteristic sob and she clutches at her heart while sinking to the floor with Tony. Bruce just stands there in shock, eyes filled with unshed tears and Clint let’s out a heartbroken cry before punching the wall repeatedly before simply leaning up against it, starting to cry as well for his lost friend. Steve stands there, watching his team crumble under the loss of (Y/N), the underestimated, neglected, broken girl that saved them and ruined them. The regret and pain was suffocating him and he had to get away, had to go make sure (Y/N) wasn’t still in her room and just playing a terrible prank on them for hurting her. Steve slowly walks down the stairs towards (Y/N)’s floor in a haze. Not completely believing what was happening when he arrived at her room, the door is hanging open practically taunting him. He gently pushes open the door and the sight knocks the air out of his lungs and he collapses.

         The room is practically spotless, closet cleared, dressers empty, bed made. There is no trace that she had ever been there. There’s no way she packed all of her things up that quickly, there was no way!  He looks around the room for anything that might make this blow feel less like a bullet to the heart. And then he spots it, a small folded piece of paper sitting on the dresser. He drags himself off the floor not knowing how he was able to stay standing, and slowly steps toward the note. When he reaches it he doesn’t want to open it, it would only make her leaving that much more real. He gently lifts the note from its perch before opening it. The sight inside shatters him, it’s a picture of the team all smiling and having fun during a movie night except the right side is ripped off, the part where (Y/N) was sitting in the photo. Under the picture is a letter stating that she was planning on getting kicked out soon enough (the reason she was so quickly packed up) but this happened sooner, which once again breaks his heart knowing that they made her feel alienated enough that she thought she would be kicked out. She also states that she won’t be back till she is healed enough to deal with them again which has a chance of never happening. But the last two lines spark a small fragment of hope in Steve. 

          “Please do not beat yourselves up to much for this, what you did was wrong, yes, but you need to learn and grow from it, not wallow in your guilt. Even with how you all treated me, I still love you guys and will miss all of you, I will try to come back as soon as possible.