chaine rose

So a lot of ‘Humans are weird/space orcs’ posts always say that humans are 'apex predators’, but really we’re not.

We’re a 2.2 on the food chain (highest is 5). To put that into perspective about a pig or an anchovy. Yeah.

So imagine aliens thinking that well obviously humans must be the apex predators of Earth, after all they’re so advanced, use pursuit as a form of attack and have high pain tolerance etc etc.

But they find out that we aren’t. We literally just said “fuck you food chain” and rose above our standing. Imagine how aliens would react to that.


So happy I finally received my new ‘grimoire’! This will be way easier for me to organize all kinds of information and I’m thinking of buying a rose gold chain and carrying it with me like a necklace! It’s 16GB so when I make meditation/energy work sound tracks I can bring it to gatherings too.
I feel like I can finally get a move on with organizing all my info lol!

jeanneyangstyle: @tomholland2013 on his way to #mtvmovieawards in @lanvin jacket @cartier rose gold Drive watch @hoorsenbuhs rose gold chain @everlane t-shirt @allsaints jeans @tods boots groomed by @nellichristine styled by @jeanneyangstyle

Wishlist: milagrosas de la virgen de caridad, hoops that say angel, charms of saints to put on a gold chain, golchin rose water, vintage lingerie, thin silk dresses, packets of dried flowers, teas with roses in them, oils for my complexion, books on ancient Arabic poetry, small perfume vials