chain tools

You sing, and your voice peels the husk
of the day’s grain, your song with the sun and sky,
the pine trees speak with their green tongue:
all the birds of the winter whistle.

The sea fills its cellar with footfalls,
with bells, chains, whimpers,
the tools and the metals jangle,
wheels of the caravan creak.

But I hear only your voice, your voice
soars with the zing and precision of an arrow,
it drops with the gravity of rain,

your voice scatters the highest swords
and returns with its cargo of violets:
it accompanies me through the sky.

Lll, Pablo Neruda

Vendel Period Helmet, 550-800 AD

From a boat grave in Vendel, Uppland, Sweden. Made of iron with bronze fittings.

In Swedish prehistory, the Vendel Period (550-790) comes between the Migration Period and the Viking Age.

In 1881-1883 several excavations by Hjalmar Stolpe revealed 14 graves in and just beyond the south-east corner of Vendel churchyard. Several of the burials were contained in boats up to 9 meters long, and were richly furnished with arrangements of weapons (including fine swords), helmets, cauldrons, chains, beads, shields and tools.

anonymous asked:

Same guy from before about the synsapse 105. Do i have to change the chain after a while cuz i heard that a worn chain will damage the rest of the bike long term? So should i get the chain wear tool? Thanks again

1. It won’t damage your bike.

2. Chain tools are not very accurate.

3. There is no real realiable way to test chain stretch. I got about 19000km out of my last chain. I spin though and ALWAYS have it lubed with squirt lube. No degreasers besides the first initial clean.

4. Grinders and cross chainers wear shit out WAY faster.

5. I would say replace your chain every 10000km and never let it get dirty or dry and always spin. That is what I do.