chain robot

to be honest i thought the finale was a bit underwhelming and not nearly as gripping as some of the past season finales have been BUT man oh man it was also honestly the most unintentionally hilarious episode i’ve ever seen on this show


robbie coming back, chain whipping a couple robots and then casually greeting daisy like what up fam what’d i miss

may and coulson discussing how badly he fucked up while they’re in the busted remains of the bunker trying to stop aida from destroying the world

daisy and robbie having a cute little moment while mack and yo yo are unconscious 2 feet away from them

fitz trying to talk aida down from her murder spree by telling her to listen to SAD MUSIC instead, like dude we know you mean well but adele is the last thing aida needs right now

lmd jemma pointing out for like the 25th time that the A in aida stands for artificial because even robot jemma has a near-pathological need to be right and a burning hatred for the bitch who almost stole her man

jemma with the MACHINE GUN and giving off hardcore ripley vibes

the mental image of coulson making a deal with the ghost rider, i mean how did that even happen like um excuse me mr rider i need to borrow you from robbie into my body for like 45 minutes while i murder the evil robot turned evil human that one of my agents created please thank you he can have you back after

ghost!coulson and aida falling through 3 portals and almost getting hit by a subway car

radcliffe waiting for the end of the world on a beach with a drink and disappearing in the middle of his own big goodbye speech, like wow writers rude did you have to cut him off like that but also MOOD

the collective eye rolls by everyone on the team when they got busted at the diner

agents in SPACE and the mental image of this team getting shoved into a rocket and launched into outer space like i am certain mack and yoyo were 10000% NOT HERE FOR THAT SHIT and put up a big fight and had to be restrained by 15 guys and then they woke up to see asteroids floating by and immediately handed in their resignation letters to coulson effective immediately once they got back down to earth

listen, this show has many problems but it is also truly truly hilarious if you just turn off your brain for 45 minutes

Episode Review: ‘The Music Hole’ (S08E10)
  • Airdate: April 2, 2016
  • Story by: Derek Kirk Kim, Adam Muto, Pat McHale, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis, Pendleton Ward
  • Storyboarded by: Polly Guo & Andres Salaff
  • Directed by: Andres Salaff (supervising), Sandra Lee (art)

It has been almost three years since Rebecca Sugar has left Adventure Time, and the fandom is still fond of decrying the show’s supposed musical degradation. While one need only point to such post-Sugar stand-outs like “Hanging Out Forever”, “Baby’s Building a Tower into Space”, “Food Chain”, “Little Brother”, and “Robot Cowboy” to see that such an proposition is silly, the “music criticism” is one that I come across time and time again.

Perhaps “The Music Hole” will finally stem criticism that the show has lost its way, musically.

In this episode, Finn is reeling from the loss of his Finn-Sword. To cheer him up, Jake and Princess Bubblegum arrange for a battle of the bands—with the winner to be decided by Finn. While listening to the contestants, however, Finn hears a mysterious song that no one else is able to hear. He sets off (accompanied by Jake and Lady Rainicorn) to find its source, and eventually discovers that the song is the product of a sentient pit (the titular “Music Hole”) that can only be heard by either those who possess a child-like sense of wonder, or those who have experienced loss. Touched, Finn dubs the hole the winner of the contest.

While the story itself seems rather silly, its message is surprisingly deep. Music is a beautiful thing (there’s something about quality music that can touch the troubled soul; it is the closest that we humans can probably get to pure emotion, after all). But music can also be marked by such sadness. This sadness, however, instead of somehow ruining the beauty of music, often enhances it. This is the lesson that Finn learns. The pain that he has felt about the loss of the Finn-Sword is genuine and painful, but he is able to sublimate these darker feelings into something wonderful—a touching tune espousing a newfound understanding of the world.

Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” “The Music Hole” seems to emanate with this philosophy, allowing Finn to finally express what has been hurting him so. And this is not the first time that the show has done this. Both “I Remember You” and “Breezy” provided the show’s characters a way to express their emotions via song to great effect.

Now, with all that philosophical nonsense out of the way, it should be simply noted that the music in this episode is just good. Indeed, it is hard to choose a stand-out band and/or song. Marceline is obviously an audience favorite, but darn it if Ice King’s terrible ‘70s jam was not just the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Susan Strong also proved herself with a catchy ditty that seems to have been ripped straight out of the ‘80s. And of course, how can I forget to mention Flame Princess and NEPTR’s dank rap?

There are several reasons for why the music in this episode is so good. First, indie rocker Mitski contributed to the episode’s songs—most notably, Marceline sings her track “Francis Forever” to great effect (the dark and moody tone of Mitski’s original is a perfect match for Ooo’s foremost vampiric rocker). Second, the voice actors have great fun with their various tracks; in particular, Jessica DiCicco and Andy Milonakis have quite a bit of fun with their dope rap track. Third and finally, Ashley Eriksson (the lead singer of LAKE, whose song “Island Song” plays over the Adventure Time credits) voices the Music Hole. Eriksson is a talented musician, so it is nice to see Adventure Time provide her with even more of an opportunity for exposure.

Mushroom War Evidence: In the eye of the Music Hole, a glimpse of pre-Mushroom War society can briefly be seen.

Final Grade: “A number of songs and a emotional message make this a fantastic episode.”

On a slightly unrelated note, I just read that The A.V. Club will no longer be reviewing episodes of Adventure Time. Considering that they have been doing this since 2012, it’s kind of a bummer. But rest assured that I will keep at it until the show is over.

Thank You... Min Yoongi/Suga BTS

Dear Min Yoongi,

Which also be known as Min Suga, Suga, nor by your second name AGUS-D, and also by your recent name Louis Wiliam Adam Suga the Third,

You inspired me so much, in so many ways.

Being the one who rebel in my younger days, just to follow my own dream but suddenly out of nowhere been trapped in the community way of thinking, I lost my way towards my dream and carry on my life as what the people wants me to since I had the qualities that the people wants.

You made me realize that I had lost myself throughout those days, and I had to pursue my own dream and lifestyle. True, I can’t leave my pathway right now (as a medical student which going to be a medical practitioner which is also important for my own people) but I slowly pick up my own pace to follow and pursue my long lost dream before.


Composing music and making some,


Taking pictures.

I started to escape the chain as a robot who only study,eat,and sleep to become a human who have his own desire.

But you teach me something more important.

Self-confidence, determination, perseverance, hardwork and a little bit of swagness.

You taught me not to let myself down, just because of family oppression and problems, rather than just work yourself and prove it to others.

Spinebreaker, God you don’t know how much it influenced me to work my ass off to repay them and support myself at the same time without leaving out my study to prove the people and pursuing my own dreams as well.

Tomorrow, I heard this song when I’m nearly in the state of depression, just because of things which doesn’t work for me for my whole life.

You taught me that people can’t bring you down, but you yourself will, if you submit yourself towards them.

Dear Min Yoongi,


Just please don’t stop doing what you want.

Never cry, or if you do then never show the tears to the ones who laughed and dissed at you before.

Because we know that how you worked so much just to pursue your dream.

And until now, it still leave a mark in our lives.

~Admin Daichan

Suga, Min Suga,

Thank you for not caring about what others think of you, as someone who constantly worries about what people might say about me or think about me, your attitude towards life makes me happy. You just want to do what makes you happy and that inspires me to do the same. For such a long time I have had dreams that I deemed as unachievable because I didn’t believe that I could do them. You showed me when you put your mind to something it is achievable even if others tell you that you can’t.  

Take your ex lisp for example, you managed to control that amazingly to the point of I didn’t even know you had one until someone told me that you did.

Your love for the ARMYs is amazing. You had the patience to write out so many little personal notes to the fans then stuck them onto snacks for them, encouraging them not to lose weight and to be themselves. Then you made more when there wasn’t enough. You may sometimes try to hide your kind sweet nature but it always shows in the end.

Your rapping is super and your perseverance to improve and do your best is inspiring.  You completely aced ISAC with your basketball skills and your dedication to music makes me want to find the thing that inspires me most. 

You bring a smile to my face every single time you say something adorable and sweet or do your signature “Min Suga!!!”. Thank you for constantly cheering me up with your funny little ways .

Thank you suga for showing me that dreams can be followed if you put a little effort into them. Carry on following your dreams and inspiring others to do the same.

~Admin X



I. Hermit The Frog - Marina And The Diamonds

II. Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless 

III. Face Down -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

IV. Chains - Robots in Disguise 

V. GuiltyMarina And The Diamonds

VI. Dirty Laundry - Bitter:Sweet 

VII. Funhouse - P!nk 

VIII. Turn It Up - Robots in Disguise

IX. Lovefool - The Cardigans