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Au where petunia is a witch and lily is a muggle?

When the letter arrives, Lily is almost as excited as Petunia. She writes Albus Dumbledore to ask if she can go to, and if she cries a little when the answer comes back no she doesn’t tell anyone. Lily waves from the train platform, writes diligently, and listens with excitement whenever her big sister deigns to share stories of magic.

Petunia gets Sorted Slytherin, where she falls into a mutually-venemous friendship with Severus Snape, who she had considered dirty and poor when he was skulking around Lily in their little neighborhood, lighting leaves on fire like a baby arsonist, but who now seems like the best ally in a pool of ugly little fish.

The blood-purists are their normal asshole selves, which Petunia responds to with busybody eavesdropping, cruel gossip, and manipulative emotional bullying. Severus calls her mudblood in their fifth year (it’s not the first time) and joins the Death Eaters. Tuney calls him a greasy git of a wanker and they still have lunch away from prying eyes now and then.

When the war comes, Petunia does not fight in it. She marries a Hufflepuff boy named Vincent Dunsley who spends their entire first date telling her about his junior position in the Ministry and his planned thirty-six bureaucratic steps to the top of the food chain. Vincent has no problem with Muggleborns, or at least not ones who behave as properly as Petunia.

Lily does fight. She’s been reading the Daily Prophet for years as she sits through history class dreaming of brooms and punching bullies on the playground. At seventeen, she writes Albus Dumbledore again. When he still writes back no, she packs a bag and shows up on the Order’s doorstep.

Alice Longbottom gives her a place to stay, some spare robes, and teaches her how to fly– Lily hopes, wrapped in a warm blanket while they sip cocoa and discuss action plans, that if she’d gone to Hogwarts she’d have been good enough to get Sorted Hufflepuff. Frank beams at his wife in the dim yellow light.

Of the Marauders, Lily meets Sirius first– shaggy hair and strong bones, he’s a tall glass of water and he’s anxiously watching a skinny, scarred boy sleep on the sofa. They’re an hour off a mission and Remus crashed as soon as they got back to headquarters. The first thing Sirius Black, troublemaker and risktaker, says to her is “Shh! You walk like an elephant.”

She’d snap back, but Remus does look that worn down, curled on the cushions.

Peter and James are in the kitchen, shoveling sandwiches down their gullets that are the size of their heads. James staggers to his feet when she comes in. “Hi. Uh, new recruit?”

“Something like that.”

James shoves his hair out of his eyes with one hand and thrusts the other one out in her direction. “James Potter,” he says. “Beauxbatons? I don’t think I ever saw you at Hogwarts.”

She grins. “Lily Evans,” she says. “Cokeworth. And I’d shake your hand, but you’ve got mustard on it.”

Lily defies the Dark Lord and his forces three times, with James’s wand at her back, with Remus’s and Sirius’s and Peter’s. They tell her about Hogwarts and its secrets, and she brings them Muggle candy bars and the boxes of X-Men comic books from under her bed. No one gets chocolate smudges on her pages, under threat of James’s disappointed-in-you face, which he’s been practicing.

Severus Snape hears about a Muggle Evans on the warfront. “Petunia’s not a Muggle,” he snaps when Dolohov mocks him for it, but Crabbe cradles his broken arm and keeps talking– about green eyes, red hair like a war banner– and Severus’s stomach sinks low in his gut, cold and aching.

Severus Snape overhears a prophecy and he tells it to his Lord. Lily Evans Potter is the mother of a halfblood boy with a mess of dark hair. Lily is in Augusta Longbottom’s living room, playing peekaboo with Harry and Neville, because Alice and Frank are already in St. Mungo’s, because she does not know that she is soon to be not a soldier but a fugitive. Her child has no scars, yet.

On Halloween night 1981, Tom Riddle goes to the Godric’s Hollow home that Peter Pettigrew betrayed. He kills James in the front room, wand in hand. He kills Lily in the nursery, after giving her a chance to step aside. He tries to kill Harry, but he fails.

Harry goes to his closest living relatives– his aunt Petunia, uncle Vincent, and cousin Dudley. He sleeps in a little room just off the kitchen, which he thinks used to be a broom closet. They hate the attention he brings when he’s dragged behind his aunt at the grocery store, so they leave Harry home when they go to Diagon Alley, Ministry potlucks, or the evening shows that Dudley fusses through, fists full of pumpkin pasties.

Harry knows how to wash dishes by hand, how to cook bacon without burning it (most mornings), and how to capture the spiders in the broom closet and escort them carefully outside. For his birthday Dudley gets a toy broom. For his, Harry gets an Albus Dumbledore Chocolate Frog card because Dudley already has fifteen and didn’t want that one. Petunia likes to peer over the hedge into the yard of Mrs. Figg, the squib who lives next door, and snigger about how she has to do her laundry without magic.

When Harry is ten years old, his Hogwarts letter comes in the mail and the Dunsleys are surprised. “I wasn’t sure,” Petunia sniffs. “I mean, with my sister’s blood in you and everything, anything could have happened.”

Should you tip on to-go orders? My answer may surprise you (it won’t).

I’m hesitant to write about this because I love the Bachelor franchise and the former cast of the series, and I don’t want this cast member to read this blog and get offended or talk shit. 

In order to avoid that, I’m not going to tag Tanner Tolbert or the Bachelor franchise.

Disclaimer, I adore Tanner and his wife, Jade. I watched both their seasons, and their season of BIP + watched their televised wedding, so in case this makes it way back to Tanner, no disrespect, I just want to provide an inside perspective to tipping on to-go orders. 

So here it goes. Maybe I should explain first. I have a twitter where I follow some people and I happened to see this tweet from Tanner Tolbert, from the Bachelorette & Bachelor in Paradise, tweeted this poll:

“We are having a debate at work, how much do you tip for a take out order at a restaurant?

Nothing-its take out. 55% agree.

$1, just to say thank you. 31% agree.

20%, the standard amount you should tip. 14% agree.” (What I voted for).

Here’s why I think I’m a credible person to have this discussion. Out of serving, hosting, and doing to-go orders, I’m probably the best at doing to-go orders. I’m a trainer at my job for host, to-go, and server, and even though I was good at all three job titles, I can admit that I’m the best at to-go.

So hi, I’m serverthoughts, I’m credible and I’m here to inform you all that you should tip the to-go person. There were many nights where no one would tip me when I would do to-go which is why it’s my least favorite thing to do, and at times the hardest.

Although juggling 10 tables and having multiple things to do is still pretty difficult. 

I was the main person answering the phone (when I did to-go), and sometimes, occasionally, a server would answer it, but for the most part everyone would ignore the phone.

Sometimes three people would be calling at once, and I’d be the only one answering calls, while putting in a to-go order while the damn phone won’t stop ringing.

When food was taking forever and I quoted my guests a certain time, it’s not like serving a table where I can just tell them that the kitchen is behind and they’ll get their food shortly. People are literally 10 feet away from me, looking pissed off and impatient, as I ask the cooks how much longer for a well-done steak, a well-done hamburger, and three kids meals. 

Also, your guests aren’t meant to be there for long. They don’t want to eat at the restaurant, they want something quick and easy (I’m available. Sorry, I couldn’t not make that joke), and want to get out of there fast.

Your friendly to-go person is yelling at the cooks to hurry up because the food should of only took 15 minutes and their customer is waiting, and they have someone on hold who wants to place an order, and then someone came in and wants to place an order, and they have to grab the melting milkshake that should of been in a to-go cup but the bartender put it in a regular glass, and great, they just got an online order that takes up half their screen, and they’re already short two cooks so food is taking forever to make, and then they have to make sure that the burger you asked for no onions with, and a side of loaded mash potatoes, is actually no onions and not with french fries.

But serverthoughts, why not just quote your customers longer? Well young padawan, at our restaurant they typically don’t want us to quote more than 15 minutes unless it’s a big order or well done steaks, then maybe we can extend the time to 20 minutes. Twenty-five if I’m drowning in the fucking weeds.

Things I hated about being a to-go hoe:

  • When people would order online and come before their pick-up time and ask me if their food was ready. 
  • Fries with no salt. There’s a story behind this, read it here.
  • To-go drinks.
  • When people would order online and either call or come in person and ask if they could have the order earlier than their pick-up time, so I would have to show the cooks proof of the order, and they would still not believe me and begrudgingly make it for me, and the order still not be ready by the real pick-up time.
  • Always running out of stuff. Silverware, cups, spoons, soup cups, lids, boxes, ramekins.. you name it, we’re out of it.
  • The stupid stuff people ask you on the phone. Someone told me to go fuck myself once, and I said, “thanks, you too,” and hung up because fire me. They didn’t fire me, my manager actually laughed when I told her. Read that blog post here.
  • Being the only person doing to-go and being swamped with taking orders, cashing out people, and boxing up food. It’s a lot more stressful than you think, and I tried to describe above the different issues you might face while doing to-go, but I can’t truly describe how it feels to be in the weeds if you’ve never worked in a restaurant.

Literally just find any server ran account on Instagram that posts pictures of server memes, and you’ll see the struggle.

So no, Tanner and fans, I never expected people to tip me because I wasn’t personally waiting on them, like I would while waiting the table. But I am still feeding you and making sure your food is correct - so maybe that doesn’t warrant a 20% tip, but you should always tip the to-go person something, unless they completely fucked up your order. Even then you should tip. Maybe? It depends on the circumstance, really. 

Or if their insanely rude. One of our current to-go people is very timid and quiet and if I didn’t know her, I might think she was coming off snobby or rude, so there’s that little tibbit you didn’t need to know.

Originally posted by zootopepo

But I do think you should check your order yourself before you leave the restaurant to make sure everything is right.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got tips because most people, (55 percent) of the poll, don’t think you should tip the to-go person, and 31 percent only think you should give a dollar. 

5 dollars is cool for a to-go order, I looooooved when people would tip me 5 dollars. Obviously the people that tipped 15 percent and up were my favorite, but I was a realistic person. 

I always tip when I order to-go and even sometimes when I get a coffee or sandwich. Minimum wage is not enough to live on and I get that struggle. Tipping $5 on a to-go order is not going to break the bank, and if it does maybe you should cook at home.



I was going to post screenshots of some of the replies that Tanner got from this tweet but I don’t want to get upset and rant about it, so I’m just going to quietly exit and hope Tanner or anyone from the Bachelor family never reads this, k bye.

P.S.S. Maybe I’ll include the replies to the tweets in my next “Replying to Yelp reviews” because I already screenshot the replies and blurred out the twitter handles. 

See you soon.

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Are Parisians really that bad? I was thinking of working as an au pair there 😕

well if u go there at least don’t have some optimistic expectations of paris being romantic and dreamy because while the architecture is actually worth the trip parisians will manage to get on your nerves quite quickly lmao the younger ones are ok i guess or maybe i’m just used to them bc there’s so many of them in my city but if u order a coffee and the waiter doesn’t almost throw it to ur face then congrats! i’d rather be an au pair in another french city i think ur experience would be a LOT more enjoyable. but that being said some ppl love it there! i just don’t like ppl glaring at me like im responsible for their misery AND their dog’s death just bc i chuckled in the metro. if u fell in the street they’d probably step over ur dying body aljfdljgjkdflkjggjkf


Microscopic ‘cages’ could change the way medicines are delivered

Thousands of lives could be saved and millions of vaccines doses protected - by encasing them in miniature silica shells. 

Worldwide huge quantities of medicines, including vital vaccines, are lost because they need to be kept refrigerated. If they’re not proteins within them break down, losing effectiveness and even turning toxic. Breaks in the ‘cold chain’ are a major problem in many countries around the world and seriously impact on vaccination programmes in particular, because they rely on a high proportion of people in an area receiving an effective vaccine dose.  

But scientists from the University of Bath have developed a way to encase proteins in a silica shell, like a tiny cage. Amazingly this can keep proteins which would normally degrade at room temperatures intact at up to 100ºC, and when released they still work as they should. 

Lead researcher Dr Asel Sartbaeva (pictured) came up with the idea when she took her daughter to be vaccinated and saw the vaccines needed to be kept cold. 

She said: “Once the proteins in a vaccine break down and tangle up, it’s useless. You can think of it like an egg that’s been boiled – it can’t be unboiled.

“So the ability to store and transport proteins at room temperatures or even hotter would remove a major logistical problem for safely delivering vaccines and other medicines to patients around the world.”

Silica, which sand is made from, is non-toxic and inert. It’s also cheap and abundant. The research team hopes their method can be used to eliminate the need for refrigeration in vaccine storage and transportation - not only would this make it easier to get medicines to the people who need them, but it would make it a lot cheaper too.  

The team needs to do more work to get the technique, which they call ensilication, ready for clinical trials using vaccines, but so far the results have been promising. 

Images: University of Bath

Read the paper 



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I’m terrified that if i can’t create something of meaning, then i don’t even exist . I am constantly failing to measure up, humiliated to be ‘not quite good enough’. Sometimes despair causes me to be tempted to become destructive and hateful just so i leave a mark. I feel disposable. I need the courage to grow, the faith to try. Is there a sigil for that?

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My interpretation of the Black Sails series finale

Why do I feel like Flint being reunited with Thomas is his version of the afterlife? I mean looking at the same (or simular) grey-ish cinematography, just like the death dreams Flint had about Miranda. On the other hand the flashbacks had the same cinematography as well. And Flint’s reunion with Thomas not being true would mean that Silver lied to Madi and even though I guess that is the only thing he considered worth lying about, because he was concerned for her life, it still feels purposely vague. If it is true, then I am happy for Thomas, but not Flint. I will stand by that sentiment. I guess the ambiguity of it all is fitting and in true TI fashion? It just saddens me that Madi never got to see the other side of Flint, the monster, because if she did, she wouldn’t be so defensive about him. There is SO MUCH Madi hasn’t witnessed. Will she ever know? Will she ever truly know? The lives he ruined? The countless of people he betrayed because of his extreme selfishness? All the lying, the deceit, the secretiveness etc. Forcing men to do his bidding by inciting fear through terror. The monster he created in Billy because of it? Will she ever know that Flint just wanted to watch the world burn? And how tragic an end for Billy to be the one end up marooned, knowing it is Flint’s actions that led him to that point.

That fight scene was really hard to get through, like it legit took me over ten pauses or something, because ugh, I was really hurting for both sides. I think it’s so hard for Madi to hear what Silver has done, on the one hand, ofcourse, because the man you trusted the most, love the most, the one you believe to be completely on your side, the only one you can be truely vulnerable with, was the one who took away the one thing you wanted the most, fought for the most. But most importantely, he planned it, which means he knowingly didn’t let her in on it. They usually tell each other everything, they’re a duo, a team, so for him to leave her completely out on such a huge decision must’ve come completely out of left field. Don’t forget, Madi is a proud woman, she is used to being in control, managing and deciding the situation. On the other hand I also think it’s hard for her to hear, because if she’s to admit to herself that what Silver told her about Flint is true, that would mean she’d had to admit to herself she too made the mistake of putting her trust in Flint. And that must be something incredibally difficult to make peace with. Madi is a fighter by nature, she has a very restless spirit knowing the practice of slavery is still thriving, and the brutalizations inflicted on it’s victims are still happening. I think, next to Silver’s “betrayal”, Madi was crying because of so many other things (her cause “failing”, humiliation and her pride being wounded, being outvoted by her own people about the treaty, the loneliness of being the only one who wants more for her people and the world, feeling like no one is in your corner, feeling like you’re not being taken seriously, not being used to be undermind in this way or at all etc.), but ultimatily underneed it al I think she was crying because of this very deep seaded frustration of knowing that, because of the colour of your skin, you can’t EVER go wherever you wanna go because the world only views you as a slave and nothing more. They don’t care that you’re so much more than that, they only care about how hard you can work to make them money. Just like Silver always wanted to find someone to see and love him for he is, Madi wants the world to see and accept her for who she is. To let her truely live free in it. This is what she always wanted for herself and her people. To not have that, is like living in a mental prison. And for someone who is that brave and is so curious about the world and has such an adventurous spirit, that must be terrifying.“She wasn’t made to be hidden away from the world”. It’s like, because she was born free, she’s thinking; I have this privilege, this luxury of being fearless, because I didn’t face oppression. Therefore I’m strong enough to take on the weight of the goddamn world, to take on the weight of all the ghosts of the people who died in chains and to take on the weight of the ones who are living in chains now. But the problem is, she is only one person, and that’s a colossal burden for one person to bare.

But Silver has been living in that world, therefore has seen more of it, is literally shaped by it (which made it easier for him to be on Julius level of understanding) so he knows the scope of the enemy she wants to defeat is so much bigger and larger then she can comprehend. He’s like: Madi I love you, with all my heart, I really do, but I’m not gonna let you continue to carry this unhumanly immense burden, I’m gonna save you from yourself and if you’ll hate me for it so fucking be it. Silver has never been apolitical imo, because if you would ask him what he wanted to see different in the world, I have no doubt he’ll have an entire list of answers. He’s a pacifist at heart, doesn’t always act like one, reluctantly, but he is. He is down to fight for the right cause, just not in the destructive way Flint intended and Madi wanted to follow. And he’s happy for it, because it means he didn’t turn into Flint. Sidenote: Look at Silver’s eyes throughout all his emotional scenes, only his eyes, the sincerity and emotion he evokes with just his eyes when he speaks, Lord, they’re so communicative.

I remember Luke Arnold saying in an interview that Silver became a man trying to do right by Madi’s mother and her people, because of his love for her. So him caring about Madi meant him caring about her people and her cause by default (freeing slaves, not the violence or war that required it). The Similarities between him and Julius are also undeniable. How many times have we heard Silver questioning this war, not just because of Madi, but also because the casualties it would undoubtedly take. When they finally defeated Eleanor in taking over Nassau, Silver pretty quickly told Flint that he didn’t expect it all to happen so violently and chaotic. Even Dooley was shook.“ But Flint continued with his, it’s al normal and part of it in the beginning. Silver “admired” his optimism. This was BEFORE his one on one with Billy. And in episode 9 when Silver long put his exit strategy in place, he questioned Flint again on his war; What next? After all the chaos and distruction? Did you actually think this shit through? And again with all the downplaying and romantizing the outcome.

In a way Flint, a mad man with no intentions of fighting for the same cause (but probably even convinced himself that he was), was Madi’s only hope to realize her dream to fight all this injustice and oppression and to actually prevail in it, and that is just so very tragic. It makes me so angry that Flint gave her all this false hope that they could win. I hope she finds an other way, a better way to fight for this cause, her cause.

Okay, now that scene with the scared cook was such a good callback, because it makes you pause and reflect again on how far this Silver is from the man who he used to be in the first episode of season 1. That was just downright CHILLING, from the menacing “Are you a fucking coward?” to the terrified man telling him that he was just the cook, which made Silver stop in his tracks for a second (and probably realize how ironic it is that he of all people called him a coward). And when he screamed “IS SHE STILL ALIVE??!!!”. All of that was some straight up LJS. Man I am still astounded by the profound change this man has went through throughout this entire story. And I just knew that in whatever state he was gonna find Madi in he was gonna be absolutely gutted and heartbroken. I was completely with him through all his emotions, from the absolute fear of being too late and the devistating grief and disbelief of her possibly not being alive after all, to the snapping out of it when she turns her head towards him. God I just love how Silver always breaks down and changes from LJS the pirate to just John Silver, the person, the man, when he sees her, it’s downright magical. She’s just so incredibally precious and invaluable to him. When he held her head and pressed is head to her head, in that moment they both didn’t need to be strong anymore and Silver sat there like he was already home and never wanted to leave.

In their last scene Madi looked like she was finally ready for that first conversation since their fight, like she was ready to dip her toes in the Silver pool again and talk to him, not fight. And I admire her for it, because it shows that despite what he did, she was able to acknowledge why he did it. It speaks of true character on her part. I hope that she realizes and will come to appreciate that her alliance did have a big impact and that she did make a difference by creating the opportunity for the slave communities in Nassau to escape and aiding a big part of them to making it to Maroon Island. But also causing the mobilization of the Maroon leaders from other island communities who were inspired by what her alliance achieved and might pick up where she left off. The defeat of Rogers which allowed for Featherstone and Max to take over, two people I’d much rather deal with regarding resources from Nassau then Rogers. And yes, the treaty that guaranteed safety for the largly growing community on her island, that too. The abolition of slavery took milions of tiny and big steps throughout history, because it was that difficult to defeat. Even if the alliance could’ve achieved such an impossible feat, then it would still take a really long time for things to get better for Black people. But I get it, you don’t know until you see it with your own eyes and Madi is a really curious woman. In the end Madi has started to found her way back to Silver and that is all that matters to me. Silver, I swear to God, his stubborn faith in the power of his love for Madi and his unwavering dedication to her, uggh. I understand Madi’s anger completely, but I still love that Silver did what he did. That deep, passionate, emotional and intense connection that these two have, I’ve never seen anything like it portrayed this way on television. Realistic, organic and true, despite being such opposites on the inside and out, not giving a shit what the world thought of them daring to see each other for who they truly are. I swear, Romeo and Juliet could never! I’m really gonna miss them.

So yeah, I ugly cried a lot this episode because Madi and Silver are such painfully HEARTBREAKING characters, in who they are, what they went through and everything they stand for. All in all, this episode left me semi-satisfied / semi-conflicted, because there are still some emotional bruises for our couple and not everyone got their due imo.

I loved the way they ended the episode, because it didn’t feel like an ending. Just because this was the last episode of this show, just because Madi and Silver settled down or Flint is “gone”, it doesn’t mean the story is over. And the intro to Mary Read, I kinda screamed, because at first it was clear you heard a woman’s voice, cut to her face, then I thought: Jim Hawkins? Because she so specifically asked about LJS. Then I immediately thought, naaah, waaay too soon into the story. So the only thing I was left with was that actually made sense was Mary Read, because not only did she sound like a woman, but her boyish looks gave her away as well (Hence I thought she was Jim for a sec.). And when she introduced herself as “Mark” Read I was like OMG I knew it! The show introduced her character anywaaay (because the creators said they wanted to earlier in the show or at least thought about it, but eventually thought better of it in the end). And the way Anne immediately disregards her, boooy if she only knew, the two of you are in for a treat lol.

@workplaces who treat their employees like shit when they call in sick: why!!!! were human!!! were gonna get sick!!! we know it’s an inconvenience but treating us like we killed ten puppies does not inspire loyalty or endear us to your management style!!!

Behavior Chain Analysis of a Problem Behavior

This exercise is to help you recognize what got in the way of using skillful behaviors when you use an unhealthy behavior.  

1. List the problem behavior you are analyzing.  Examples could include self-injury, restricting a snack, drinking alcohol, bingeing and then purging a meal.  The behaviors can be life-threatening, therapy-interfering, or quality of life interfering behaviors.

2. Think about the prompting event that started you on the chain to the problem behavior.  Include what happened right before the urge or thought came to you to use the behavior.

3. Describe what things in yourself and in your environment made you vulnerable.  These could go back days.  Examples include feeling guilty for being mean to a friend, being triggered by a family member, or being tired from being out late over the weekend.  These can be physical and emotional vulnerabilities.  

4. List the chain of events (specific behaviors and environmental events that actually did happen).  Use the ABC-EF list (A - actions, B - body sensations, C - cognitions/thoughts, E - events, F - feelings).

5. List new, more skillful behaviors to replace ineffective behaviors. Use the ABC-EF list.

6. List the consequences of using the problem behavior in yourself and in your environment.  What harm did the problem behavior cause?

7. List a prevention plan: ways to reduce your vulnerability in the future, ways to prevent precipitating even from happening again.

8. Plans to repair, correct, and overcorrect the harm.

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I'm going to need Louis to drag Liam about that chain again.

the problem is that louis is too lighthearted about it…liam apparently needs to be really hardcore dragged bc the jokes aren’t cutting it

Dialectical Abstinence

The first skill in dealing with addictions is dialectical abstinence. It is made up of two parts, Abstinence (swearing off addictive behavior) and Harm Reduction (acknowledging slips, not demanding perfection, but minimizing the damage). Both of these parts equal Dialectical Abstinence.

The goal of dialectical abstinence is not to engage in the addictive behavior again and to achieve complete abstinence. But, if there is a slip, the goal is to minimize harm and get back to abstinence as soon as possible. You’re either always abstinent or working to get back to abstinence.

To plan for abstinence, one must enjoy your success but plan for temptations to relapse.
- Spend time with those who reinforce your abstinence, and plan activities that will reinforce abstinence.
- Avoid high-risk relapse situations
- Develop new skills and activities to curb cravings

In case of a relapse, plan for harm reduction
- Call your therapist or mentor for skills coaching
- Contact other effective people like friends or family
- Get rid of temptations
- Use Opposite Action to fight guilt and shame
- Build mastery and cope ahead for the next situation
- Use interpersonal skills to ask for help
- Conduct a behavior chain analysis
- Problem-solve to recommit to abstinence and repair any damage that was done
- Distract, self-soothe, and improve the moment
- Cheerlead yourself
- Do a pros and cons
- Stay away from extreme thinking
- Recommit to abstinence

If you think this has a happy ending...(part 2)

(Ramsay x Sister!Reader)

Warnings: mild violence


It could have ended worse, you thought to yourself as you look at the scars from your last encounter with your brother. Sure, you had been scared out of your wits but Ramsay actually did hold back or else you would be missing some body parts now.

Despite what had happened last time, you still wanted to help Theon. The only problem was he didn’t want it anymore. Or rather he was scared, even more than before. You had told him that he shouldn’t be worried for your sake but he wouldn’t hear any of it. There was a part of you that understood his reasoning quite well, you didn’t like to see Theon get tortured so he wouldn’t like to see you get hurt either. Still, another part of you just screamed inside you and wanted to help no matter what.

Your father had arrived a few days ago, followed b his new wife. You all sat together at dinner while you tried your best to ignore the sick smile that crept onto Ramsays face as he looked over to you.

„I heard you’ve been visiting Reek again.“ He leans over and whispers so you’re the only who hears him.

„His name is Theon and you’re being exceptional cruel this time. I don’t like it.“

You jerked upwards in your chair as you felt his hand slipping under your dress and tried your best to suppress a scream.

„Get your hands off me!“ You hiss and shoot him a glare.

His hands slowly move upwards and he harshly squeezed your thigh before he removes his hand, looking rather amused.

„Do not make me mad again, sis. I have no problem chaining you up again, in fact I really miss your sweet screams.“

„You wouldn’t dare while father is here.“

„He’ll leave eventually and you’ll be stuck with me again. I’d think very hard about what to say next.“

You didn’t say anything in return, which probably wasn’t the best idea but not the worst either. You just wanted to smack him across the face and wipe his stupid smile right off sometimes, most times actually.

„Don’t I get an answer?“ Ramsay asks after kicking your leg to get your attention again. He did not like being ignored. You quietly hiss at the pain and press your lips together.

„You two.“ You hear the booming voice of your father and both immediately stop what you’re doing and turn around to look at him, „What are you whispering about all the time.“

„Nothing.“ Both of you say at the same time with the sweetest smile you can manage.

Despite Ramsays threats or rather because of them you decided to look how Theon was doing after all. Not a good idea, you knew but that didn’t stop you. What did stop you was the hand that grabbed you just as you were about to open the door to the dungeons and yanked you back with force, crashing your head hard against the stone wall.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…you just never listen, do you?” Ramsay places his arms on the sides of your head and pins you to the wall.

“I can do whatever I want.”

“If you don’t do what I tell you I’m going to fuck you against that wall right here.”

“I’m your sister!”

“Keep defying me and see if I care.”

You were thoroughly shocked by his blunt statement and quickly hurried away when he stepped back from you. Maybe it was time you stopped pushing your luck because it seemed you were running out of it.

Late night doodle of Elara Merandus. I wanted to do a really elaborate headpiece for the Queen, but I’m going to be real…ain’t nobody got time for that. Clearly, I’m obsessing hardcore with beads and body chains. I have a problem, I am aware. I tried my best to give her that cat like appearance. Again, she’s not 100% what I envisioned, but she looks like she could throw some serious shade…so it’ll do for now.

Night, folks!