chain lift

Had another weird ass occurrence

I was in a large chain grocery store lifting some dog food and I had it in the bottom of my cart so I was gonna buy my milk and do the forgot method in case anyone asked and I guess I zoned out or something cus this big black dude came up to me from the other side and started asking if I was okay and then started hitting on me? But I couldn’t tell if it was lp or not because that store is in my dad’s district who’s a lp district manager and I didn’t recognize him as one of the usual lp guys.
He kept asking if I lived around there or not and that he didn’t recognize me from around the area and I got really uncomfortable. I waited around inside until he went out the door hoping he was a customer and then by the time I finally left I went to go to my car and he’s leaving the lot but then he drives around seeing what car I got into so I legit had to walk around the parking lot for like 10 minutes.
It was lowkey really terrifying and I really don’t think it was lp.
Good news is I scored 8 bags of mulch today from a chain gas station 😉

when relatives ruin your life to an extreme that you know until they are in the ground that you will never fully be free to live and you feel guilt for even feeling that way, but healing won’t begin until the chains are lifted so you live with clenched teeth for years

Found Hell

Azazel snarled. Alistair, that cursed sadistic bastard! What had he said to that madman about touching the Winchester? To not! But no… He of course didn’t listen. If Alistair sees a soul, he just won’t keep his hands off.

Oh, but he will pay. First comes first. 

The demon rushed to the beeling barely conscious hunter tied to the rack and swiftly broke the chains, lifting him up into his arms.

“Hey, easy there easy there… It’s over. You are safe now”.

Azazel snapped them to his chambers and set him down on the bed.



On January 7, 1924, an inspection party drove Ford cars through a portion of the 18-mile long Shandaken Tunnel, part of the system that provides the City of New York with water, from the Schoharie Reservoir, to Esopus Creek and the Ashokan Reservoir. 

For the return journey, the cars were lifted by chain block and turned around at the bottom of a shaft.

Chief Engineer J. Waldo Smith is behind the wheel of the head car.

The tunnel was officially opened one month later.

From the New York Department of Environmental Protection archives

☣-Open Starter-☣

-The Stressed out Male stood in
the mists of the night, Away from
there abusive brother. Red could
finally try and relax for a while,
before his brother finds him again.
He gently tugged on the spiked dog
collar on his neck to try and loosen
it up a little, as it would get tight from
when the other would pull on the
chain of it. Red lifted his head up
as there breath grew to a halt,
hearing what sounds like footsteps
approaching them, Reds mind
quickly assumed it was his brother,
but how could he find him that fast,
it always took them around a few

-Red stood there wide-eyed
as he watched, racing his self for
anything that was gonna appear.
Red realized that the footsteps
seemed lighter then there brothers,
anger quickly replaced the fear as
he spoke in a low threatening tone
becoming defensive.-

-Stop hiding like a fucken Pussy….S-show your self…-