chain fern

The signs and associations
  • Aries: bubble gum, bandaids, yellow flowers, watching the sunset, kissing your friends, the scent of fruity perfume
  • Taurus: gold eyeliner, black well fit clothes, binge eating with someone you love, the taste of blood
  • Gemini: denim jackets, gossiping, smeared red lipstick, late over crowded concerts, skinny dipping in the lake, the smell of the city
  • Cancer: the bottom of a hotel swimming pool, pale yellow daisies, freckles, grass stains, comfy flip flops, warm sand between your toes, the smell of fresh air
  • Leo: the sun shining on your cold back, old time candies putting ribbons in your hair, listening to the crickets and the night sky, the sound of a train coming,the scent of cinnamon
  • Virgo: San Francisco streets,foggy air,yellow raincoats,boat docks,running wild,the smell of white roses
  • Libra: clear blue skies, white teeth smiles, crying into someone,windy days, red apples, the smell of the woods
  • Scorpio: dying your hair, wanting a piercing, feeling alone, a favorite worn out tee shirt, clunky boots, giggling, the smell of a party
  • Sagittarius: green tennis courts,maroon velvet, black tights, having a full online shopping cart but no intention to buy, wine stained lips, the smell of scented candles
  • Aquarius: forget-me-nots, tall trees, clear ponds, blue glass,daisy chains,wild growing ferns,the smell of morning dew
  • Capricorn: watching fish in the stream, moss growing on rocks, ivy on the side of a house, getting your picture taken, well dressed, silver chains, the smell of mint
  • Pisces: being late, cherry blossom trees,almond milk, Leo swans in a lake, black berries staining your hands, the smell of lavender

Just 12 miles west of Las Vegas, the colorful, bare sandstone of the aptly named Rainbow Mountain Wilderness emerges from the valley floor, standing guard over the surrounding pinyon-juniper forest and Mojave Desert scrub below. Its sheer, towering red and white cliffs are cut by rugged, narrow, twisting canyons lined with willow, ash, and hackberry trees. 

Encompassing 24,997 acres, this desert wonderland dominates the western view of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and is managed jointly by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. 

With springs, sandstone ‘pothole’ water tanks, and an elevation range of 3,000 feet, topping out at the 7,070-foot summit of Mount Wilson, the wilderness supports a wide variety of wildlife and unique plant communities. Deep, cool canyons host chain ferns as much as six feet tall and ponderosa pines, which usually thrive at higher elevations like the rocky outcrops further up the mountainsides. 

Desert bighorn sheep, mountain lion, bobcats, mule deer, coyote, foxes, bats, squirrels, and numerous bird species also make their home in the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM


Woodwardia virginica is in the family Blechnaceae. Commonly known as the Virginia chain fern, it is found throughout eastern North America from Florida to Nova Scotia. Virginia chain fern grows in swampy and boggy habitats where it can form dense populations due to its spreading rhizomes. This species is also cultivated as an ornamental fern for use in the landscape, thriving best in areas with constant moisture and partial shade.

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