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when I worked at target I used to have fantasies where I’d go into a target in minnesota, get lost wandering around the hardware department, find my out to the front of the store and discover I’d wandered into a target in like, georgia or something because all targets look the same, so therefore all targets are linked together on the conceptual plane, and you can wander into one and get lost so thoroughly that you somehow come out of another

Morning Rush: Coffee Shop AU

Lily normally liked the morning rush. The constant stream of cranky, sleepy customers kept her on her toes and it was usually too busy to think about her tense relationship with Petunia, her ex-best friend Severus, or the calculus test she was certain she failed last week. There was nothing but Lily and coffee (and about 20 impatient coffee-drinkers but she tended to ignore them on most days).

Unfortunately, today was not a normal day.

The coffee shop was a few blocks away from uni, which was perfect because it was still within walking distance but there was already a Starbucks on campus so students rarely ever visited. Lily didn’t have anything against her peers but sometimes it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of school, where she tried so hard to make a name of herself, and just be another stranger amongst the crowd. The fact that she gets paid for it is merely an added bonus.

She was giving a nervous girl her order of 5 different coffees and a bag of assorted muffins (Lily assumed she was an intern) when the bell dinged, signaling the arrival of yet another customer. Lily ignored it—people were constantly going in and out of the shop—and moved on to making her next order, brushing a few pieces of red hair that escaped her ponytail out of her face.

“Don’t look now but Lover Boy just came in,” her fellow employee, Benjy Fenwick, muttered to her as he pumped the machine. Benjy was a student at the art school down the road and was Lily’s morning rush buddy. When they first met, Lily was intimidated by all his piercings and tattoos but once they got to know each other, Lily realized he was a huge softie.

A huge softie, who, incidentally, deserved a good beating.

“Don’t call him that,” Lily whined. She refrained from peaking over her shoulder to seek out the guy Benjy was referring to. She had no idea what his name was but he started stopping by the coffee shop a few weeks ago around 10:30 every morning, ordered a large coffee (2 sugars, no milk) and a biscuit, and would sit at the corner table reading for an hour. This wouldn’t be at all interesting—they had tons of regulars—if it weren’t for the fact that Lily’s eyes couldn’t seem to focus on anything other than the boy whenever he was around. It wasn’t entirely her fault though; there was something about his demeanor that just demanded attention. She just happened to also be irrevocably attracted to his stupid messy black hair and hazel eyes. Plus, she always had a thing for guys with glasses.

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I have listened to Motionless In White since 2008. One year after their EP The Horror cane out. I had always wanted to see them live but my parents detest their music and never let me go to their concerts. I saw them last year during Warped Tour but I didn’t get to meet them because I had no money.
Then I heard about this tour and knew I had to go to both shows at Chain Reaction, my local venue in Anaheim, Ca. I saved my money up and bought my tickets even though I couldn’t afford VIP tickets. It was worth it to me just to have the general admission and see them. The first night of the weekend, I was up against the stage (since there is no barricade at Chain) and getting the crap beat out of me by crowd surfers and stage divers. I didn’t get to meet any of them and I was kind of crushed because I’ve lived them for so many years.
The second night, I was against the stage again and when Chris saw me he got really excited and pointed at me smiling wide and then messed up my hair. He then did the same thing to my friend and called us out on our insanity of being against the stage both nights and asked us if we were dead yet. I was waiting outside the venue because Balz had asked me the previous night if I’d be there. I had given him a drawing and he wanted to talk to me but he was in a hurry.
I was waiting and needed to walk around because my legs weren’t working too well after the show and I saw Ryan over by the trailer and I got my picture with him and got his autograph. I walked back up to the venue diors when Vinny walked out and I got his autograph and picture. Then I was still waiting for Balz when Chris and Ricky walked out. Of course everyone was swarming them so I was waiting back til it got less crazy. I saw Balz walk out and no one went over to him, so I walked up to him and got his autograph and picture and he thanked me over and over again for the drawing. I went back over to Ricky and got his autograph and picture before he said, “By the way, you are absolutely insane for being very front both nights.” We laughed and hugged and then I went over to Chris.

Chris saw me and gave me a big hug and I winced because of how much pain I was in and he once again told me how crazy I am. I told him that NOW I was dead but it was worth it. He laughed and signed my ticket before taking a picture with me. I told him how I’ve listened to MIW since 2008 and just now got to see them and he couldn’t believe it so he just hugged me again and thanked me for coming to both shows.

It was the best weekend of my life. MIW’s music has helped me through a lot and it was so surreal to actually meet them.. I got to my car amd just started crying because I couldn’t believe I actually got to meet them. I honestly did not think I was going to be able to meet them since I didn’t have VIP. It just goes to prove how amazing they are.

Five facts...

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Hrrrm, facts facts facts. Facts which are not dull, but also not TMI. This is a fine line to walk.

1) I love crime dramas, though not really Law and Order for some reason. But the darker and more grizzly the better.

2) I had night terrors into my twenties. I was told I’d wake up screaming, but I wasn’t REALLY awake and in the morning never remembered. Lucky for the last roommate that has stopped pretty thoroughly.

3) I’m terrified I value comfort more than art. It makes me feel like a bad person and a terrible artist, but I’ve just been poor often enough to REALLY value a full fridge.

4) I don’t believe in keeping books you’ll never read again. If it does you no good, it’s your moral responsibility to allow another person to enjoy it. The same applies to almost all earthly goods.

5) On a related note, I own WAY too many coats. Like, 15. I wear maybe 5. I just keep them because each one makes me feel like a different kind of super-villain, and sometimes you need to have a closet full of alternate super-villain personas to slip into.

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Chained || Monter, 5/16

His whole body was trembling in anticipation. He hadn’t been able to play with Winter like this for a while, and he was glad to be able to do it. Especially such an intense thing like this. He hadn’t submitted like this, not to anyone, and he was looking forward to it. Licking his lips, he bowed his head, on his knees by  her bed, nude and waiting for her to do as she pleased with him. He was hers to torture and use today.