chain bay


~ Аnd  some  dark  night  when  everything  is  silent  in  the  town  
I’ll  kill  the  tyrants  one  and  all  and  shoot  the  floggers  down;  
I’ll  give  the  law  a  little  shock;  remember  what  I  say,  
They’ll  yet  regret  they  sent  Jim  Jones  in  chains  to  Botany  Bay.

Tramps - outlaw bikers

Another interesting tidbit from the press notes for The Revenant is this bit under the credits for Mark L Smith, the screenwriter:

Smith currently has a slate of screenplays in various stages of development, including several being produced by The Revenant’s stars. Endurance and Ruthless are both being developed by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way, and Tramps is being produced by and will star Tom Hardy. Other recent screenplays include The Queen of the Tearling, set to star Emma Watson, The Descent, which Robert Redford will direct, Collider for Bad Robot and Edgar Wright, Ghost Recon for Warner Bros. and Michael Bay and Chain of Events, which Morten Tyldum will direct.  

I think this is the ‘outlaw biker project’ which has been on the agenda for several years. From Variety in 2012:

Under his new first-look deal with Warner Bros., Tom Hardy is on board to star in and produce an outlaw biker feature. The “Dark Knight Rises” star is partnering with Art Linson and John Linson of Linson Entertainment to produce via his newly minted Executive Options banner, which Variety first reported Wednesday. The story, penned by “Vacancy” scripter Mark L. Smith and based on an original idea from John Linson, centers on a wounded Vietnam veteran who returns home to San Francisco at the height of unrest of 1969. Amid clashing cultures of the Haight-Ashbury district, he emerges to become the leader of California’s most violent outlaw biker club.