chain & spokes


I love music videos. I love the genre of it. I love telling the story of a song. So this was exciting to put together. We knew it needed to match the hyper-sexuality of what was out there.

For Gugu and I, the template of the character was that the less Noni wears, the less you see of her. It was important that every time we see Noni, her outfit makes a statement. The whole motif for Noni’s outfits were a bondage thing: chains. The ‘Masterpiece’ outfit spoke to that, with the collar around her neck and the chains connecting the halter together. It’s the kind of outfit that, like Gugu says, you have to wear it; you can’t let it wear you.

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood on the making of the Masterpiece video featured in her film Beyond the Lights.

White dragons-

Seth tried not to look up from the floor. Keeping his eyes forward like his last master had said. Claws taping against the marble floors. In his dragon form he was still slightly small for a dragon. Scales as white as the snow beyond the wall. Though scars lined his wings and torso. It was obvious he couldn’t even fly anymore.

They stopped and Seth sat down. Sapphire eyes cast down and filled with tears. He couldn’t believe he was being sold again. Every time he was sold his new master was worst than the last.

The men holding the chains around his neck spoke and jerked him to look up to his new master. “The dragon sire. As you requested, bought and paid for.” Seth felt his heart sit on his throat hearing that, but there was nothing he could do. He was exhausted and restrained.

“A wonder out prize my king. To own the last snow dragon in existence.” The second servant boasted patting Seth’s head roughly.