Muay Thai in Portland begins with fundamentals

At RCW in Tigard we had a HUGE group of beginners getting on board in our kickboxing program. It was great to have the energy in class and take them through the basics. In this clip we are covering the jab and cross exchange. This is a basic drill designed to illustrate range, build defense and timing while delivering clean straight punches. 

The advanced group in the class (you can kind of see to the left) are taking the drill further and adding the leg kick into the mix. Progressions like these are a great way to build competency in boxing and Muay Thai before jumping into sparring. They also lay the foundations for self defense. Someone who begins their training at River City Warriors in this manner can perform clean combinations in just a few classes. New people are always welcome in our classes and find quick supporters in our long term students who are there to help. You’d be surprised how fast you can catch on, anyone can jump right into training when it’s done the right way. 

Thanks for watching and enjoy the journey. 


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Did you know we do more than just Jiu Jitsu in Portland!? At RiverCityWarriors in Tigard we have tip top Muay Thai program. Like our BJJ and Kali, or Muay Thai is built on authenticity and the dedication of our coaching staff. We couldn’t build a Portland Kickboxing program without continuously training ourselves and providing the best information possible. 

Pictured above is several of our coaches training directly with Ajarn Chai, the founder of the United States Thai Boxing Assoc. ( Coach Audrey has traveled to places like Thailand, Spain, and all across the nation seeking the best kickboxing material available. 

There’s several things to look for when picking the right Muay Thai Kickboxing school for yourself. 

1. Are the staff well educated with a track record to prove it? Do they have any wins under their belt? How long have they been training and do they continue to do so? 

2. Are their credentials worth anything? Some people can get lured in to a kickboxing gym because of small successes the school constantly brags about. Be careful of a fighter who quickly turns coach, they will have missing gaps in their information, and they often lead students to potential injuries. 

3. Do more than the fighters benefit? EVERYONE in the school should feel equally important and the environment should reflect that. A fighter is ONE person on a TEAM of people. 

4. Are people in great shape? if they’re doing authentic Muay Thai they should be. 

5. Is the workout traditional? Muay Thai doesn’t require us to change our kickboxing for fitness. If there’s only heavy bags being used in the class, or no equipment at all, it is probably geared towards ONLY fitness, not function. Don’t waste your time sweating without learning! A good coach should give you a great Muay Thai class like we do in Portland, but also teach you great skills along the way. 

What do you think are important things to look for when choosing a Muay Thai school? River City Warriors is the ONLY location in Tigard, near Lake Oswego and Tualatin that is offering authentic Muay Thai straight from the source. Stop by today for your free trial, or visit 

About the author: 

Joseph Heller has been training directly with Ajarn Chai and numerous local Muay Thai mentors since 2000. He currently holds the rank of Associate Instructor (level 4) in the United States Thai Boxing Assoc. Meanwhile his wife who began at the same time is the only female in Oregon teaching with the rank of Full Instructor. (level 5) Joe and Audrey continue their training to this day and have been to over 10 invitational Muay Thai  camps, coached numerous amateur fighters to success, and own a school in Tigard. Joe currently offers qualified instruction in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. 

They can be reached at: 

River City Warriors 

14935 SW 72nd. Ave 

Tigard, OR 97224