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The Sweet Taste of Chai Tea Latte Success

Readers, I’m about to ruin Starbucks chai tea lattes for you.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and nothing gets me more excited than ordering my first of many chai tea lattes at Starbucks and enjoying it in the beautiful crisp weather. 

But it’s a pretty expensive habit, so I thought to myself, “Hmm, why don’t we just make it home?” I did a little research on how to make chai tea syrup and here’s what I came up with:


-       6 cups water

-       6 black tea bags

-       6 cups of light brown sugar

-       2 tsp cardamom pods

-       4 tsp cinnamon

-       1 tsp ground clove

-       3-4 thin slices of ginger

-       2 bay leaves

-       2 tbsp vanilla extract

First things first, bring a pot of water to a boil. Once that happens, add in your tea bags. We used Tetley’s British Blend because that’s all we have in our house at the moment, but feel free to use other brand varieties of black tea. Let that come to a simmer. 

Then, pour in all 6 cups of brown sugar. I actually messed up on this part because I used honey instead of sugar. Oops. In order to make good syrup, sugar is the way to go. Let that come to a boil before turning it down to a simmer. I took this time to pour in all the lovely spices. I lightly crushed some cardamom, using a mortar, to get into the pods inside of it. I also threw in two bay leaves, some ground clove, and lots and lots of cinnamon. Lily and I are big on cinnamon, so I went a little heavy on that. No regrets whatsoever. 

STIR CONSTANTLY. I cannot stress this enough. It will take about 20-30 minutes for the mixture to thicken, but it is well worth it. Once that happens, let it cool for about 10-15 minutes. 

This part is very, very important and crucial to the whole chai tea latte experience. Get a fine-grid strainer and pour the syrup through it, so that the tea grains don’t seep into the syrup. You want a smooth texture rather than a grainy one. 

Now for the fun part. Lily heated about two cups of milk on the stove at a medium heat. You don’t need it to be super hot - just warm. In two mugs, pour two tablespoons of the syrup and one cup of warm milk. Use a spoon and stir well. Lily and I added in another dash of cinnamon because clearly, we can’t get enough of that stuff. 

Caution: you will get addicted to how good this is and you won’t be able to enjoy a chai tea latte at Starbucks like you used to. It’s that fantastic. 

Stay tuned for more fall recipes! Let us know what you think about this recipe at We love hearing from you! 

Until next time -

Jess xx

So this started out as a Drarry Advent drabble but turned into a full blown Muggle Au Barista!Harry story and I loved it too much to wait until December to post it.  This is for my lovely @justanotherdrarryblog who loves coffee and barista!Harry.

Read it below or HERE on AO3.

Title: Some Like It Hot

Word Count: 2500

It has been an unbelievably busy day, Harry thinks to himself as he takes a deep breath and foams the milk for what feels like his one thousandth latte of the day.

“Hang in there, Harry. Just half an hour more and we’re off for the day,” Ron says good-naturedly, clapping him on the back as he passes him by, heading towards the register.

“Easy for you to say mate,” Harry responds with a shake of his head.  Ron doesn’t say anything, just waggles his eyebrows at Harry who sticks his tongue out when no one is looking before going back to making the coffee.

He reaches his right hand out towards the stack of drink cups waiting to be made, picking up the empty paper cup closest to him, ready for his next order.  But as he reads the side he can’t help but frown a bit at the ridiculously long list of instructions on the side of the cup which read - 4 shots, whole milk only, two shots of hazelnut syrup, one shot of vanilla syrup, half a pump of classic (added before the shots), extra hot, add whipped cream.

As quickly as possible he fills the order, trying not to make much of a face when he yells out “Draco, your order is ready”, as he sets the drink on the small counter.  He can’t help but wonder what the hell kind of name Draco is anyway. 

“Did you follow the instructions specifically?” He hears a voice utter, with a rather posh accent.

“Of course I did. I do know how to read,” he replies automatically, unable to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, and not even bothering to look up until he hears a rather loud tut tut.

“Gracious me, what kind of manners are they teaching their employees to have here? The customer is always right you know.”

Harry finally looks up at that, an annoyed frown marring his features as he takes in the man in front of him. He can’t stop himself from looking him up from head to foot, taking in his perfectly tailored suit and fancy shoes to the way his impossibly blond hair falls softly into his grey eyes, such a strong juxtaposition to his otherwise rigid look. As Harry stares he can’t help but wonder how it’s possible to be so pale, and if hair that blonde is even natural. He’s all sharp angles with his pronounced jawline and sharp eyebrows, and he is so ridiculously handsome and put together all it does it make Harry grumpier.

“See something you like?” The man says with a laugh, raising his eyebrow to smirk at him and Harry has the decency to blush crimson.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Right, course you don’t. See you tomorrow coffee boy,” he says, raising his drink to his mouth and winking at Harry as he takes his first sip.

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Is it too much of a stretch to assume that the tea served was Chai? Then again, it is very aromatic in spice. And a mocking taunt since we’re now leaving winter firmly behind. I could fool myself for a brief moment, with the magical heavy aroma of spices that time had rewritten itself and had become Autumn again.  If you’re currently on a recreating trip like me, you’ll be using various spices frequently over the next month, so despite its volume, they would not go to waste. Powdered spices tend to release a bitterness as opposed to its whole seed incarnation. And yes, I learnt my lesson here when I used powdered cardamom. The bonus here is that it’s incredibly easy to make, and you now have autumn in a bottle ready for when you desire to delude yourself that it’s cooler as you’re sweating your own body weight. #lifehack

Hayama Akira’s Chai Tea syrup

5 cups water, 10 black teabags, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 vanilla bean, 2 cinnamon sticks, small piece of ginger, peeled and sliced thinly, 10 whole cloves, 8 cardamon pods, crushed to release seeds, 2 star anise, ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

Bring all the ingredients to a boil in a saucepan.

Lower heat, simmer for 30 minutes. Adjust sweetness if needed.

Strain, cool and decant into bottles. 

Mix with hot milk according to your tastes. Serve with delicate pastries, enjoy the personification of Autumn. 

November Drarry FAV! - golden quaffle list

I wrote this post as a list of my November favorite Drarry (& Wolfstar & Harry Potter) stuffs, mainly want to say ‘thank you so much’ to everyone who wrote/created/drew my favs this month! May be you guys miss some in this list, pls chk it out! They are all beautiful and brilliant:) And me too, surely miss many really good stuffs! If you are not here, it may be just I haven’t seen it yet! Feel free to tell me, rec /talk/msg are welcomed!!!

(If you don’t want to be tagged, I’m sry. Pls send me ask/msg. I’ll remove it!)

I. Golden Quaffle - Best of November!!
//sry to have 2! I really can’t cut one off

1. Some like it hot @goldentruth813
I re-read this one about 4 times already! (I hardly re-read stuffs cuz u know! there are so many out there to catch up!) It’s utterly cute!!! The best flirt with the warm scent of coffee shop; Barista! Harry, Posh-as-always!Draco, I love every single detail of this story<3

ps. I really want to know the taste of Chai tea with peppermint syrup, may you tell me:)?

2. Scared, Potter?? @glitterifficshipper I had a problem to cry lately. I mean I couldn’t but after glanced this one, I sobbed like a child. Loudly. OMG. Not only that, I feel I read lots of stories but this’s my first time to read the last moment of Draco and Harry’ lives. It should be called as the happiest ending ever but if it is, why I cried this much idk.

Other Drarry favs: sure these are going to plaster a smile on your face!
Moondust in your hair @genderfluid-elvendork (I really love the song “close to you” - the cranberries so, this is perfect!)
Dorm Mates AU @i-see-my-otps-in-erised (ooc Draco but oh-so-cute! with drunk confession, lap sitting, hair playing)
Duck face Draco @hotter-than-potter (posh!Draco for mobile cam!)
- Blind Date @goldentruth813 (I really love your style of writings!)

II. Drarry arts:

The Saviour @citruslimey (sry this one originally posted in Oct but I really love the idea and the way of writing. Absolutely, the drawing is beautiful!)

III. Fav Wolfstar: 

Sensible Sirius is my type so these story are lovely for me
Amor @katestclair - I think I am weak for incarnation plot and here it is!
cute!drunk! Remus Request @lumosinlove - Haha! Remus is so cute. I’m melted!

V. Harry Potter Arts

Hogwarts Bathrooms @romyyao This is absolutely brilliant. Oh. I adore your drawing and imagination! Love Slytherin and Ravenclaw bathrooms most! but want to visit all. I think I can sleep in them. lol! 
Hogsmeade Places @asheathes I love the bright and colourful of these photos. Make me feel so happy just by looking it!

Hope I didn’t make any wrong tags or links! Some of them I can’t find the titles so, hope you don’t mind my setup names (I can change if you have, sry, if I missed it!) 

Thank you again!!! I love you all<3