chai tea latte is amazing

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I can’t wait to see Venkata show up in the climax only to save the day with chai tea latte art.

“It’s–it’s amazing,” breathed Reaper, tears dripping out from under his mask.

“How could I have been so blind to the beauty of the everchanging tapestry of humanity?” sobbed Doomfist. “One life truly is a hundred million, lived moment to moment.”

“I just rerouted all of Talon’s funds to kitten foster programs,” muttered Sombra, falling silent as she took in the latte art in the small teacup before her.

“Murder is a spark next to this chai’s lightning strike,” finished Widowmaker, staring wide-eyed at the palm tree in her own cup.

“Cool beans,” replied Venkata. “Don’t wait up, I got two handsome princes to spoil.” Hanzo and Jesse gave each other a shiteating grin from their positions slung over each of Venkata’s shoulders as Venkata himself kicked open the steel door out of the Talon headquarters like it weren’t no thing and carried his lovers out to enjoy their twelve-month long, all expenses paid, round-the-world honeymoon.