chai studio


9 out of 12 pieces made for my AP Studio Art Concentration

“For this series I chose to focus on tea’s connotations in a variety of settings, considering it in perspectives of culture, history and folklore. How has a traditional drink been altered by commercialization? How does it still function as a form of art today? By breaking down generic representations of tea I hoped to acknowledge how a singular object transforms itself in unexpected ways and to highlight how truly unique something that appears commonplace can be.”

 Guys, I love tea. So much so that I decided to turn it into a metaphor with lots of big words to jazz it up. Sure it’s silly, but to me nothing says more about people than how many different emotions you can feel sipping the same drink. 

We have the ability to give hot leaf juice a personality, and that’s pretty damn cool, don’t you think?

  1. Chai - Colored Pencil 
  2. Lavender - Oil on Canvas
  3. Mad Hatter - Pen and Ink, Watercolor
  4. Lanterns- Oil on Wood
  5. Hibiscus - Colored Pencil
  6. Caffeine Crammer - Collage, Pastels on Wood
  7. Genie - Acrylic on Wood
  8. Modern Matcha - Pen and Ink, Watercolor
  9. Sweet Tea - Oil on Canvas

[1/17/17] 🌸
two things: there was a sale on washi tape at my local craft store and I almost cried

2. I received the coolest Kiki’s Delivery Service socks for my birthday so I had to show them off

The Nutcracker and The Mouse King visual development 1/24.

I’ve been wanting to do this project for so long and I finally decided to do it as my third concentration.

My design for Emery Drosselmeyer is based off my early concepts for my character Alpin Blackwall, who I miss drawing very much.