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Bucky Barnes Drabble (2.)

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19: “I really should have a Tweeter account.”

Warnings: None

“Hey, (y/n),” Bucky called, “check it out!” 

The chair creaked as you turned away from your computer with a groan, entirely too busy to put up with his antics right now. No matter how much you wanted to ignore him, you knew from experience that if you didn’t pay him some attention, he would only get worse and you really wouldn’t get any work done. 

You rounded the corner, finding your new room mate sitting on the kitchen counter with a box of tea. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw you walk through the door and pulled out two bags from the box. You raised your eyebrows when he carefully balanced them on his kneecaps, opening up his hands to say ‘ta-da’. 

“Look!” He beamed, “Chai knees. Get it? Chai-knees. It’s chai tea!”  

“Oh my god,” you guffawed, “this is going on Twitter. Smile!” 

He grinned when you snapped a picture and quickly typed out a caption for it. You held up the phone for him to approve before hitting ‘post’ and slipping it back into your pocket. 

“I should get one of those,” he said. 

“What? A phone?” You cocked your head at him. He shook his head once before pausing and shrugging his shoulders. 

“I mean, yeah I do need a phone but I mean one of those accounts. I really should have a Tweeter account.” 

You burst out laughing again, tapping him adoringly on the cheek with your open palm. 

“It’s ‘Twitter’ not ‘Tweeter’ and maybe we should work on learning how to even use a cell phone before we jump into the deep end.” 

Just a bit of Good Omens trivia

So you know after [Oops, excuse me, SPOILERS] Aziraphale was exorcised by Shadwell he was sort of sent around the world for a while, so by the time he met up with Madame Tracy, he basically asked “Can you speak __” in 3 different languages. There were no footnotes in the US version so in case you didn’t know this, they were German, French, and Mandarin Chinese respectively. (Actually what he said translates to “I can’t speak Chinese?” instead of “can you speak Chinese”, so that’s the first bit of the trivia.) Since I have both the Taiwan version and mainland Chinese version of Good Omens, I was wondering how they were handled in an actual Chinese translation, so I pulled out my books and I have to say that I was not disappointed.

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