Reading and drinking chai at a local cafe ✨

This place is so nice I could stay here forever. I woke up to 600 followers this morning??? How did this happen?? The support and motivation you guys give me is unbelievable, thank you all so much 😊😚


Some rubberhose doodles from my sketchbook.

@trinitea-art/ @ragtimegoat earlier this week mentioned wanting a rubberhose version of her cute bear sona so I tried to whip something up for them as a surprise. Really love the design of those cute chai bear <3

Then we have some rubberhose fairy explorations and finally a lotta Edgar B. Cupid explorations with his guest @ragtimegoat‘s Esin the Angel of Inspiration. They’re neighbors who talk on a daily basis! Though sometimes Esin has a little too much energy that Edgar sometimes has trouble processing!