This weeks Sunday Sound is from the unreal talent of Kimyan Law. After the success of his stunning debut LP ‘Coeur Calme’, the 19 year old is back with a three track single on Blu Mar Ten Music. As you’d expect all three tracks are immaculately produced but this tune ‘Chai’ is on another level. Which is why it is the perfect Sunday jammin’ material!

It’s a beautiful day; it would have been perfect for studying outside if I didn’t have pollen allergies. For some reason it’s much worse this year, since usually it’s not a problem. 

Here’s what my schedule roughly looks like:

  1. 8.30am: Breakfast with my best friend. I made her rooibos chai (here’s the recipe I adapted). 
  2. 10am-1pm: Tutoring shift at the university’s writing center. 
  3. Sometime between 1-5pm I’ll be hanging out with friends at the end-of-year outdoor concerts at the university.
  4. The rest of the time, I’ll be trying to get through my health economics and labor economics readings. And possibly working on outlines for my final papers if I have time.
  5. 9pm: Gym.

Last night a friend and I went to an outdoor wind ensemble concert (“under the stars”). They performed a beautiful rendition of Samuel Hazo’s Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song. 

How are your Sundays looking? 

Image: Elise, by Tiago V. Alves