Brown parents are so desperate for chai like we ran out of milk and we had no other substitutes, but I looked on the table and there was an unfinished bowl of froot loops. I asked my dad if he wanted the milk from the froot loops and he said yes. 

Chai: Nonsense, what fun can I have with a bunch of old instruments and an entire orchard of enigma berries? But don’t you worry a bit, Darwin, I will have this place as spiffy as when you left.

Atlas: It’s harmless. Besides, didn’t you travel from here with a few-days-old baby too a few years back?

Stanford: Yes, but-! Oh, fuck it, I can’t believe y’all are following me to Steel City.

Atlas: Who says I’m going for you, old man? I’ve got a daughter there I promised I’d come and see if I was in the area. It’ll be good for Anna to be exposed to a city. 

Darwin: Yes, I think so too! I don’t want to leave the mountain, but it’ll be a good experience!


Gah, its already been a year? Where there heck did the time go 
Everyday I wake up and wonder just how did I get so blessed to have found you. You make me so happy and you brighten up my whole day just by your dumb smile /)/u\(\ 

I love you /so much/! Thank you for you and everything you do!
Your’re my sunshine~ <33