Chaff just tried to jump from the coffee table onto our new TV and didn’t realize that it’s a flat screen so he can’t walk on the top of it. He ended up tipping the TV over and I about threw the laptop across the room trying to make sure he and the TV were okay. All while screaming at him that it was a bad kitten choice.

There’s a nice thunderstorm above the house and every time there’s thunder, Chaff turns around and glares at us.

Like… It’s not us?!?! Haha


Past Hunger Games - 45th Hunger Games - factory

arena suggestion by acrazypersonslife

The 45th annual Hunger Games took place in a massive factory. These games were particularly brutal because rather than having weapons at the Cornucopia, there were only small bits of survival equipment, such as blankets, meager food, and matches. Tributes were forced to find or fashion their own weapons, leading to things being used such as pieces of lead pipe, wrenches, nailguns, and cannisters of gas. Rather than wasting his time on finding or creating a weapon, the victor Chaff, who had volunteered for the games, chose to fight with his bare hands. Chaff was taller than most of the other tributes and very strong, causing all but the careers to be too intimidated to challenge him. When it came down to a battle between Chaff and the 3 remaining careers he managed to kill all of them using hand to hand combat, snapping one’s neck and throwing the other two from the catwalk on which they had tried to corner him, but not before they used a nearby machine to slice off his hand in an attempt to cripple him. A few years after winning the games, Chaff became friends, and eventually drinking buddies, with Haymitch Abernathy, victor of the 50th Hunger Games. At the age of 47 Chaff was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell, during which he died.


One: In the train on the way to the District 11 stop on the Victory Tour, in a conversation with Peeta, Katniss mirrors her “Not very good at making friends” comment that she uttered to Cinna in the first film.

Two: Speaking of mirroring comments, as they walk through Snow’s mansion in the Capitol, Effie tells Katniss and Peeta that the decor is made of mahogany!

Three: As Snow toasts the lovebirds and then slyly shakes his head to let Katniss know she never convinced him, Snow drinks his champagne and as he pulls the glass away, blood pours from his mouth in to the glass. A hint of what’s to come in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

Four: Blink and you’ll miss him. Cray, the old District 12 head-peacekeeper, greets Romulus Thread but before he can finish his sentence his head is shoved in a bag and we never know his fate.

Five: It’s Ripper that Katniss helps after the peacekeeper crackdown of District 12. Both her arms appear to be intact though.

Six: And keeping with the hob, it’s Greasy Sae who’s about to be beaten in the alleyway by Thread before Gale tackles him to the ground.

Seven: After Haymitch convinces Thread to walk away from the whipping incident, he turns to the crowd and yells that the entire District is under curfew. Afterwards he wipes his whip clean and flicks a handful of Gale’s blood onto the ground. The back of his armour is also covered in tiny specks of blood.

Eight: At the 75th reaping ceremony, breaking from tradition Effie says: “And now for the men.” Instead of: “And now for the boys.” from the first film.

Nine: Mrs Everdeen is the first to raise her hand in the defiant District 12 salute, closely followed by Prim and then Gale.

Ten: Finnick wears the same necklace in the District 4 reaping and during his entire time in the Capitol. We know from costume designer Trish Summerville’s past comments, that her and Sam Claflin invented a back story that it was a necklace that Annie Cresta made for Finnick. So that even though they were apart, something of her was always with him.

Eleven: While sat at dinner, Haymitch explains about how the other Victors know each other and will target District 12 if they don’t make allies. Behind Peeta and Katniss is a truly haunting looking avox. The attendant looks like something straight out of a horror film.

Twelve: Beside the Chariots as Cinna explains the outfits for the Tribute Parade, the Victors are told: “Tributes mount up. Tributes mount up.” Francis Lawrence told staffer Jared that his voice was in the film in this red carpet interview. We believe it is the director himself who tells the Victors to mount the chariots.

Thirteen: In the lift, Johanna states that “everyone wants to sleep with you.” Katniss begins to deny this but is promptly told she wasn’t being spoken to. Johanna means that, after the Tribute Parade, everyone in the Capitol wants to sleep with Peeta now.

Fourteen: Beetee has to lift his glasses to see the force field in the Training Center. Beetee is far-sighted.

Fifteen: And while we’re on the subject of the District 3 Victor. Beetee is called in for his individual assessment with the Gamemakers in the Training Center. Beetee’s surname is Latier! (I think this is the biggest of our little moments!)

Sixteen: In Katniss’ individual training assesment she hangs Seneca Crane. As well as writing ‘Seneca Crane’ on its chest, she has painted his iconic beard on the dummy’s face too.

Seventeen: Did you all see Peeta’s knowing smirk when the Capitol were in uproar at the announcement that Katniss was pregnant?

Eighteen: After the interviews, Katniss reaches forward and holds Chaff’s stump where his hand used to be.

Nineteen: After Wiress is killed the Careers attack the Allies. Finnick shoves Peeta out of harms way in the background as Johanna moves Katniss out of the way to attack Cashmere with her axe. After Finnick fends off Brutus and Enobaria, Katniss and Johanna start to take chase. Again in the background, Finnick wraps his arms around Peeta and wrestles him behind him (just like Haymitch does to Katniss in District 11) so that Peeta can’t run after Katniss. One of the many clues of the Allies trying their best to protect District 12′s Victors.

Twenty: In the arena, Katniss sits on the beach and Johanna joins her. Katniss asks about Annie and who she was to Finnick. Johanna replies that Annie won the Hunger Games four, then halts and quickly corrects herself to say five years ago. Johanna won her Games four years ago.