chaerakkuma replied to your post: No cheek pinching allowed!

Exactly, I’m very sharp. Very dangerous. You should watch your fingers. Eh, I’ll just stick to my evil leader rep. Your strong muscles could probably pinch my cheeks off.

That photo set says otherwise though. I don’t think you can stick to your mean/evil leader rep when you’re that cute. My strong muscles will do you no harm, it’s just a light pinch. You’ll just have two red finger prints on each cheek at most.

Captured (AU Para) || Minji & Chaerin

Minji was lying down on her bed, just woken up from her slumber. She rubbed her eyes and sat up to face the four solid white walls that she had to face daily. In a few minutes, she would be out of the room and forced to take a shower before she would be escorted to the dining area. She groaned and plopped herself back down on her bed, not wanting to leave the comfortable spot as she felt far too lazy to function today. Usually, she would bargain with the hospital staff to let her laze in exchange for good behavior. Unfortunately, it would not work today for it was observation day. Groaning once again as she recalled the weekly medication reviews with the ‘shrink’ whom she had to call ‘doctor’. Mundane questions, the same old routine, Minji thought she was mentally prepared for this, well she was but-.. Her train of thoughts was interrupted by a hospital staff. She made a face and whined at the nurse who was patient enough despite dealing with a difficult inmate. Her patience won Minji over and so she reluctantly followed orders. She showered, ate, and soon found herself in the consultation room waiting for the ‘shrink’ to arrive. “Now where is that stupid shrink,” she thought aloud, rocking herself back and forth on the chair.

chaerakkuma asked:

-laughs.- He'd definitely think something would be up then. It's even suspicious when we try to be good little students! Our Chaeziness reputation precedes us. I really like the addition of the geeky glasses though, I feel like I'll be getting the full student effect this way.

He should at least appreciate our effort! It’ll make up for the lack of skills we have, we try to work hard to overcome that. That’s the most important. *nods* Neh, the glasses will automatically turn you into a nerd… well unless you decide to modify your uniform like shortening the length of the skirt. You might look like a hot librarian instead. He’d never take his eyes off you then. *chuckles*

chaerakkuma asked:

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning... A+ students! Of course, I get what you're saying. Students that seem like they'd be bad but we're actually top of the class... even if their are only two of us. It makes sense somewhere. ooh, but we do want the waffles. We'll be good just for them.

Yes, we’ll need to sit at the very front row and make sure our uniforms are tucked in properly. Maybe add geeky classes to complete the look. Stay really quiet during lessons, no passing of notes around and hand in our assignments on time! Sounds like hard work though…

chaerakkuma asked:

You can draw on a separate piece of paper and pass them to me... passing notes in class. He won't get mad unless he sees right? -laughs.- I really am a bad student. I'm trying to badly influence you Minji! You have to resist! Hmm, I haven't been yet. Maybe our teacher should take us out to lunch? oooh waffles are really good. I understand the moans- ah... noises you'd make.

Oh, but he can really sharp at times so we must be really extremely cautious when passing notes. Especially since we could be the only two students. *chuckles* I don’t think I can resist being pulled to the dark side, I think I might just join you… being a bad student is not necessarily bad. I wonder how he’ll punish us during detention… maybe he won’t take us to that cafe to indulge in those waffles. *pouts* That’s too great a punishment, we must strive to be good students!