chaerin faith lee

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a long while.

Even though Kris isn’t apart of Exo-M anymore, I feel like he has a bigger chance to meet up with CL. As strange as it sounds, it’s quite logical if you think about it. For example, if he was tied down in Exo – he sure as hell wouldn’t have time (SM wouldn’t take his chains off) to attend any fashion shows, or meet up with foreign designers overseas like he’s doing now. I mean – nudge, nudge but CL took a picture with the SAME guy Kris took a picture with right? Riiiight? And you know our queen CL is all about having designer friends, and going overseas every chance she gets. I dare to say this now, but watch CL post an instagram pic of her chillin’ with Kris someday. 

You just watch … /creepily whispers

Honestly, it makes me really ticked off when people claim that CL is a “fraud” and not a “real rapper”, and that she’s not even good.

Let’s see here …

As much as you bash and whine about how CL is overrated, and not a good rapper – let’s sit down and think about who in kpop, particulary female here, has more charisma and stage presence other than CL? NO ONE. And I repeat, NO ONE is more fierce or badass on stage than CL. Again, bash and discriminate against her all you want but the girl is legit fire on stage, and none of your unnie’s can get a crowd as hyped as the baddest female herself. Cause she’s just that bad.