“CL is a bad leader, she never put the group before herself”

Well let’s see,

- In 2009/2010 an America CEO really liked her and 2NE1 but paid more attention to her. Despite getting offer to debut in U.S. she stayed with the group.

- In 2011, there was a deadly earthquake in Japan. CL instead of going to the lobby like everyone else, she ran up flights of stairs to get Dara. She said if they were going to die, she would want to die together.

- In 2013, only her solo performance was scheduled but she brought the other members for a surprise performance

- She revealed she had been offered roles to act in Hollywood but turned them down because she wanted to focus on 2NE1.

- She began writing and composing songs in 2013. The songs she composed were for her solo album but she gave her best songs for 2NE1′s last album “Crush”

- CL had planned to go to Jeremy Scott’s movie premiere. It would have been a great opportunity for her to meet new people and make connections but she cancelled it to hang out with Dara and take pics of her.

- At mama 2015, she was scheduled once again for just a solo performance and for the second time she brought the entire group as a surprise.

- Now she revealed she put her solo album plans on hold and was in korea working on their group album instead. 

So next time you wanna lash out at her and her leadership because you are upset, do remember that she has put the group ahead of herself many times. Don’t blame her for something YG did.