chaeki couple

Let them be...

Just watched ep 16 and is eun gi gonna take revenge on maru? she asked maru for those gift as the last gift from him? She plays with maru now? So they’re tied? After she hates maru, she left him, choco will cry with jae gil and maru…he will take the surgery and…

/sigh If this happen, idk but…I really hope maru won’t die! What I hope is…

Eun gi pretends to hate maru, give him back how she felt when maru played her heart before, then joon ha suddenly tells her that maru sincerely loves eun gi. But eun gi pretends not to believe him. When maru goes on surgery, she visits him but no one knows. She’s the one who always be beside Maru but no one knows. 

Can I just be the scripwriter&director? How I want that to happen? Oh ChaeKi couple, just let them be real! Haha, I’m mad right? But this is the reality that I want. Please…don’t let maru die and let maru&eun gi lives happily ever after together. Please!!!


                                                                     From a girl who just started                                                                    

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