Speak In Tongues || Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

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31. “Did you just curse at me in a different language?“

58. “You never fail to surprise me.“

Kim Minseok + Reader + Fluff

“Sweetheart, do you think I should start learning a different language besides my native one?“ 

You locked your phone and threw it on the coffee table beside you. It was a rainy afternoon and Minseok has a day-off from work today. You both decided to stay indoors and just have a lazy day instead of going out and wasting gas and energy.

“I thought you’re currently learning how to play the piano? Can you do both at the same time?“ Minseok asked. He was sat next to you with a book in his hand. It was The Fault in Our Stars.

“I am.. But I want a new hobby.“ 

Minseok looked at you with raised eyebrows. “Another hobby?” he closed his book, “You never fail to surprise me.” he playfully pinched your nose and wiggled it from side to side.

“No, seriously. Should I learn a new language?“ you huffed. Besides your native language, you only knew English. It was actually funny that you can’t speak Korean, considering your boyfriend is a foreigner himself. Many people have asked you about dating a foreigner without learning their first language. Minseok was the one who adjusted with the language barrier. While earning his PhD, he took English lessons at the same time. He wasn’t planning on learning English, but when he met you, he got inspired. The two of you used to communicate using hand gestures and short sentences, sometimes calling Kyungsoo or Suho for help. And when Minseok knew his feelings were sincere towards you, he hired a tutor.

“Hmm.. Maybe Korean?“ he suggested with a bright smile. Of course! You need to learn how to speak Korean. It’s about damn time you start understanding what your boyfriend is saying whenever he’s watching a movie and getting so emotional he starts talking in a foreign language while you’re sat there only understand ‘Wae?‘ and ‘Chaebal‘.

“I can be your tutor.“ he continued. It took you a few seconds to decide, but then you finally agreed.

Boy did Minseok regret he even suggested that.

Because after a few days trying to teach you simple sentences, you were only able to pick up short everyday phrases.

“Honey, I said ‘Dinner is ready‘ not ‘Dinner is daddy’.“ Minseok groaned in frustration. “You’re not improving. Who eats their dad?!“ 

You pout at his reaction. You weren’t even doing this on purpose. It wasn’t your fault your tongue isn’t too fond with Korean accents. You didn’t even knew accents were important in his language.

“I’m trying okay! And I’m really tired..“ you whined. You slouched your back and stomped your feet like a child asking for candy. Minseok deeply sighed before leaning back on the couch. 

“You think doing aegyo can make you fluent in Korean, hm?“ he teased.

You stopped stomping your feet and stared at him with a blank expression. You scrunched your nose and gritted your teeth as if you were ready to bite him.

“Sapakin kita, gusto mo?“ 

Minseok’s head perked up at the foreign words he heard that left your lips. He looked at you with confused eyes, his mouth slightly agape in shock.

“Did you just..“ he stood up and started walking towards you until he was towering you. You nervously bit your lips, struggling to stifle in a laugh.

“Did you just curse at me in a different language?“ his eyes glared at you while you only stood there giggling.

“Maybe I did.. Maybe I didn’t..“ you took a step back, then another, until you were running away from him.

“You’re dead meat, (y/n)!“ 

Sapakin kita, gusto mo? = “Do you want me to hit you?”

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For You - pt. 1

| all parts up to date |

~ Déjà Vu ~ 

Taking a deep breath, I halt in front of the gate that would lead me towards the campus and to another day of school. After a week it still hadn’t gotten any easier.
Students keep passing by me, some not noticing me and some giving me short curios glances. I mostly kept to myself and only a few knew why.

Out of nowhere, I get pushed on my shoulder, causing me to take a step forward, bracing myself.
‘’What are you doing out here?’’ Lee, one of the few people I still had in my life, had a satisfied smile on her face, knowing exactly how much I disliked to be sneaked up on.

Ignoring her, I cross my arms over my chest pretending to be annoyed with her and continue my way inside, climbing the steps with Lee in tow. ‘’Don’t follow me.’’

She laughs out loud. ‘’Babo-ya, we are in the same class.’’ She reaches into her backpack and pulls out an umbrella.

It’s only then that I notice the light rain drops coming from above, slowly increasing.
Lee shields the rain from both our heads and in that moment I feel a great sense of gratefulness of still having her in my life, she was the one who took care of me when I forgot to.

‘’Thank you.’’ For everything. I don’t say, but I feel like she knows anyway, she is my best friend, who else would know me better than myself.
Lee smiles warmly and puts her arm around my shoulders guiding me softly away from the pelting rain. It is moments like these where I just want to cry and let it all out.

We walk into class and my eyes land on the small crowd of people around my seat. After closer inspection, I notice that they were not in fact huddling around my seat but the seat next to mine, which ever since school started had always been vacant.

I didn’t even know that there was supposed to be someone sitting next to me. Is it okay to be missing so many days of class, right at the beginning of the year? Maybe they were in a similar situation as I had been.

Following Lee, I stay by her seat, not wanting to even attempt to squish into my seat with all of them hovering over it. I wish my seat was next to Lee’s but the teacher had randomly formed the seating plan.

Talking of which, the teacher just then steps into the classroom so I quickly walk to my seat and take of my coat revealing the yellow blazer.

When the teacher clears his throat, the girls around us scatter to find their seats not wanting to get in trouble. This person must be popular, but apparently not popular enough to get in trouble for.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I sneak a glance to my right and find him already looking at me and for a second something like recognition flashed across his eyes.
Do I know him?

As I was trying figure out where he could know me from, I totally forgot about the fact that I was still looking at him.
When I finally realize, I snap out of it in embarrassment and look back at our homeroom teacher.
There was a sudden sense of déjà vu.

I frown and try to get rid of it by shrugging my shoulders but the feeling was still lingering making me puzzled.

Our teacher starts calling our names one by one to make sure that we were present.
After that she fills us in on the school trip the next week when I hear my seating partner, who I found out is named Jungkook, quietly coughing next to me.
I peek at him and for the first time notice that he looked incredibly tired. His eyes were slightly bloodshot, probably from lack of sleep and he had been repeatedly rubbing the back of his neck.

Shouldn’t he be home in bed in this condition?

“A-are you alright (g-gwenchena-yo)?” I almost whisper worried for him, not wanting him to collapse or something like that.

He stops coughing and glances at me surprised, almost alarmed even. He looks at me with his round eyes and even if he might be exhausted, there was no doubt that he is handsome.

Finally, what seemed to me like an eternity, he responds with a nod and a bow with his head.
Déjà vu, here we go again.

Wanting to get to the bottom of it, I turn to him again. “Sorry (jugi-yo), but have we-” Before I can finish my sentence, my words gets swallowed up by the students’ talking around me and in the same moment I get pulled to my feet by Lee as she moves to drag me away.

“Ya, why (wae)?” I jerk at my arm and stagger back unexpectedly when she loses her grip on me, and painfully collide with the desk by my hip.

Wincing in agony, I brace myself on the table and rub at the stinging pain, I look up at Lee and glare at her. Showing no worry for me at all she just laughs and tells me to hurry.

Dumbfounded and brooding, I turn around still rubbing my now tingling and slightly numb hip to gather my belongings. Just before leaving I glance over my shoulder and find Jungkook looking amused, while silently packing up his own things.
But before I can think anything of it my view gets blocked by a handful of girls surrounding him again, I frown but turn to leave class with Lee.

~ ~ ~

Having changed into a pair of black leggings and black baggy shirt, I step into dance class and find all the girls huddled together while talking amongst themselves.
As I’m not very close with them, I look around spotting Joon on the other side where all the guys are usually at and unexpectedly see that Jungkook was in the same class.

Slowly, I walk towards Joon, not wanting to disturb him because they were actually talking to each other, and quietly sit down a little bit further away, giving me a chance to observe Jungkook.
Although he didn’t seem familiar, the way he he had looked at me in class just won’t leave my head.

He, too, changed out of his school uniform and is now wearing a loose black shirt and gray sweats accompanied by a pair of sneakers. He still looked fatigued but more relaxed than he was in class, not as tense. I saw him in art class earlier and he had seemed to enjoy it, more than me at least.

His aegyo-sal (under-eye fat) pushing up whenever Joon said something funny made him look like a little boy, his cheekbones lifting, his entire face smiling.
To put it simply he was really nice to look at. His gauges giving him an edgy look totally contradicting with his sweet smile.

I secretly watch him a little bit longer until the dance teacher joins the class forcing me to face away from them and focus on the teacher instead. We greet him in unison and bow respectful.

‘’Today, we will be doing something fun.’’ He begins and claps his hands. ‘’Find yourself into two groups. One group will be covering a dance of a boy group while the other group will be doing the same to a girl group.’’

While I didn’t mind being in either group, I had a feeling that the girls in this class were going to be in the girl group dance cover team, and since I still don’t know them well, I felt reluctant to join them.

Before I can finish that thought, I find myself in a light headlock, getting pulled back from my seating position on the floor.
No questions asked, it can only be Joon, he is just as bad as Lee. They make the perfect pair, now if only they could realize that themselves.

‘’What’s wrong with you guys today, huh?“ I ask while patting his arm around my neck, wanting him to release me.

He loosens his grip but his arm stays around my shoulder, I glare at him. “Why (wae)? What did she do this time?’’

‘’Because of her, I’m going to have a bruise for at least a week.” I reply, struggling to remove his arms from my shoulder so I just push his head away making him snicker annoyingly.
‘’Ah, really (jinjja). This isn’t funny.“ When it causes him to laugh even more, I sigh in defeat and turn away.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Jungkook again smiling in amusement, and without noticing the corners of my mouth lift as well.

One girl raises her hand ’‘Ssam (more informal way of ‘teacher’), can we form smaller groups?’’

We were only twelve people in class, how much smaller does she want the groups to be?
After considering for a moment, the teacher agrees but only for the purpose of learning the choreography.

‘’Ah, yes. Want to join our team?’’

I turn back to face Joon with a hopeful smile. ‘’The girl group dance cover team?’’

‘’No, never.’’ He declares.

I pout and rub my hands, begging. ‘’Chaebal (please).’’

He shakes his head back and forth repeatedly. ‘’Not in this lifetime. Never.’’

I glare at him, irritated. “Why are we even friends, then?”

‘’Let’s do, Kai Bai Bo (rock, scissor, paper game)’’ Jungkook suggests, joining in on our nonexistent debate.

It gives me chance to win this but there is the fact that I had no luck whatsoever, I don’t think I’ve ever won and looking at Joon’s smug expression, I’m pretty sure he knows.

‘’Ah,’’ I exclaim, crushed yet again. ‘’but I always loose.”

Joon claps happily like a seal and laughs at my expression and in that moment I really wanted to throw something at him.
My shoe was a very tempting option.

Sighing, I look up to find Jungkook watching me, his hair covering the top of his eyes. I blink a few times, I’m sure I looked like an animal caught in headlight.

‘’I’ll do it for you.’’ He suddenly says with confidence.

Joon looks at both of us exasperated. ’'You want to dance girl group dance?’’ Jungkook shrugs and smiles slyly.

I slowly slide over to him, taking his side, and smile at him as he watches me taken aback. ‘’Hwaiting.’’ I put my hands into fists, showing him my support.

He turns to Joon, and from his side I can see that he is pressing his lips together, most likely suppressing a smile.

My gaze drops to the ground, he really is handsome no matter from what angle.

They both hold out their hands and get ready. ‘’Kai Bai Bo!’’

~ ~ ~

We lost.

It wasn’t that bad to be honest, the only thing bothering me was the pompous look on Joon’s face.
Smiling reassuringly, I tilt my head to the side and focus on Jungkook instead, ignoring Joon. ’'It’s ok (gwenchena-yo), don’t worry about it.’’

He had a smile on his face but looked regretful nonetheless. It was a nice gesture anyway.

After, the teacher gives each group their dance and respective song, getting into the explanation of how to start, he let’s us organize a little more until the class ends.
Dance class was like that, more freedom, this teacher was great for relaxing after classes like Mathematics.

‘’Is this dance hard?’’ I ask not particularly to anyone.

Jungkook, who had been looking at his phone, snaps his head to my direction surprised by my question.

I look at the sheet of paper we were given. “'Beast’ that’s their name, right? How many members do they have?’’

Jungkook’s face was adorable, still in that astounded state. ‘’You don’t know (molla-yo)?” He questions as if not believing that I really didn’t know.

‘’I don’t (molla-yo).’’ I confirm, ‘’I don’t really know any musicians.’’ Whatever it is that I said made him look relieved. My eyebrows raise in confusion.

‘’Don’t mind her, she’s not normal.“ Joon teases me.

My eyes instantly find him and fire back. ‘’How can I be when I’m with you all the time.’’
I push myself up from the hard dance floor walking as he puts his hand on his heart feigning being hurt making me snicker silently.

With Jungkook having kept his eyes on me as I stood up, I somehow felt a little self conscious.
I continue making my way towards my backpack looking for my blazer since the air con was making me a little chilly.
Not being able to find it after a while, I think back to when I took it off before class and realize that I had left it on my seat when I left with Lee.

I return to my position on the floor and shiver, so I wrap my arms around my legs, I easily get cold.
Joon was engrossed in the dance practice video on his iPad and Jungkook had scooted over next to him doing the same with a concentrated look on his face, intensely focusing on the screen.

I sit there motionless with my head resting on my legs, my thoughts drifting, I close my eyes almost dozing off in the middle of class when the bell rings, signaling the end of class.

Opening my heavy eyelids, my eyes spot Jungkook sitting by himself without Joon, his head rested against the wall he was leaning on.
And in that moment all I could do was stare amazed, from this angle I see the other side of him, he had looked cute before but now from where I sat, I could see just how attractive he us. His face is more defined than I thought.

Surprisingly, his soft round eyes matched very well with that trait. Even though he was wearing loose fitted clothes, I could tell he was well built. Everything was well balanced and fit together nicely.

Totally forgetting that I was blatantly staring, I snap my eyes back to his face wanting to make sure that he hadn’t caught me.
He had.

I look away sheepishly, flustered at being caught. But I can’t help and sneak a glance, finding him smiling, looking like a little kid.
One second he has got the most endearing smile and the next he looks incredibly charismatic.

Before I can make more of a fool out of myself, I stand up and grab my backpack, quickly bowing to the teacher, telling him he has worked hard even though he hasn’t really.

Rushing out after the other students I slow down when I see Lee leaning against the wall, deep in conversation with none other than Joon.

Ah, so that’s where he went. Shaking my head at my friends’ eagerness to abandon me like this, I return to homeroom and grab my blazer not even bothering to change since I had to be at work.

Another day almost over. Another day almost survived.

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So, is it time for me to fangirl?
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Next week, we will have something to watch or to stream almost every single day… we have the National Idol Singing Contest, the My Boss Is Watching, ISAC, guess that means a lot of new gifs and a lot of fangirling, huh ^^

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anonymous asked:

pls recommend me some sekai highschool au fanfics or sekai comedy or romance comedy!!

HEY ANON! YOU WANT SEKAI! LET’S HUG AND BE FRIENDS AND NEVER LET GO! (this is Admin Kim btw, if the caps spam wasn’t a clear enough indicator for you, or you just found our blog so you don’t know about my intense love for my otp)

warning: my feels for sekai are no joke. 

SeKai fics we’ve posted that fit your request:

Other SeKai romcom/HighSchool!AU:

Title: tell me i’m your national anthem
Genre: Romance, HighSchool!AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3K~
Summary:  In which Sehun and Jongin make a lifelong promise in the seventh grade

Title: your lips were the sun that shed light on my neck.
Genre: Romance, Slight!Angst, HighSchool!AU
Rating: R
Word Count: 15.2K
Summary: ☼ inspired by the movie Say Anything.

smooth fluid plot, ft. rarely seen completely unawkward/un-derpy!Jongin and ActuallyNotBeingALil’Shit!Sehun and it’s just a really nice fic guys just <3

Title: So Caught Up In You
Genre: Romance, Humour, Fluff, HighSchool!AU
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6.5K
Summary: Jongin tells himself there’s nothing special about Sehun, but he’s always been a bad liar.

//SCREAMS because i love this fic, because Sehun is perf in this fic, everyone is perf, too much SEKAI feels *ugly sobs* so cute and hot and afdafgjskjl

Title: I Can Be A Gentleman, Anything You Want
Genre: Romance, HighSchool!AU
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11K
Summary: Sehun doesn’t believe in relationships, because he thinks they’re fucking annoying.

Sehun and his group of friends are so perf/cute together and Jongin tho, why can i not be Jongin, like chaebal im begging please i want his life (inclusive of sehun as well duh) *cries* 

Title: We’re Pretty And Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored
Genre: Romance, HighSchool!AU
Rating: R
Word Count: 5.6K
Summary: Sehun transfers high school to a wealthy part of Seoul and meets the whirlwind that’s Kim Jongin.

SEQUEL: Take Back The Night (mostly PWP, BUT JONGIN IS SO CUTE AND SEHUN’S HAIR IS MY FAVE I LOVE IT SO MUCH *keyboard smash insert*

Like the typical Jongin is the hot rich cool guy everyone wants meets Sehun the new but also rich and hot because everyone is rich; romance on school rooftops with the hip group of friends which are al rich as well, and it’s just really nice and asdfghjkl k-drama worthy but plus more smut

also you should look at all the sekais on THIS ask and THIS ask, because they’re all hilarious romcoms<3

there’s definitely more sekai highschool!au out there but these were just off the top of my head because admin kat says the list is long enough and i’ve overloaded this blog with too much sekai and i should stop:( and now she’s imposed a 6-months sekai ban, no lie. which this blog sort of needs though but AH WAEGURAEEEE

TV to Blog About--EXO's Showtime

After 12 weeks of the 12 members of EXO, MBC Everyone’s EXO’s Showtime, whether the viewers like it or not, has finally bid its goodbye. The last episode which received the highest rating during its time-slot was an episode of mixed happiness and sadness. Happiness for the members’ antics never failed to shower laugh-out-louds. And of course, sadness for it’s the last time we’re seeing them in that kind of situation.

Yeah, sure, we’ll be following them in other shows. But, it’ll never be as carefree as Showtime had been. And aside from their stage performances, they might not even appear as a whole in variety programs. So, undeniably, it will be missed a lot. As for me, “Season 2 chuseyo, chaebal!”

Anyway, here’s a compilation of observations that I have gathered as I journeyed with them in these last 4 months.

The Members

The different sides and almost true selves of the EXO members were finally showcased in this special reality program. Aside from being known as EXO as a whole, these boys who cried wolf have now let their individuality out of the cave.


Surprisingly, the member who got a lot of attention and who turned out to be very different when he’s comfortable with the people he’s with is Kris. I guess some fans could agree that after watching Showtime, they could attest that Kris is not really the father of the EXO family. He’s more likely the heodang big brother of the group. And he’s really narcissistic.


Despite being too playful and sometimes childish, he’s still a member that can be relied on. Haven’t you noticed, every time they have to draw lots or do something it’s always him who took charge?


D.O. who is known as a mild person, unexpectedly possess a little bit of the Beagle touch too. He was the one who played a prank on Luhan by leaving him alone in the Horror House. He was the one too who convinced Baekhyun to urge Suho to go into the winter water when they visited the beach.


Suho, indeed, is the leader. I don’t know how EXO would be like if he wasn’t the leader. Even though he has that bossy attitude at times, he certainly still deserved the position.


He is just one cool and funny guy. If there’s a leader among EXO’s Beagle line, it’s definitely him. I was already drawn to him before. And now, I am even more drawn because his personality is just so fun.


In my viewpoint, he is the least beagle among the three beagles of EXO. I think he’s that type who can be bouncy or serious depending on his mood and situation. Plus, he’s so thoughtful too. I agree to Sehun that he is EXO’s mother and not Suho or D.O.


There are three things clear to me about Luhan. First, he loves to eat. Every episode I saw him eating, I drool. He really eats well. Second, he laughs a lot like his laughter really surface. Third, he’s too good to be true. He is handsome, sings and dances well, good in sports and possesses a nice personality. Really, he’s like a character out of a romantic comics.


He’s really the baby of the group. Even with his height and all, you can feel that he still needs taking care of. Indeed, he is a maknae.


Amusingly, Tao’s personality is the opposite of his looks. His martial arts façade doesn’t show how he wears his heart on his sleeves. He looks rough but inside, he is sensitive, emotional and childish. Indeed, he is a maknae.


He may act cool with his dancing skills on stage, but in normal situations, he is, well, normal. The Kai on stage is so unlike the Kai out of the stage. Like Sehun, you can grasped from the way he is that he is still young. And like Tao, he’s very delicate too. Indeed, he is a maknae.


If D.O. is taciturn, then this guy is more taciturn. He doesn’t speak a lot. But he appears to have a strong charm among the viewers. More than the leader, he is more respected.


I don’t know how to label Lay. Even though he speaks little, he’s not the same with D.O. and Xiumin. He is the least attention-grabbing in the group. In Episode 6, I thought he should be the one cleaning the plates with Tao instead of Kris. But since his persona doesn’t emerge a lot even the members could not think of him. I guess he is just lost most of the time and doesn’t really care of how he appears on TV.


I don’t know which of HunHan and ChanBaek (also known as BaekYeol) is more popular. But Showtime definitely didn’t emphasize the friendship between the individuals in this boats. Instead, it had sailed new ships in the ocean. For one, the 94-liners, Kai and Sehun showed a great tandem in the show. The maknae-line composed of EXO-K’s maknae, Sehun (again) and EXO-M’s maknae, Tao seems to be quite close too. Then Tao with Baekhyun, the sogogi-line, is just hilarious. The mother-son relationship too between Suho and Tao is another funny story. The idol-fan set-up between Kai and Chanyeol is also amusing. We had a glimpse too on the understanding between D.O. and Baekhyun and Luhan and Xiumin. We also had moments of togetherness between the two sang namja, D.O. and Luhan—the arms in the shoulders and all. Furthermore, there’s familiarity too between Kris with Chanyeol, with Tao and with Xiumin. There’s also the boring combination of D.O. and Suho who understands each other in serious matters. Then, Chen appears to be everyone’s close friend and Lay gets to be alone most of the time.

But by and large, EXO’s Showtime has certainly displayed the improvement of the teamwork of the group. It has disclosed the truth behind their attachment to one another. Indeed, SM groups have different and tight rapports compare to other entertainment groups. I mean despite these “shipping” teams, we still witness each of the member communicating with the rest of their team as a whole. It’s just my judgement but if I have to compare the affinity within EXO and within Infinite from when I have watched their Sesame Player, I could say that inner groupings within Infinite is more distinctive than EXO who generally interacts as a whole most of the time. I just hope that with years to come, they’ll be more devoted as a team and as friends, of course.

All in all, EXO’s Showtime has been a good experience for all the fans out there—local and international. I wonder what could be their next reality show as a whole.

P.S. Even to me, this sounds so biased. That’s why I own this site. =D

Butterflies pt. 1

Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff (at least I tried to make it fluff) 

♥ how about a scenario where kookie and the main character meet again after being separated for a long time? like childhood romance bc yes I need fluff in my life

| pt. 2 |

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Why is she such a deep sleeper? Well, it’s only partially her fault, her friend Lee had gone back on her promise to wake her this morning. She really wants to strangle her long time, best friend for playing her on such an important day.

From afar she can already hear the loud chatter from the children and the teachers, gearing up for their anniversary festival. She doesn’t even have time to take it all in, the nostalgia of being back here, her hometown where she spend the first few years of her life.

As soon as she’s inside the building, she is amazed at how familiar is it but at the same time how much had changed. Everything seems much smaller compared to when she was a child, the decoration had also changed.

Instead of trying to find Lee by going down every hall, she fishes out her phone from her sling bag and calls her friend.

“Hey, sleepyhead. You finally decide to come join us?” She wonders how her best friend can still sound so cheerful.

“Where are you (eodiya)?”

“Remember where the art room used to be?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way.” She hangs up and starts walking to find the room, climbing the stairs. Turning the corner, she sees a few guys standing together in the hall, talking with each a cup in their hands.
One of them catches her looking at them and looks right back at her, surprise flashing in his familiar eyes. But before she can figure out who he is, Lee runs around the corner almost bumping into her full force.

“Oh, here you are.” Lee says happily as if she hadn’t almost hurt them both. “I almost thought you got lost.”

“It’s a school not a maze, Lee.” She says dryly. “I don’t think your can ever get lost inside a school.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go, we’ve got a lot to do.” Lee then proceeds to pull her into the art room and even though it’s awkward at first the old school mates gathered inside start to catch up soon after.


On the ground floor, she is busy placing down the different items the children had crafted in honor of this anniversary. She smiles while looking at the mugs, they used to do this all the time.


“Yes (nae)?” She turns around hearing her name being called, taking a second for her to recognize him and realizing that he was amongst the guys she had seen earlier. “Jonghyun, you still live in Busan?”

Surprisingly, the class clown from back then pulls her in for a hug. “Ya, it’s been so long _______, America has done you good.”

Maybe it’s because the dialect (satoori) had long worn off on herself, but hearing it again somehow warmed her heart. “I wasn’t in America for long, Jonghyun, but thank you.”

“When did you come back?”

“Me? I’ve been back for three years.” She smiles at his surprised expression. “I live in Seoul now.”

“Why didn’t you call us up?”

“How (ottokhae)?” She says defensively. “I don’t know your numbers, and it’s not like everyone still lives here.”

“Actually we do, only you and one other person left Busan.”

“Really (jinjja)? Even after middle school, you all stayed here?” Taken aback by the information that unlike her, who had left after elementary school, almost everyone was still living in their hometown.

“Eoh (yeah), people don’t usually leave unless there is a special reason, like Jungkook and you.”

Her straightens, hearing that familiar name. “Jungkook?”

“You didn’t know? You two lovebirds didn’t keep in touch?” Even after all these years Jonghyun still finds many ways to tease her. “He’s here.”

“He is? Why haven’t I seen him?”

“Are you blind, ________?” He points at someone taping something against the glass door. “That’s him.”

She was about to tell him that she could see very well when Jonghyun hollers across the hall. “Jungkookie!”

Hearing his name Jungkook looks over his shoulder, his eyes first focusing on Jonghyun then landing on her. Halting his task, Jungkook walks over to them, the closer he gets the more she can’t help but just stare at his face, doing a double take.
No wonder she hadn’t recognized him, his hair had changed completely and his round cheeks are gone, left with a chiseled and defined jaw. His eyes, though, remain the same.

“Hello (ahnyeonghasaeyo).” She says awkwardly making Jonghyun hit her arm while guffawing loudly.

“‘Ahnyeonghasaeyo’? What the (buya), don’t be so shy ________.” She glances up at Jungkook to see him smiling. Wow, what a handsome smile he has.

“Now,” Jonghyun claps his hand together. “You two, catch up, go!” Looking satisfied with himself, Jonghyun leaves the two of them standing by themselves, not necessarily making it less awkward for her.

Not knowing what to do she looks up at an obviously taller Jungkook , finding him already looking at her with his round eyes. For a moment just looking at each other silently, the situation is so random that she is unable to keep from laughing lightly.

“Sorry (mianhae), I’m not laughing at you.”

“It’s alright if you are, I do look different.” His voice, it’s stronger and deeper than she remembers.

“No (aniya), I’m really not.” He’s too handsome, she doesn’t think that’s a laughing matter. “But you do look different, that’s why I didn’t recognize you earlier.”

“Really not even one bit?” She had never been good at reading people, but it seems like he was slightly offended by that.

“Your eyes.” They had always been her favorite thing, she’d told him before, does he remember? “But I didn’t even have the change to think long, Lee almost ran me over.”

Jungkook gestures towards the box. “Shall we work and talk?”

She smiles and nods.

“It’s a surprise that you two still keep in touch after so long.” He notes while helping her unwrap the paper.

“It’s all thanks to her, you know how persistent she can be.”

“That’s true.” He chuckles beside her. “She heard I was in town and called me up until I promised to come.”

So, Lee knew. “A warning would have been nice.” She mutters under her breath.

“Why (wae)? Is it that bad to see me again?”

She was pretty sure that he was joking but then again she is not good at reading the sign. “No, no! That’s not it, don’t take it the wrong way.”

Jungkook laughs and she is reminded of how nice of a sound it is, it’s very contagious. “I’m just kidding.”

“Well, actually, I probably should have expected it.” She tries hard not to show that she was liking his laugh way too much. “I thought you were still living in Busan.”

“I’m hurt do you not pay attention to the news.” His little frown makes her smile before she  continues to look at him, curiously.

“No, I mean, yes, of course.” The news she does watch, just not everything. “Why (wae)?”

“Nothing (ani), it’s not that important.” She glances up again at him dismissing it so easily.
Now her interest is spiked. Why would he be in the news constantly? Is he a reporter? A news anchor? But she doesn’t ask him as he said it’s not important, not wanting to push him.

They continue to work in silence and at first she had thought that it was a random act of him but now that they are almost done, she notices how he kept handing her the mugs so that she could grab them comfortably by the handles. Seems to her like Jungkook had grown up to be quite the gentleman.

“Looks pretty.” She claps her hands, and smiles at the nice display. “Thank you (gomowo), Jungkook.”

“No problem.” He smiles down at her. “I’ll go back to my task then or else Lee will murder me.”

She can’t help but giggle at that. “We wouldn’t want that.”

Smile deepening, Jungkook holds his hand out, vertically.

Her eyes widen for a second but then her smile, too, brightens as she gently touches her fist to his palm.

“You remember.” He sounds taken a back for some reason.

“Of course, I do.” In the past, mini her had always complained how much it hurt to do the high five because his enthusiasm always went overboard, so mini Jungkook had told her to use her fist instead. She had stuck to this and therefore always reveled in hitting him whenever he was being annoying.

Pulling herself out of her memories she peers up, he’s looking at her, makes her wonder how long she’s being standing there just staring into space. “Anyway, go back to work, Lee really might hurt you.”

“True, true.” And even though the smile was still lingering, he sounds distracted by something.

“So, eh…. See you later?”

Her half question pull him out of his thoughts. “Ah, yes (nae), see you later, ________.”

Hearing him say her name with this voice was doing weird things to her belly. It’s probably only because it’s been so long.

At least that’s what she is telling herself.


The first relatives and town’s people had started to arrive to the festival.
Since this was originally planned to be a casual class reunion, they were now sat inside their former classroom. True to Jonghyun’s words, everyone, except Jungkook and her, had indeed stayed in town. It felt nice to have all of them in one place again.

“I’m hungry (baegopa).” Lee complains all of a sudden. “Go buy something for me.”

“Why would I (naega wae)?” She says in response to Lee ordering her around. “What are your legs for?”

“Ah, please (chaebal).” Lee whines while holding onto ________ like a child. “I’m hungry (baegopa).”

Grimacing, she stops Lee and agrees to get her something to eat but only if Lee promises to never do this again, which Lee agrees to immediately.

Making her way out into the hallway after heaving a big sigh, she hadn’t taken two steps when she stops, remembering to get her wallet. It just so happens that Jungkook is sitting on top of the table she had placed her bag on.

“Can I?” She gestures towards her sling back behind him once she’s standing close enough.

Jungkook looks behind him but instead of making space for her, he grabs it and hands it over.

“Thank you (gomowo).”
He holds onto her bag not letting. “Where are you going?”

“I’m getting Lee something to eat.” Jungkook releases her bag once he knows she’s not going to leave.

“Will you get me something too?”

Is he joking or actually asking her? She isn’t sure. Nonetheless, this small task she could do easily. “Yeah, sure. Want do you want to eat?” She had been distracted by his earrings somehow only noticing them now which is why she jumps when he hops down from the desk.

“I’m coming with you.”

“No, that’s not necessary, unless you eat a ton, I can only carry so much.” She looks at his built suspiciously. “Do you?”

“I do.” He grins and puts a hand on her back. “Let’s go (gaja).”

They had walked these halls up and down so many times as children, their hands flinging back and forth, hand in hand. It had been more than just friendship, something like a crush, first love some might say, at least as much as it could be in elementary school. Something innocent and cute.

Looking at him from the side he definitely couldn’t only be described as cute now. His side profile is nice, too nice, it makes her wish she hadn’t looked.

“Have I changed that much?” Jungkook’s mouth twitches, catching her staring at him.

“It’s just your hair.” He used to wear his hair quite long and then decided to shave it one day. Mini her had laughed at him unable to contain it.

“Yeah, I know.” He agrees almost in resentment.

She places a hand on his arm, not wanting him to get the wrong idea. “No (aniya), what I mean is, it just made you look cuter and boyish.”

“Don’t I look cute now?”

“Huh?” She thinks she heard wrong. “Cute wouldn’t be what I’d use to describe you.”

“Then what?”

She catches his cheeky tone a second too late almost doing what he wanted her to. “Oh, no, you’re fishing for compliments. Not happening, Jungkook.”

However it doesn’t seems like he minds as he smiles anyway. “You changed, too.”

“It’s my hair, too, isn’t it.” She needed to get it cut again.

Jungkook opens the door for her, waiting for her to step out first then following behind. “Not just your hair, you got even prettier.”

Skeptical, she eyes his from the side. “Did you even know what pretty meant back then, Jungkookie?”

“Of course, I knew. I had you to look at.”

“Wow.” She cringes at his words, seeing the amusement on his face. “So cheesy.”

“Cheesy is my second name.” He agrees with a grin. “What do you plan to get for Lee? Do you want to eat anything yourself.”

“Hm-mh.” Shaking her head from left to right she looks past the people standing in line at the different choice of snacks, presented on the table. “You?”

“I think I’m going to-” Before he can finish his sentence, she gets bumped into from the back, the sudden momentum causing her to knock into Jungkook. He holds onto her elbows to steady her as she turns her head to look back surprised.

“I apologize (joesonghamnida).” The boy, in his young teens, apologizes half hardheartedly making the person next to him, his mother, hit him. “Ya, I told you to stop fidgeting.”

Entertained, ________ looks up at Jungkook, her breath hitching. Had he been looking at her like this the entire time?

And all of a sudden it seems like all background noise falls away, the sound of the people chatting fades, the children’s happy laughter and excited screaming vanishes completely.

All she can focus on is his eyes. It used to be her favorite thing, his fringe and long hair seemed to enhance that back then, they always looked a little bit too big on his small face. Now, Jungkook’s facial features work in perfect harmony with each other, at least that’s what she thought.

His two dark pools gaze back into hers with so much familiarity that she can’t help but wonder what if.

What if she’d stayed and protested against her parents with all her might?

What if their innocent childhood crush had the chance to develop into something more?
What if she tells him now how much she had missed him after she left?

Mentally shaking her head for thinking of these things now of all times, she drops her gaze.

Then, suddenly Jungkook puts an arm around her pulling her against his chest, her heartbeat sky rocketing in an instant.

“Please, be more careful, you almost hit her.” It takes her a second to grasp the situation, her mind to stuck on the fact he was kind of hugging her.

“Yes (nae), I’m sorry (joesonghamnida).” She hears the teenage boy repeat but this time sounding genuine about it.

When she lifts her head, she sees why. Jungkook’s jaw was clenched, his eyes hard, if they had been directed at her she would be intimidated. But weirdly enough she thought it was attractive.

She doesn’t know whether to pull away or to stay in his arms because it just feels so nice.

“Since when are you so tall?” She blurts out, her brain failing her.

Feeling him chuckle, she really wish she’d stop liking the sound so much. “Since you stopped growing, ________.”

“Are you saying I’m short?” Taking a step back, she looks over her shoulder to make sure that she won’t bump into the boy to see that the line had moved forward but when she’s about to move along, Jungkook stops her by her arm and switches places with her.

What happens next has her inner self very alarmed at her body’s reaction, because she had never expected to even see him again never mind getting butterflies when he smiles down at her in that cute way.

Seems like she is in trouble.


“Ya, she’s finally here!” She hears Jonghyun say rather loudly from the door.

Looking behind herself thinking that he meant someone else, she stumbles a bit when he grabs her wrist abruptly, pulling her into the room.

“Sit, sit.” They stop in front of the desks at the very front, Jungkook already having taken a seat. “Hurry (balli)!”

“Ehm, OK?” Not knowing what is going on, she obediently sits down on the chair next to Jungkook, her eyes roaming around the room, seeing that everyone had taken a seat already.

“You look confused.”

“I am.” She drops her confused frown. “Why (wae)…. Why are we doing this?”

“Teacher is coming in a bit and Jonghyun had the brilliant idea to make it seem like in 4th grade.”

She nods her head slowly getting the picture. “I still don’t like sitting in the front.” She thinks back to how upset she had been when they had to change their seating plan that one day.

“At least we were always close to the window.” Jungkook straightens up to look over her head. “It’s very nostalgic.”

“It is, isn’t it.” She, too, takes a look. “It feels like we are children again.”

“Except we don’t look it. Fortunately.” He adds and when she faces him again, she sees him shaking his head, probably thinking of how he used to look like.

His expression makes her giggle. “Oh, come one. It wasn’t that bad.”

“Yeah? You think I looked better then?” Chin pulled out, she had a clear view of his defined jawline.

“Well,” Sheepish, she is unable to contain the smile. “I didn’t say that.”

“I am more good looking now, right?”

“Ah, what the (moh-ya), Jungkook.” She shoots him an incredulous look, hoping to sidetrack him from this topic. “That’s so vain.”

“But you agree, right, ________-ie?” That endearment made her feel all kinds of tingly. “Right?”

Feeling Jungkook nudge her arm with his she smiles at his determination. “Yes (nae), I agree.”

“Agree what?”

“Ya.” She wanted to hit his arm noticing his cheeky grin, but settles on whacking his forearm instead. “You know what.”

“Come one, ________.” Now he’s pouting. Can he look any cuter? “Say it just once.”

“Ya, you two.” She had already opened her mouth to say what he most desired when Jonghyun points at them from across the room. “That’s not how you two used to be.”

“No (aniya)?” Checking her memory, she is pretty sure that this is how they were seated back then.

“You don’t remember? You two lovebirds used to hold hands all the time, it’s like they were glued together.”

At the word ‘lovebirds’ her eyes had already gone all wide, embarrassed about Jonghyun bringing that up in front of everyone.She watches him as he peeks around the corner and whispers for everyone to get ready, throwing a warning glance in their direction as he walks by them to get to his seat.

Pursing her lips as she doesn’t know what to do, she is taken aback when Jungkook’s hand rolls open on top of the desk. Not sure if it was intended she moves her eyes from his hand to his face, finding him already smiling down at her, his gaze warm.

Again like many times today, Jungkook raises his eyebrows briefly, similar to a wink, and again like many times today she is trying very hard not to get too affected by it. His eyes shift and before she can recover, she feels his warm hand wrapping around hers, taking the initiative.

Once more the beat of her heart pounds up to her ears, as she is solely able to feel his long, slender fingers holding hers in a gentle grip, not even noticing that their teacher had come in until Jungkook squeezes her hand and stands up to greet their teacher.

Flustered, she follows suit and gets that funny feeling again, which can only mean one thing.

Her feelings for Jungkook are blossoming again.

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