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Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People

Gil-dong x Ga-ryung

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First impression of Reunited Worlds first two episodes

So, i just finish watching the first 4 episodes ( i still find it easier to just say it’s actually just two episodes). IT WAS GOOD.

I watch this drama without any expectation since none of the cast were actually on my favorite list ( oh, that’s before i know kwak dongyeon was there, is he permanent tho?). I read the synopsis few weeks ago, it’ll be about a teenage boy that was coming back from death? Or something like that. 

Well, based on the first two episodes, i really really like this drama. They made it so beautiful, like every scene was shoot in a beautiful way with those kind of dreamy effects (i dont know the right word for it, lol). It gave me some kind of happy vibes, i smiled a lot while watching it. I wish my high school era was this beautiful, lol.

Seems like the mystery genre was the trend for this year because this drama, just like some other dramas that already aired this year, also take the mystery things for the story. It’ll be the combination of romance and mystery, i guess. But dont worry, it wont give you the ‘gloomy’ or some kind of dark side effects, lol, because there’re also so many cute and funny moments. 

Now lets talk about the cast. I think i want to start with Jung Chae Yeon. Chaeyeon clearly has the talent for being an actress. I watched her before in Drinking Solo, and considering this is only her second project, she made many improvements already. Her acting didnt feel awkward at all.

Yeo jingoo, as usual, is charming. LOL. I mean, with that kind of voice tone, how can u resist?!  Ahn Jae Hyeon will make you fall in love with his sweet and friendly personality here. Warning, he smiled a lot, and it’s cute (but his out of league, ladies, dont forget that!). Lee Yeon Hee’s character in the other hand was just like most of romcom female’s character, u know, that cute and caring girl that everybody likes, with a weak heart or past that made the lead male need to protect her. LOL. I like her character, tho.

So, yeah, that’s the short review of my impression for the first two ( or 4, again, :D) episodes. I think it’s safe to recommend this drama to those who like the mix of romcom, fantasy, and mystery.