chae hee


Final 3 episodes

With the downward spiral similar to the c-version, I would predict these endings…cry…please NOOOOO…

- Won divulges to So that Wook is the mastermind to Moo’s death and Chae Ryung is the helper. 

- CR will be beaten to death in front of all the court ladies as a warning and Soo happens to see it. She faints and the physician tells So that Soo’s days are numbered (10 years to be exact)

- Soo now sees So as a monster who beat CR to death like an animal. So does not reveal CR’s betrayal to Soo in consideration of her frail condition

- Soo continues to stay with So for some time out of love but they will distance from each other (CR’s death and Yeon Hwa becomes the Queen)

- Woo Hee will leave Baek Ah as his family gives her pressure for her background from Hubaekje. So may also know about her past doings as a spy for Yo and gives her an option to leave

- Woo Hee will commit suicide to free Baek Ah…cry…noooooooo

- So retaliates against Wook who mastermind Moo’s death and his marriage to Yeon Hwa and takes a series of actions.

- To save Wook, Soo protests in silence. in c-version, RX kneels and stands for long period of time. In Ep 17, the physician told Soo that she may be crippled from old injury and she has heart palpitation which may endanger her life, so she has to take care of her health.

- To leave the palace which is so sad for her, Soo takes up Jung’s offer to marry him

- Wook tells So about his relationship with Soo. In c-version, 8th Prince reveals their relationship to free RX from the palace, but Wook may just do it out of spite…arghhhhh

- Feeling betrayed and angered by Wook’s revelation, So finally frees Soo from the palace by allowing her to leave with Jung…cry…noooooo

- Once away from So, Soo realises that nothing matters except for her love for So. In her frail condition, she writes So a letter of love confession asking for his understanding and for him to come to see her for the last time…cry….

- Jung (in his idiocy againnnnn) puts Soo’s letter in an envelope with his handwriting. Angry with Jung, So does not read the letter until it is too late

- Soo dies longing for So and goes back to the present time. She looks up the outcome of the princes on internet

- Soo meets So in the museum in present time

Can someone please give us a miracle….please let k-version deviates from the above predictions…..

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