The “ghetto-ing” and segregation of minority groups has been a “coping” mechanism for insecure majorities in zones of control throughout history. The shuttering away of a people not only removes “the problem” from the prosperous quarters, it provides a kind of sequestered color palette upon which a nefarious composition of suppression and removal of access forges generations of absent privilege.@chadwys

A meditation on an historical impossibility: the notion of a Western (Napoleonic) imperialist of color that is confronted, or “calibrated.“ beneath the social mechanics of reception. In my work I often bring attention to the “workness” (or the materiality) of craft. Calibrations, color tests, color bars, etc., function as repeated rhetorical obstacles to underscore the mechanical, automated nature of producing and processing information. Information is malleable, and meaning and context shift depending on who is conducting the presentation. Hopefully, subversion of bias occurs—or a deeper consideration of symbols, motifs, traditions, and histories happens—when attention is brought to the (literal and metaphysical) act of observing. @chadwys

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Show me an artist who isn't pretentious, or a critic who isn't more-so. That guy has got to be putting on airs. Nobody feels that passionately about painting anymore. ...Dude obv has stock in Clorox. #market_manipulation #amortization

^^^^ This. Like honest the guy who said that to me, his blog is a joke of some sort so I don’t know what to make of it. Made me smile at least. But totally agree, the only people who care that much… I’m not sure what’s wrong with them.

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I've avoided oils for years because I don't have the patience to let them dry. So I use acrylics exclusively -- but I feel as though I'm missing out on some other mysterious artistic universe. Do you have thoughts about oils? What is your favorite (economical?) brand of oils to use, if you in fact use them often enough to have a favorite? Thanks, Hank.

I really like oils because I just really love their body and consistency. You can add things to them to make them dry pretty fast as in like within an hour or two or you can slow down the drying time so it takes weeks which I think is nice. Most of the paints I have right now are Utrecht and they make pretty good quality paints for a good price. It sort of varies from color to color. I almost only ever buy Winton’s titanium white because it’s cheap and the quality doesn’t vary too much to other brands that maybe make other pigments at a higher quality. I have a few tubes of rembrandt paints (I think my pthalo green and blue are rembrandt) and I recently replaced a tube of cadmium yellow with Winsor Newton cad yellow and it’s a nice yellow and it was cheap. I’m yet to venture out into the really expensive stuff and so the names of those brands are escaping me right now.
Oil is really fun though. Oil paint on primed paper is great.