Headcanon: 🎵 Vibranium 🎵

Requested by Moonla🌚 (aka @ticklikeabomb): Hey hun ☺️ could I please request a Plus size reader ( no race preference) x Chadwick Boseman, where reader is enjoying a night out with friends and she’s the next one to perform during the karaoke night. She sings Sia’s ‘’ Titanium’’ but instead of saying Titanium she switches it for fun into ‘’ Vibranium’’ 😂. She doesn’t know that Chadwick is there and after her performance, they flirt maybe. Just how you want to end it is up to you. But super funny with puns or whatever. Thank you 😘❤️

Pairing: Black plus sized reader x Chadwick Boseman

Warning(s): none

Word count:  613

-You were glad that your friends had dragged you along with them for the monthly karaoke night at your favorite bar. It was crowded and you enjoyed the relaxing vibe while listening to all the volunteers pouring their hearts into the songs they sang

-What you didn’t know was that Chadwick Boseman and Winston Duke were seated a few booths away from yours. You had caught his eye the second you had entered the bar but didn’t know it. Chadwick had been staring at you for the past hour and silently wished that you’d acknowledge his presence

-“[Y/N]! You should sing Titanium!” your best friend suggested to which you shrugged and then stood up, making your way up the small stage. The bar erupted in loud cheers once you announced the song were you about to sing while patiently waiting for the music to start playing

-You quickly cleared your throat and took a few deep breaths before placing the microphone at your mouth and singing the first words of the songs. The second your angelic voice filled the bar, everybody applauded and cheered, Chadwick and Winston included

-At the chorus, an idea popped into your head because of having watched Black Panther the day before. You took a deep breath and began to sing

🎵You shoot me down


But I won’t fall🎵


🎵I am Vibranium 🎵


-Chadwick almost spit his drink out, he cheered loudly and clapped his hands together while laughing loudly as he loved what you had done. Winston joined him and yelled “You have got to talk to her!” over your singing. Chadwick nodded his head as he was so determined to get to know you

-Soon enough, the song was over and you were out of breath while smiling at the crowd that was going crazy. Your friends were standing on the tables and screaming your names at the top of their lungs, everybody quickly joined them and seconds later, the whole bar was chanting your name

-You felt like you were floating on cloud nine while taking a bow before leaving the stage and joining your friends in you booth. Before anyone was able to gush about your performance, Chadwick stood besides you and kindly asked if he could talk to you outside

-You didn’t have the time to realize that Chadwick Boseman just had asked to speak to you so you followed him outside while pinching your thumb. “That was amazing” were the first words that left his lips as he smiled at you. You gasped and grinned immediately

-“Thank you! I didn’t see you in the crowd” you spoke to which Chadwick chuckled, “But I’ve been watching you since you entered the bar. Your beauty and angelic voice left me speechless and awestruck” he immediately confessed as he longed for your lips

-You swallowed hard as his words made your heart flutter in your chest, you were speechless and didn’t know what to say “Don’t freeze” Chadwick quoted Okoye to which you immediately burst out laughing

-“That was very accurate” you chuckled and smiled while gazing deeply into his eyes, “Would you like to go on a date with me?” Chadwick answered to which you immediately nodded your head. Without a further word, the two of you leaned in and captured each other’s lips in a passionate kiss as the exciting and sparkling tension between the two of you had become too overwhelming

-You moved your lips passionately against each other before pulling away while panting lightly, “Wow” you and Chadwick said at the same time while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, already knowing that it was the start of a beautiful love story

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-Emma 💋❤️

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  • Evangeline Lilly an intellectual who has been a woman in Hollywood for 17 years and knows the struggle of every average woman to look pretty: that’s so sad Alexa play Despacito