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Soul Sister: Ljuba Davis

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New York -

Ljuba  Davis speaks of her ladino and sephardic musical influences with Sahil Sharma.  

Some ballads,  lullabies, and a few  prayers  in  the Hebrew liturgy style. They reflect the dedication and respect for  music  that Ljuba Davis has . In her latest album – East and West , Ljuba has revived the Jewish mainstream music with a touch of Sephardic beauty.

She has performed at venues that were quite remarkable, to even  small nightclubs. But little did she know, that  when her grandfather said sing  her heart out , she  would adopt it as her mantra.  The mantra has parallelled her journey in to music , as she dabbled with Jewish folk, Spanish, sephardic and ladino music. Her songs have a good deal of Mediterranean and  Greek influence,  with varied hues of sephardic life and contemporary elements reflected in it.  We asked her about it , and she exclaimed “I am a “song catcher!”

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I’m rewatching High School Musical for perhaps the tenth time and, ugh, I cannot decide which fic I want more:

  • a slow, careful study of the development of Kelsey and Ryan’s queerfabulous friendship with a little bit of Perks of Being a Wallflower-esque angst and ridiculousness, with special guest star Chad Danforth as part of East High’s Magnificent Power Couple
  • anything involving East High’s Magnificent Power Couple because they’re like what Ron/Hermione should have been to make it totally satisfying
  • Sharpay/Kelsey in a sort of D/s way (I genuinely cannot decide who would be the domme, like. I want both of them to be the domme, but I only want one domme per fic, obviously. Like, Sharpay would be the obvious choice for domme, and she’d be really good at it, but also, you could have Sharpay just ragging on Kelsey, as per usual, and some switch just FLIPS inside of Kelsey and her Domme Voice comes out and Sharpay is all like, “oooooh” because that’s exactly what she’s been waiting for the whole time, although she hadn’t quite realized it until right then. Okay, I might have made my decision. Actually, but, like, Sharpay being her vicious glitterfemme diva self and getting all the rewards for it is a deepseated dream of mine, so. I might have to write both?)
  • Sharpay/Ryan Secret History AU where Sharpay is the Charles to Ryan’s Camilla because REALLY REALLY LOOK AT THEM IT’S SO EASY
  • sort of weird, quiet Chad/Ryan where Chad’s bi and ends up in a polyamorous sort of thing with both Ryan and Taylor because I cannot bear to dismantle East High’s Magnificent Power couple but I also sort of want Ryan/Chad and LOOK, TAYLOR SEEMS LIKE THE KIND OF PERSON WHO WOULD BE VERY PRACTICAL ABOUT POLYAMORY, YOU KNOW. Plus, also, I cannot help but imagine that Chad would tell Taylor right away when his magical sparkly friendship feelings about Ryan became magical sparkly friendship-plus-make-out feelings. And Taylor would be like, “Okay. Let’s think about this. I am okay with you doing sparkly-make out  things with Ryan, and I am okay with (though would be upset about) it if you feel like we need to break up.” And at this point Chad would interject very loudly, “I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK UP I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK UP I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK UP MORE THAN MY MOM WANTS TO LOOK AT MICHAEL CRAWFORD NAKED.” And then there would be a sort of pause, after which Taylor would just nod, saying, “Duly noted,” and continue with,“But if you don’t want to break up, that’s excellent. From there, why don’t you talk with Ryan to see if the feelings you have for him are mutual?” Chad would say, “Okay. But if they are, would I be dating both of you?” “You could,” Taylor would say, shrugging, “or you could date me and be friends-with-make-outs with him.” “That would be nice.” Chad would say, and then talk to Ryan about it, who is like, “Sure, that’s be great. Now, improtant question on today’s activities: make outs or makeovers?” And Chad would say, “Both. Both is good.” And that night he’d sneak into Taylor’s room in Ryan’s clothes and she’d take him to pieces and he’d take her to pieces and it would be great. 
  • on that note, a mostly porny fic where Taylor watches Ryan and Chad get it on
  • a story about Chad and Ryan becoming friends where it’s really really clear/important it’s totally platonic because a story about a straight guy and a queerfabulous guy becoming beautiful and close friends is super, super awesome
  • Gabriella and Troy being adorable everywhere all the time. I don’t ship them quite as hard as I ship Scott/Allison, but it’s the same sort of thing. I actually really just want fic where he follows her around the world, teaching high school drama in like 14 countries while she works on something that will lead her to win the Fields Medal (Taylor doesn’t win it, but she does end up teaching at MIT, so)
  • a fic about Taylor stanning for Oprah Winfrey
  • a Harry Potter AU (Gabriella is a Hufflepuff okay)
  • more Chad/Taylor scheming. Chad and Taylor as Charlie’s Angels 5ever

Basically, the essential point is: High School Musical is amazing and I want to read all of this fic so if anyone knows if any version of any of these exists, please tell me! Or I will have to write all of it myself and that would take a lot of time and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it all justice, so. Please?

I had to kill some time up in the schmancy part of Scottsdale, so I went to Big Lots (as you do). I discovered that the Big Lots in that area has different priorities than in my neck of the woods. Like, there was no nail polish, but they did have quinoa linguine.

BUT! They did have HSM2 stuff. I found these necklaces and had to resist buying them to combine into one single necklace. You know, for crucial shipping purposes.