Seth: “Alright Miss Chadra:  Think ‘Incognito.’  We have to blend into this strange self-imposed torture facility, and must look as ill-prepared and naive as possible.”

Chadra:  “Of course!  None will challenge the immutable truth of this garment.  If one would take the time to spell it out for all to see, it must be true!  Such a cunning deception I have conjured.”

Everyone else:

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Nate:  “It’s just an amusement park, and you both look… well, Seth, you look ridiculous.”



Well, you can all blame this one on @wanda-maximuffins since she asked for it.  “Seth in a stupid t-shirt and Chadra in a really bad disguise.”  This was a hoot to draw, and I shudder to see what else is requested of me.

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Hope things turn around! Would you grace us with some facts about Intwing that we may not already know?

Little known Intwing facts:

  • He is 21 years old. By Chadra-fan standards, this makes him middle-aged. 
  • Intwing has published an erotic novel called Senator Kilo Bren. He bought a slightly used speeder with the profits. 
  • His first job in Republic City was being an extra in holodramas. His first acting credit was as “Corpse 3.” 
  • On more than one occasion, he’s respected Ren’s privacy.