Fic Prompts: Star Wars Wednesday

Getting separated from the group has not been the plan. For that matter, punching an Imperial and rescuing a kid who was about to be arrested for being nonhuman wasn’t the plan either. If Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru ever found out, he was toast. And that was just provided he could actually find the field trip group again.

Luke felt the Chadra-Fan child slip his hand from his grasp and fall behind. “You’re too big to hide with me!” he whispered – ah, well at least he did have a hiding place – “Thanks for your help, mister!”

So Luke kept running. Sooner or later he’d make it to the cargo hangars where his class was supposed to be learning about spice freighters. Maybe he should’ve been more interested in the lesson, considering not only was it off of Tatooine, it was the same kind of ship his father was supposed to have been a navigator on. Nonetheless, Luke had been unable to concentrate, fitful and uneasy until he’d slipped away from the group and spotted the Chadra-Fan boy being victimized.

“You there, stop!”

Annnnd there were Imperials blocking his way. Luke skidded to a halt and eyed them warily.

“And just what did you think you were doing, interfering with Imperial business?” The one with the bruised face snarled.

Something cold swirled around them and Luke shivered. He was surprised the other men didn’t react. But then, they were probably used to a non Tatooine climate.

He clenched his fists and scowled. “I saw a bunch of grown men tormenting a little kid and I did exactly what I was taught to do back home. I protected the kid.”

There was a look of suspicion in the punched Imperial’s eyes, and the stormtroopers now had hands on their blasters as he asked, “So you were taught to rebel against the Empire from childhood?”

Luke blinked, a little surprised. “Huh? No, I’m from Tatooine! You know, controlled by Hutts? Yeah no, the Empire doesn’t have much of an influence there.”

There was a moment of silence, and then one of the stormtroopers chuckled. “Well that certainly explains some things. Look, kid, punching gangsters is one thing. Punching duly appointed officers of the law is something else again.”

“Ignorance is no excuse!” the officer fumed. “Take him into custody. He’ll learn his mistake the hard way.”

Now Luke began to get frustrated. This guy was a bully, and really no different from any of Jabba’s guys, hopped up on his own power and privilege. There was no way he was letting this guy arrest him. Luke felt something tugging at the back of his mind: the little whisper that had always served to warn him of danger.

Now it seemed to be pushing at him, twisting around and around in his core like a pressurized can being shaken. That was new. The cold seemed to wrap around him, almost like a curious animal, but Luke ignored it.

As the soldiers approached, without thinking he shifted his stance and flung one hand out – unconsciously mimicking the “Last Warning” stance his uncle took when gangsters or raiders got close enough to the farm to engage in nonverbal communication.

The pressure building in his chest seemed to suddenly explode outward, and the sense of danger grew tenfold. The four men flew backwards several feet as though tossed by the hand of a giant. Luke froze, then looked slowly down at his hand.

“Wh-what just-” he gulped. “Did I do that? How did-? What the actual kriff was that?!”

The pounding of the blood in his ears must have drowned out the other sounds. It was the only explanation.

“Impressive,” a thunderous baritone seemed to shake the bones in Luke’s body. “Impressive, but foolish.”

Without looking up, Luke squeaked, “I have no idea what just happened.”

“Apparently not,” said the voice, with a touch of dark amusement. Luke didn’t like the sound of that hidden laughter. “What is your name, young one?”

Now, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru had always cautioned him about telling his name to strangers. But that was on Tatooine, where being the first freeborn Skywalker didn’t always mean positive attention. Out here, a moon and a half away, who was likely to have heard of a freighter pilot named Anakin Skywalker? So Luke shrugged internally and tried to find the courage to turn and face the person speaking to him.

“I’m Luke Skywalker,” he gulped. “I got separated from a school group.”

The temperature seemed to drop another few degrees, and there was an unmistakable threat in the newcomer’s tone when he asked again, “What is your name?”

Luke finally forced himself to turn around. “Luke Skywalker. My father was…a…p-” the words died on his tongue as he found himself looking up at the visage that decorated propaganda posters and parents threatened their children with.

Darth Vader.

Oh he was so dead.

For his part, the moment Luke had turned to face him, Vader had seemed to be as startled as Luke was. They regarded each other carefully in a silence that was both petrified and contemplative. Then Vader gestured to the angry stormtroopers, who had recovered by now.

“Bring him to my shuttle,” he ordered, “Unharmed, for now.”

Oh, he was so so dead.

Alias: Val
Pronouns: She/her
Timezone: EST
Favorite Droid: 0D-I3 and R2-D20 from the campaign podcast…but from canon, BB-8. Love that murder boi
Favorite Species of SW Alien: FUCK….i love a lot of them. Both types of zabraks, togruta, the chiss, miraluka, mirialan, cathar, chadra-fan, kushiban……i just have a lot of love in my heart for aliens. 
What are you Excited For?:  jedi!!! space!!! aliens!! big dumb complex families!!! STAR WARS
Star Wars Gif That Represents You:

I shouldn’t cyberbully sergio kowalski for cheesy character names tho I have an oc whose a chadra-fan (anthro bat alien from star wars) and their name is literally just the latin name for bat

Seth: “Alright Miss Chadra:  Think ‘Incognito.’  We have to blend into this strange self-imposed torture facility, and must look as ill-prepared and naive as possible.”

Chadra:  “Of course!  None will challenge the immutable truth of this garment.  If one would take the time to spell it out for all to see, it must be true!  Such a cunning deception I have conjured.”

Everyone else:

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Nate:  “It’s just an amusement park, and you both look… well, Seth, you look ridiculous.”



Well, you can all blame this one on @wanda-maximuffins since she asked for it.  “Seth in a stupid t-shirt and Chadra in a really bad disguise.”  This was a hoot to draw, and I shudder to see what else is requested of me.

anonymous asked:

Hope things turn around! Would you grace us with some facts about Intwing that we may not already know?

Little known Intwing facts:

  • He is 21 years old. By Chadra-fan standards, this makes him middle-aged. 
  • Intwing has published an erotic novel called Senator Kilo Bren. He bought a slightly used speeder with the profits. 
  • His first job in Republic City was being an extra in holodramas. His first acting credit was as “Corpse 3.” 
  • On more than one occasion, he’s respected Ren’s privacy.