July 22, 2016


Chad Mize and Nikolas Kekllas

St. Petersburg, Florida, was founded in 1888 by John C. Williams and Peter Demens, one from Detroit and the other from St. Petersburg, Russia. After a coin toss to see who would get to name the new rail destination Demens won. St. Pete became known as “The Sunshine City” and in the late 40s Griffin Advertising created a new mascot for the city: Mr. Sun. Speaking of this latest iteration of Mr. Sun designed by Chad Mize said “Different variations of the image have been used throughout the decades. Compelled by the new life that St. Petersburg has acquired through the years, Mize decided to re-think this logo in a way that captures present day St. Pete. In vibrant hues of blue and yellow, the muralists, Mize and Nikolas Kekllas, create an image that remains vintage in essence, but also vibrant and refreshing all at once.” @chadmize @vspc @ilovetheburg