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What's the biggest argument freddie and Chad have ever had and Jay and evie

The biggest argument Freddie and Chad have ever is because of Chad still being a very casual flirt. He’s much more aware of the effects of his handsomeness and Charming Charm, and is careful not to misuse it in a way that could potentially harm someone or make their life worse than before he walked in, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely opposed to flirting with cashiers, making suggestive jokes, and occasionally checking other people out.

Freddie gets EXTREMELY insecure at this, because on the Isle, that’s one of the first, subtle signs that you’re about to be broken up with and replaced with someone else; normally, she wouldn’t be this freaked out about this, but Chad is not normal: he’s an AK, they’ve already weathered rough periods and gone through all the different signs and habits of VK relationships and are still together, and he legitimately, actually loves her in spite of the lack of practical and sometimes emotional things she can offer to him.

(Going back to the Difference Between AK and VK relationships, AK’s have friends and family to go to to seek comfort, VK’s generally only tend to have their lovers to confide in and will quickly break up with them and find a new, relatively more sympathetic ear in a hurry as they have no choice.)

It stays a hot button issue for the both of them, as Chad feels that not acknowledging his attractiveness and making use of it for good goes against his new philosophy in life (that is, “Polishing up section of the castle,” doing whatever he can to make things inherently better than before if on a limited, personal scale), and Freddie has all manner of lingering personal issues.

As for Jay and Evie, the number one argument they get into is how Jay’s raucous reputation as a rough and tumble Professional Tourney player or what have you negatively affects Evie’s job, as even in Auradon there isn’t too clear a separation of work and your after-work life, and they believe heavily in the saying “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Her bosses frequently, if incorrectly, worry that Evie’s professional behaviour might just be a very good front put up by a party girl and that she might cause a professional blunder when it really matters.

It’s racist, yes, but it’s also largely unconscious, and Evie has issues separating her emotions and who actually causes them, so her frustrations tend to get dumped on Jay.

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Would freddie and Chad be good parents

Depends largely on if Chad gets over his ego trips, comes back down to earth with the rest of us, and gets a whole lot of hot air and terrible ideas released from his brain. On Freddie’s side, if she gets over her own off-screen parental issues as I doubt that her relationship with Dr. Facillier was any better than that of the Rotten Four’s or any other VK’s; maybe not outright abusive like Cruella, but certainly absent, negligent, and a firm practitioner of “prove you’re worthy of my love” because Villain Parents found that’s a GREAT way to make sure their kids have the best chance of taking over for them, while also not realizing they’re better off without their parents in their future Evil plans.

If those two grow up and lose the worst parts of their personalities and issues, then they’d make great parents!

Chad, I imagine, would be the father that is highly loving, active, and supportive of everything his kids do, being there for them with whatever extra-curricular activity or adventure they’re up to, along with defending them (with his fists, if need be, and the target is socially acceptable like a fellow father).

Freddie, on the other hand, would be largely his anti-thesis, the calm, snarky, stabilizing force to his boundless enthusiasm and pride. She’d be the one to seriously sit their kids down and talk to them about the important lessons in life–you are not as great or as important as you think you are; you can’t ace everything you try just because you are really passionate about it; and no, bringing singing shrunken heads to the talent show will not help you win first prize by virtue of novelty. On the flipside, she will be one of the most loving and attentive parents you could ever meet, showering her kids with affection (sometimes too much when something bad happens to them, to the point that even Chad says she might be overdoing it), being there to comfort them, and help them plan elaborate revenge ploys against the other kids that wrong them in some way.

(They’re legal! Mostly. In certain states.)

For whose the more involved and active in raising their kids, it’d be Chad. It’s actually a large part of my headcanon that Freddie and their kids, biological or adoptive, learn firsthand how much it sucks to have a Hot Dad/Husband, because nothing is quite as attractive as a forty-something male who keeps in shape, can carry several pounds worth of childcare supplies with ease, and be perfectly willing to make the kids a delicious, healthy dinner, bathe them, and read them a bedtime story good night.

You could say that overachieving and going the extra mile for anything they love is a genetic trait in Charmings–alongside the great teeth.

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When freddie and Chad get in a fight does freddie walk away

It’s one of her first instincts:

Leave. It’s over. We’re done, either permanently or for the next couple of months until we’ve put enough exes between us.

A big part of Freddie’s development into a mature adult is to STOP avoiding conflict at all costs, one of the more common maladaptive tactics the VK’s develop because of life on the Isle. If the other side is always set in their way, if they always believe they are right, if there is no getting them to listen to you and all talking or explaining yourself will do is make them even angrier, what’s the point in staying and talking?

But now that she’s in Auradon where people actually are willing to give her a chance, that not every argument is lost the moment she enters it, it takes several years and a lot of frustration on both their sides to keep her from walking away every time something bad happens.

On the bright side, trying to find where Freddie’s hidden away this time is really keeping Chad’s “hidden artifact, secret entrance, and hidden passageway” skills VERY sharp.

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If there was a ghost haunting Chad and freddie would talk to it what would chads reaction to it be like

Freddie would likely be seriously offended that you would think she’d want to communicate with the undead, just like that. “I mean, I WAS planning to, but just because I’m the daughter of a witch doctor, I’m AUTOMATICALLY your pick? That’s all kinds of racist, y’all.”

Chad would initially be freaked out as even though he’s a manly man, he understands that bravery is acting in spite of the fact that you are suddenly in desperate need of new, clean underwear. Provided the spirit isn’t malevolent, or they just satisfy themselves with passive/aggressive insults and/or harmless pranks, he’ll be cool with them, though obviously still wary, guarding Freddie and taking a lot of convincing to let her have some alone time communicating with the dead and the possibly damned.

He’s a Charming; protecting others and throwing his life in the line, being the human shield to receive immediate unpleasantness like fireballs is in his blood. He REALLY doesn’t enjoy being the guy standing on the sidelines, especially when Freddie or someone else he cares about is standing on the metaphorical front-line and is the most vulnerable.

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My friend keeps making fun of me cause I ship Freddie and chad

Then your friend is an asshole in that respect. I give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they’re a nice person in general, but there’s no justification to making fun of someone’s ship choices, especially if it’s not in good, playful fun you’re both in on.

You know what? Have some ship headcanon for how these too started, in my mind:

Chad and Freddie are initially very ambivalent towards each other, and have a very casual friendship–they know each other, they will work with each other for class, and they will hang out with each other if one of their other, closer friends initiates it, but they will not call each other up on their phones or on Facebook to chat or hang out.

All of this changes as Ben starts to expand the Isle-To-Auradon Program (not its official name, but you get the point) and more and more VK’s and some of their parents start to enter Auradon Prep, the schools of other states, and their society at large.

Chad, being the Charm that he is (and also incredibly entitled and shallow) sees that quite a lot of those VK girls are attractive and interesting, especially after you finally give them access to things like proper diet, modern medical care, and hope that their futures are definitely not going to be as shitty as their parents’. Inevitably, because VK is the new trend, they’re exotic, and he’s been flirting with essentially the same people for all his life, from awkward oblivious childhood to not-so-awkward, sometimes still oblivious young adulthood now, he decides to try his chances with the ladies of the Isle. (Before you ask about Audrey, I assume they either broke up amicably, or their dancing together was just for Set It Off to not feel like the odd ones out.)

And he’s successful.

He’s just as exotic to the VK’s as they are to him, he has much better hygiene than most other boys their age from the Isle (and sometimes even Auradon), and he’s got the appeal of his self-confidence, his being co-captain to Ben, and great genetics coupled with being ripped as hell from being a very effective and active Right Forward.

But, as with all relationships, superficial attraction only lasts for so long, and if you wan the relationship to keep going, you’re going to have to find something deeper than looks.

And this is where it all starts going downhill for him.

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