It’s not even that Bitty doesn’t think he’s cute, because plenty of people think Bitty is cute. Hell, he’s got a vlog - over half his audience call him ‘adorable’ and the rest use words like ‘nice boy’ and ‘such a sweetheart’ 

He carefully retakes, crops and filters his selfies so that he (and whomever he is with) always look their best, and he is aware that he’s got a great body - he has to, what with the hockey and all. 

Not that anyone would know about the great body though, because it’s not like anyone has ever made a damn move to get their hands on it. 

Or so he thinks.

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Play Journal 5/10/17 9AM

I visited Carmen at her home today!! She seems nice and I so far love her wallpaper!!!

I also got the banana split hat yesterday as a trade and I’m in love with it!!

Today we celebrated finishing the iron bench! Lily, Pinky, Chadder and Bella were there! I can FINALLY start the Cafe project! YAAAAAAAY!!!! :D

I also visited Sable today (I have to remind Jazzy-B to do that today too) to say hi and she said that even though hump day has a huge hump we can get over it! Thank you for the inspiration, Sable! <3