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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge: Day Thirteen - Favorite secondary character : Yuuichirou Kumada CHAD

Chad is hilarious and he also tries really hard and sometimes says random profound stuff like “Fall is the season when feelings can change quickly. It’s quite easy for the biorhythms of the mind and body to become disrupted.” He also cares about Rei a lot and gets an epic background song in S which is always a bonus. (I think he was totally right in that episode btw, Haruka flirts with everyone and the fact that she’s a woman doesn’t change that? if the person he thought Haruka was cheating on Rei with is a girl, why does that excuse it / make it a misunderstanding? is it because he knows for sure Rei is straight? when does that conversation happen? all I’m saying is Yuuichirou is totally justified, maybe not to challenge haruka to a duel without making sure she isn’t dating Rei, but still)