Chadari (aka Burqa)

I’m sharing these photos to remind you and myself, that beneath each Chadari is a determined and beautiful Afghan woman. Covered by cloth is a brave mother holding her child, a courageous sister buying groceries, a determined daughter making her way to an education center, a bride-to-be choosing her wedding outfit, a pregnant woman on her way to the hospital, a frail grandmother visiting family, a loved friend shopping for a birthday present…..and the list goes on.

To wear a Chadari may or may not be each woman’s choice, but despite this fact, they are still WOMEN. Being covered doesn’t lessen their worth as women. I don’t ask you to like or agree with Chadari, I sure don’t. All I ask of you as you browse through these photos, is to think of those who wear the Chadari, as what they are…people.

It is possible to imagine that the solitary women in the chadari*…might in fact be an image of a woman veiling her resistance; perhaps she is using the cover provided by the chadari to hide school books, the camera she used to record Taliban abuses, her use of lipstick, or her identity as she flees persecution.

Loretta Kensinger, “Plugged in Praxis: Critical Reflections on U.S. Feminism, Internet Activism, and Solidarity with Women in Afghanistan”, p.7

* -

Never judge a person’s worth or level of oppression by what they’re wearing.  


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