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FINALLY, today was the lucky day! Shrenu is just the most adorable face I've seen on Hindi TV. I loved how perfectly the lines went with how she took the leaves of him saying something like 'meri maa kehti thi ke jhoot ki chadar jitni bhi charha lo sachayi aur achayi ke nishaan reh hi jaatay hain'- the leaves being the marks left behind! Honestly Kunal and Shrenu just have amazing chemistry and the way Gauri was doing the dupatta thing was so cute and

I mean…just look at her.

Gorgeous. Effortlessly beautiful. She has such a MaShaAllah beautiful face and then her ability to express the emotions so well..she makes Gauri’s character impossible to ignore!

The double meaning of her mother’s wisdom was such a clever thing to say there. No wonder Omkara hates lies, he does a terrible job at it. GAAH! I loved how Gauri just had this “really now?” look on her face when Omkara wasn’t meeting her eyes and trying to keep his lie going. SERIOUSLY! This woman knows her man so well. And maybe I’m reaching here but I when Omkara was busy lying about his whereabouts and Gauri instantly knew that he was lying..the reason she was so quick to call him out for his lie was because lies..that’s her business. Omkara isn’t a liar and watching him so desperately trying to lie and failing at Queen wasn’t happy with it. Whatever Omkara was a nice thing to do. And Gauri knows that he shouldn’t hide it. Gauri’s nature has become to shield Omkara from the harmful things..even if it’s something as trivial as his petty lie.

Like..isn’t it JUST like Gauri to willingly be the bad guy if it means Omkara is safe?


ve main chadar khad di, baithi darrvaje paava moor

phull khada tere naam da, rakha parda thakee na koi horr

Chadar - Harjit Harman