the_exploring_indianTimelapses shot during Chadar Trek.
Chadar trek is one if a kind trek in India. Where one has to trek on frozen river in -20 degrees celcius for more than a week

from-jewishlorca  asked:

i'm too asdkljfhas to send any headcanons but i'd love to hear about jewish snibs

this is for u and the anon who asked for the same thing: jewish snibs

  • len’s mother is jewish, and he doesn’t know about lisa’s but he wants to be able to give her something so 7-year-old len runs with his newborn baby sister in his arms to temple beth shalom and meets non other than sort of rabbi martin stein
  • “how can i make my sister jewish” “um. write her a speech? then we give her a bath.” “ok lets do it”
  • len forces lisa to go to hebrew school when he’s out on heists because he has this mentality of “if she’s doing something wholesome that works out for me, right?”
  • the reason why len is so morally gray and believes that it’s okay to be bad is because judaism is such a beautiful religion where doing bad things doesn’t make you a bad person and being a bad person doesn’t make you bad and there is no hell
  • so lisa is spending all her free time at hebrew school, guess who can speak hebrew fluently? lisa
  • so who gives a fuck how dc comic geography works because gotham is nyc, metropolis is chicago, and central city is philadelphia so they live in center city philadelphia which is a very jewish area
  • len goes to juvie for a year stealing lisa’s tuition to jewish sleep away camp, hoping she’ll decide to be a rabbi or something
  • she gets back and (she’s 11) tells him to stories about all the boys she kissed and how she stole food from the chadar ochel (mess hall) and snuck out of the bunk in the middle of the night with her friends and len is like oh. oh no
  • len gets kosher meals in prison
  • lisa of course needs no man (or woman) but she is a sucker for a nice jewish boy or girl that’s the only time she catches feelings
  • everyone you ship lisa with? jewish
  • len has the same affliction tbh
  • when he’s on the wave rider he, stein, and ray have this really complex system of making sure they can track the moon cycles to celebrate holidays
  • lisa enjoys getting the rogues drunk on manischevitz bc only goys get drunk on manischevitz
  • “it’s sooooo sweet!!!!!” “I KNOW”
  • len gets into a huge altercation with rip about a xmas party because, as it turns out, len dislikes celebrating christmas. he wins by proving a christian minority on the ship (len, stein, and ray are all jewish, after so much time in pakistan and with the league sara mostly follows islam, mick rory is a hard atheist, kendra has been reading up on ancient egyptain gods, so like, she’s doing that) and they have a channukah party
  • ray: leonard channukah isn’t even an important holiday
  • len: it’s the principal of the thing
  • rip: i respect that you’re right mr. snart, i just wanted to celebrate christmas because it was an important time of year for me and my recently departed family
  • len: show me where i asked

(sleep paralysis)

Badi bebasi hai.

Bojhal hain nain magar, so nahi sakti.

Raat ki chadar mei lipat ker,

Ankh moondnay se dar lagta hai.

Neend ki chah to hai,

Khwabo se dar lagta hai.

Kabhi neend ne dobara uthnay na diya…

Ya khwabo ne kass kr darr se jakad liya…

To phir ankhein khol khwahishein kaise bunungi?

Bata zindagi, phir tujh se mai kaise milungi?

Badi bebasi hai.

bojhal hain nain magar, neend kahi ghum hai.


ve main chadar khad di, baithi darrvaje paava moor

phull khada tere naam da, rakha parda thakee na koi horr

Chadar - Harjit Harman