When I was thinking of a tattoo to get to immortalize my mom I did a lot of thinking. About what elements to incorporate and some of her favorite things and colors. - And after taking all of this into consideration I came back to multiple memories I had from when I first put on the song Degausser by Brand New for my mom. - She would get like me when she heard something new she really liked and would get hooked on new music for awhile even to the point where she asked me why I hadn’t put the song on before and I just said it had never came up on my shuffle when we were driving. - Well I remember one night in particular driving home in the rain and she asked me to put the song on and we just sang it loudly and badly together and whenever it would end she would always ask me to play it again. - And when I have things on shuffle sometimes I just wanna get to the next song so depending on my mood I would restart it for her or tell her no. - I’d give anything, even the arm that this tattoo is on to play it again for her right now. - I’ll never forget my mom’s birthday or birth year or the day she died or death year. Those things are forever etched into me. But I might not always remember with the same clarity driving down darkened country roads during rainstorms and singing with my mother. - But I wont forget it now. - I didn’t want a conventional memorial tattoo and for this special tattoo I didn’t have a conventional artist. - Chad Webb at Southern Steel in Pikeville, KY gave me his time and passion with this piece and he had known my mom and knew her to be a cool lady like everyone who met her always said. I can’t thank him enough for bringing my vision for it to life. - The roses in the umbrella are purple for her favorite color and the line I chose from Degausser kind of represents in my mind how I feel my life is without her in it now. - “The storm is coming, the storm is coming in.” - I’ll play it again, ma.