‘Save Me’ Trailer

Another movie dealing with the tension between faith and sexuality. It explores the question: Can homosexuality be cured? Obviously, the answer is no because it is not a disorder/disease that can treated. But it is fascinating to see that, although not commonplace anymore, there are still groups/institutions that offer such “services”. If anything needs to be cured, it’s this homophobic mentality.

Chad Allen plays Mark, a self-destructive addict (of both sex and drugs) who is sent to a Christian ministry to be “saved”. For a while he tries to be what his family want him to but, as is the way, love comes into the picture. You can predict what happens from there but the acting is good enough to keep you interested.

I wouldn’t say Chad Allen is the best actor out there but he’s passionate about having homosexuality portrayed as much as possible in the media and that’s important. Even if the storylines are predictable, LGBT films need to have more exposure. They need to be seen and talked about not ignored.