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I’ll be home for Christmas

‘I’ll be home for christmas.’ It was like an unspoken vow between you and Joji. He had been gone in Australia with Ian to visit Max, Chad and Warren, but he swore that he would be home to celebrate. You had decked out your small apartment in christmas decor, including a tree way too big, sitting slumped over in the corner, just for him when he got home. You had wrapped presents for both of your families, and for Joji and placed them neatly under the tree. You checked your phone, it was 7 at night, only an hour before you had to get Joji from the airport. He would just make it in time to celebrate christmas eve.

Your phone buzzed in your hand.

Hey babe, don’t be angry….

Your stomach sank, you were certain what text would be.

My connecting flight was cancelled because the weather here is too bad to fly in. The next flight I can catch is tomorrow at noon. I’m sorry, I’ll call you around 11 tonight. Love you xx.

That really sucks, you wrote back, just get home safely. I love you and if I don’t hear from you before tomorrow, Merry Christmas.

You put your phone down and immediately felt the tears welling up in your eyes. You knew it was irrational to be sad, there was nothing either of you could do to fix the situation; it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Growing up, you had always had family around you during the holiday season, but now it was just you and Joji in New York, for once you were going to be all alone. You wiped the few tears that dripped down your face away and went to go put on some christmassy pajamas.

It was weird celebrating alone, you turned on christmas movies and lit the fire as you would if someone else was there with you. You spent hours in front of the TV, picking chocolate out of Joji’s stocking, and checking out the window every so often to stare at the snow, watching as it covered the streets.11 came and went with no call, and you decided it was time to call it a night. You texted Joji,

Have a nice flight, hope to see you tomorrow. Love you, night.

You went to look outside one more time before officially calling it a night. The snow was absolutely beautiful. Everybody it seems had gone to bed many hours ago, as the snow was untouched and glittering by the light of the moon. It was coming down still and you hoped the roads were paved so Joji would have an easy time getting home. Leaving the light off, you tucked yourself into bed, tight in your sheets. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep.

You weren’t asleep for long, however, when there was a heavy knock the door. It was almost half past midnight and it was probably nothing so you ignored it, until they knocked again and again. You begrudgingly threw on some slippers and went down to check who it was.

The door swung open and with a sly grin on his face and snowflakes in his hair, was Joji holding his suitcase.

“Merry Christmas,” was all he got out before you threw your arms around him.

“I thought your flight was cancelled. How did you get here? The roads are terrible!” your voice cracked as you held him.

“Let’s just call it a little Christmas magic and a wonderful uber driver.” He 


As the snow fell around you both, the snow glittered and you felt content that your unspoken promise was kept.