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If Bleach characters and Grimm characters met...

Author’s choice list. :) But also requested by boos-clues. ;)

For this week’s author’s choice list, I choose to move to the top of the queue a request made by boos-clues about what would happen if Bleach characters met characters from the show Grimm….which is the latest show I happen to be very obsessed about (I even made a new blog about it; that is how bad it is). I can’t imagine there’s much overlap between the Bleach fandoms and the Grimm fandoms, but oh well! Oh, and by the way this list contains spoilers for Grimm. So if you’re not caught up and plan to watch, maybe wait on this list!

1. Nick and Tosen

Nick: So my basic ability is to see what other people can’t see - I see the monsters inside people. They can’t hide from me.

Tosen: I also have the ability to see what lies within.

Tosen: For instance, when I look at you, I see a man who likes to brood…but in a sort of adorable way.

Nick: T-there’s a bit more to me than that!

Tosen: I’m just telling you what I see.

Nick: Well, when I look at YOU, I see……….cricket?

Nick: Really? A cricket? What do you do, chirp people to death?

Tosen: It is more effective than you might think.

2. Rosalee and Rukia

Rukia: Shopkeeper, huh?

Rosalee: Yes, that’s me!

Rukia: And is it REALLY a tea and spice shop, or is that a front for something else?

Rosalee: Well, uh…

Rukia: You probably sell illegal and dangerous things, don’t you?

Rosalee: T-the human gallbladder days are far behind us, trust me!

Rukia: You probably don’t have clear loyalties, either.

Rosalee: What? Sure I do! To Nick! And also to the Wesen Council that so often opposes him in every way!

Rukia: Uh-huh.

Rukia: Shady shopkeepers. One in every universe.

Rosalee: …what just happened?

3. Hank and Tatsuki

Hank: And lately I’ve been feeling a bit like the token human in the group.

Hank: I mean, there’s Wu, I guess. But every other single person? Supernatural! 

Tatsuki: Yeah, believe me, I know. Sucks to be the only person left out of things.

Hank: Left out? I’m not left out. I have a gun.

Tatsuki: They don’t leave you behind when they go do things?

Hank: No…

Tatsuki: Well then I don’t see what you’re complaining about.

4. Renard and Urahara

Renard: I need some advice.

Urahara: Yes?

Renard: How do you control your main character so well? I’ve tried manipulating him from the shadows, but he kept not doing what I wanted. Then I tried straight-up telling him what I wanted, but he still does not trust me.

 You have your main character on such a tight leash. How?

Urahara: Mostly I just tell him to do things, and he does them. 

Renard: He trusts you? Why? Do you hide how shady you are?

Urahara: Not even a little!

Renard: I wish I had your main character.

Urahara: Many people do.

5. Juliette and Hichigo

Hichigo: Heeeeey, I just wanted to say that I LOVE the whole “letting your dark side take you over” thing you’ve got going!

Juliette: Who said I’m letting my dark side take me over?

Hichigo: You recently flung all the knives in your kitchen at someone.

Juliette: She broke in!

Hichigo: *All* the knives, though.

Juliette: She’s really an unpleasant person.

Hichigo: Dude, listen - I am so there for knife throwing! I’m trying to bond with you here!

Hichigo: And A+ on your new form. Very intimidating. I’d give anything to jump out at Kuchiki Byakuya with your new face!

Juliette: Who are you??

Hichigo: Just a fan.

6. Sergeant Wu and Chad

Chad: Sometimes it is difficult to be one of the main characters….but not one of the main characters who gets to do much of anything.

Wu: Hey, I hear you.

Wu: One season my only plot arc involved me eating a carpet.

Chad: Like….metaphorically?

Wu: No. An actual carpet. From my floor.

Chad: That’s rough.

Wu: Don’t I know it.

7. Monroe and Komamura

Monroe: Wow! I heard that there was a wolf in your universe, too, but I never thought it’d be someone like you!

Monroe: So giant and so fluffy!

Komamura: Uh

Monroe: Man, you’re lucky! People probably don’t run screaming from your face, huh? 

Komamura: Actually I wore a bucket for many years to hide my terrifying visage.

Monroe: Terrifying, really?

Komamura: So I thought.

Komamura: I’m confused, though. You look human.

Monroe: Yeah, this is my non-wolf form! My wolf form is much less…fluffy.

Komamura: And you can look that way without ripping out your heart?

Monroe: ….yes?

Komamura: You may have a better deal. 

8. Kelly Burkhardt and Isshin 

Isshin: So, you’re a parent, yeah?

Kelly: ………………………………………Yes.

Isshin: Do you think it’s okay to lie to your kid? For, like, a long time?

Kelly: I allowed him to believe I was dead for like twenty years.

Isshin: You might not be the right person to ask.

9. Bud and Grimmjow

Bud: So at first I thought Nick was all scary, right? B-but eventually I realized that he was a good guy! Very good! Still scary, but not scary to me because he’s my friend!

Bud: Never thought I could be friends with a Grimm!

Bud: But yeah. Really seemed scary at first.

Grimmjow: I thought Kurosaki Ichigo would be tough.

Grimmjow: Then I owned him twice in a row and I realized he wasn’t scary at all - he was weak and useless.

Bud: …

Bud: T-that might not be quite the same thing…

Grimmjow: Yeah, I’m super not Kurosaki’s friend.

10. Adalind and Lisa

Lisa: [silently hands Adalind a box of condoms]



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