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I’m ready for the inevitable Lifetime movie called Fyre Island where rich white kids do talking head interviews and they have Instagram models giving their testimony too but they do the voice changer and put them in a shadow and theres the dramatic reenactment following a guy named Chad fighting dogs and stuff and the token “I sold my kidney to come here and went bankrupt” character to solicit empathy for everyone


inside_oth Chadly, boyfriend, @chadmurray15, exactly what ARE you going to wear so you and #HilarieBurton can take the best #Leyton photos ever 👫? We can’t wait to hear… (x)

chadmurray15 Burton, Babe… You’re right. We need matching outfits. Gotta coordinate;) see all you guys soon @inside_oth in Wilmington this weekend!!!! Much love (x)


“I don’t want to hurt Chanel. Isn’t that weird? I just want her to be happy. I want her to have a great wedding day. I don’t want my worries about my future studliness to get in the way of her special day. Whatever happens down the road, I want this day to be for her. Maybe I almost love her, you know?”

the most cursed type of parodies that both mario and the legend of zelda used to get in spades back in the day were the ones in which mario and link would be dogged sex-obsessed nice guys to peach and zelda, who would both be depicted as cold bitches who were probably cucking them with bowser and ganondorf respectively


More things I the Gangsta. fandom was craving for to be animated but it wasn’*t but we also aren’t allowed to complain too much ‘cause hey, at least we got an anime owo

I nearly forgot:

Edit: Yay! (?), we got the Worick/Alex/Veronica scene! o3o

Meet the VKs

Ben: Has a temper, but it takes quite a bit to get that temper to break. Runs the Isle with Amaria. It’s known by pretty much everyone that the two of them have some sort of thing going on. Has a caring side but very few get to see it as this is a weakness. Most think he’s a bit soft, since he is fairly kind to younger kids and such, but no one will say this out loud. Is incredibly strong and knows his way around a sword.

Amaria: Graceful, intimidating, and a natural leader. Intimidates everyone, even a few of the villains, on the Isle. Runs the Isle with Ben, the two of them long time friends turned something more. Is motherly and protective over her gang. Doesn’t have much of a temper, usually holding back the others. Skilled with a sword but usually doesn’t need to use it. 

Dawn: The thief, gets the group whatever they need. Be it food, fabric, whatever, she can get it. Fairly snarky and sarcastic, flirts to distract. Has quite a temper around everyone except her mother, usually has to be held back from fighting someone. 

Jane: Feared mainly due to her mother, but is also known to know her way around a sword. Mainly is around Audrey or Lonnie, but hangs around Ben and Amaria’s gang a lot. Smart, quiet, startled a bit too easily. 

Lonnie: Quiet, quick thinker, sharp tongued if pissed off. Feared due to her training in weapons and her mother. Wants revenge for both her mother and for getting stuck on the Isle. Always has at least three or four weapons on her. 

Melina: Most refer to her as the runt of the group. Is actually really intelligent and comes up with a majority of their strategies. Withdrawn, sometimes loud around the gang, fast, and a quick thinker. Caring and protective over her gang. 

Audrey: Very opinionated and always speaks her mind. Acts regal and above most, fairly smart and is fashionable. Not a major VK, mainly is at home, spends some time with Ben and Amaria’s gang because of Lonnie or Jane. One of Ben’s last flings before he and Amaria got together. Her and Chad may have a thing, no one knows.

Chad: Everyone agrees that he’s kind of a tool, but him and Ben have been friends for awhile and he’s good at distracting, so Amaria lets it slide. Charming, full of himself, and opinionated.

Ben, Amaria, Melina, and Dawn are the main part of the gang. Chad, Audrey, Lonnie and Jane (and Doug) are more of their crew, they’re usually around, but also are their own little gang.

(If you have any questions or want to know more, shoot me an ask, I’d be happy to help! 💙💜💙💜)