chad stewart


Requested by anon:

Jay: “You off making googly eyes at y/n again?” 
Chad: “Stop it, I was not staring at them.” 
Ben: “I’m a witness to what Jay saw, you were definitely staring. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, Jay on the other hand.”
Jay: “Oh, I’m not going to stop teasing you about this for a while.” 


Jay & Evie protecting each other


“We’re really not that good, but, goddammit, we’re good enough!” 

  • Burke: You recently bought a high-end motorcycle?
  • Chad Stewart: No.
  • Burke: You didn't?
  • Chad Stewart: I bought a confederate fighter, okay? Calling it a motorcycle is like calling the Queen of England a rich old lady with a funny accent.
  • Burke: But it's still a motorcycle.
  • Chad Stewart: Dude, this is so much more. Have you ever had 100 grand between your legs?
  • Caffrey: Actually, yes, I have.
  • Burke: Don't. Don't. We'd like to set up a command post here to catch the thief.
  • Chad Stewart: Not gonna happen. My Confederate party's in four hours for this confederate.
  • Caffrey: You really like saying "Confederate," don't you?
  • Chad Stewart: Confederate.